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Porteno is a South American BBQ restaurant owned and run by the team behind popular Surry Hills tapas joint Bodega. Like Bodega, Porteno doesn't take reservations but unlike Bodega this place is huge, covering two levels.

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  • odelan2004 Newbie   1 review
    Have to say this is not a very nice place to go. We went there yesterday. There were 5 of us, 4 adults and 1 kid. Since my husband and I were late, the other three went there to line up. My mum was told that they could not be seated until all of us were present. Then my husband and I rushed there. Bad luck with the traffic. Until the time we were there (around 7p.m), it was all full. We were told to wait until 8 to be seated! Come on, my mum, my friend and the kid were already there at 6.00 p.m. Very mean wait staff, have to say. If this is their policy, I have to say that this is a very unfriendly policy and really does not want to have a go there.

    6 months ago - 19/10/2014

  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   347 reviews
    One of my favourite Sydney restaurants. The food is excellent and the service genuine. It's not showy or pretentious, yet the vibe is great.

    They are known for their meats, but ironically, my favourite dishes here tend to be vegetarian / seafood dishes. (I am also not a huge meat-eater though.)

    Come early (it opens at 6pm) or book if you are coming in a group of six or more.

    Oh, and the cocktails are excellent. Try not to have too many.
  • MiaP78   3 reviews
    Such a great restaurant. Meat meat meat and brussell sprouts. The meat dishes are the best in Sydney. The brussell sprouts are killer so make sure you order them as well. Once your stuffed retreat upstairs for one of the best cocktail bars in Surry Hills.
  • Kelly T Local Star   683 reviews
    was divine. But so was everything else that we ordered - even the vegetable sides - they made brussell sprouts taste great. Staff were a bit gruff but they were definitely efficient.

    For less than 6 people you can't book but it would be worth the wait - have a drink in the great bar upstairs while you wait.
  • Kelly T Local Star   683 reviews
    We had a drink here while waiting for our table downstairs. Great atmosphere, great tunes and great staff. The capiranhas were the best. I'd go again even if I wasn't eating.
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   347 reviews
    We came on a Thursday night at about 6pm and didn't have to line up. We did have to wait upstairs at the bar until the rest of our group came, but I didn't mind sitting upstairs and having a cocktail while waiting.

    Everything from the cocktail to the dishes we had was fabulous. Okay I wasn't in love with the Chardonnay I ordered but I like my chardy a specific way.

    The standout dishes for me were the vegetable sides and entrees. I absolutely loved the BBQ eggplant dish with roasted cauliflower, tahini and quail egg, the roasted beetroot with watercress, stuffed olives and pecans. No doubt the deep fried brussel sprouts are amazing too. I love the chimmichurri they bring out. Yum I could just have that with good bread and be satisfied.

    After 4 dishes including the 8 hour lamb, I was disappointed that I did not have any room for dessert.

    Oh well, I suppose there's always next time.
  • Cee Zee Foodie   278 reviews
    Absolutely love this bar. It makes me feel like I have walked into the set of Twin Peaks. They have done really well to make the interior warm and inviting with a 50s edge. The big leather club lounges and sofa make this a perfect place to forget about time and sink back some pisco sours which by the way are amazing. You can also eat in the bar if you want but it does pack out pretty quickly. Keeping with the 50s club style there are also some games you can play.
  • Cee Zee Foodie   278 reviews
    Deliberately I waited to visit this restaurant after the Sydney hype had died down a little. As we arrived at the front door for our 6pm booking, I felt guilty pushing my way to the front of the line so I could enter the reception area. Yes, at 6pm there is line that goes all the way out the front door and around the corner.

    We enter the restaurant and there is nothing fancy about the fit out but everything is immaculate starting with the staff. Everyone is really friendly and well presented. As you walk in you are ushered to your table. The restaurant is packed and its still only 6pm. We are shown to our table where friends are already waiting. Our waiter has to be one of the best waiters I have had in Sydney for a LONG time. He is attentive but no overbearing, happy to make recommendations and really wants to make sure that what he suggests is something you will enjoy. He helps us pick out some cocktails and wine which were all amazing. The Pisco Sours go down a treat.

    We order a mix of things to share but the main even here is the slow cooked lamb and pork over charcoals. We order a mix of entrees (empanadas and tuna), sides(polenta, deep fried Brussel sprouts and fennel salad) and charcoal meat(pork, lamb and sirloin). The servings are really generous so don't get too excited and order everything like we did. There is no doubt, the pork is definitely the stand-out and melts in your mouth.
    Not worried about eating too much, we also order some desserts. The Argentinian Pavlova with Dulce de Leche is amazing!

    After dinner we all head up to the bar upstairs which is a really great bar space. It has big leather booths for you to relax in and enjoy an after dinner drink. If you cant get a table downstairs, try upstairs they will even offer you things off the bar menu.

    Porteno definitely offers a consistent experience. After having eaten here twice in one month it only got better and the service was consistent each time. This place offers great value including a tip, it worked out to $100 per person which is great for the amount we drank and ate. Definitely worth going if you have a group of people as you can get a booking. We have all toyed with the idea of having a permanent booking here. This is a great all round restaurant. Not too fancy and the focus is good food in a fun atmosphere.

    Really have enjoyed each time I have been here and look forward to going again soon.
  • rate   2 reviews
    I was looking very forward to eating at this restaurant we entered the doors and were welcomed by very pleasant staff until we reached the counter and were served by mean staff. They were utterly rude cold and very unwelcoming. They spoke in a Manner that was condescending and uncalled for.
  • ClaudiaAsc   7 reviews
    Last week was the opening night of Gardel's Bar at Porteno. I do dare say it's the coolest, randiest bar in town!

    All media attended this event as well as some unlikely co-workers of mine! We started the night with delicious raspberry cocktails followed through by some other delicious cocktails! We spent most of the night hiding out in little booths with laps surrounded by dark awnings and very low lights.

    The atmosphere is totally out of this world and really warps you into another dimension when drinking or dining at this place. I loved the wait staffs style. All their hair was in a 50's up do with beautiful 50's floral waist line dresses which defiantly turned some of the males heads in the room! All the wait staff were helpful, funny and knew where to fill up (our booth).

    The wait staff walked around all night with drinks and delicious hors d'oeuvres! Little pork burgers with a hint of chilly were the highlight! Followed by the fried crisp tortillas with kingfish carpaccio and avocado...these small delights left our mouths drooling following the waistaff for more.

    This is really one place on the hit list for must go to/see bars in Sydney. You can begin your night with a home style Argentinean meal downstairs and continue your night with crazy cocktail concoctions upstairs at Gardels Bar!

    Last but not least the chefs are quite the eye catchers how can you say no!


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