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The home of power yoga Australia. Special offer - $17 for 10 days unlimited yoga classes! Total life transformation - modern day yoga.

Power Living Australia is a yoga and personal development method that leads our students to a profound level of self-discovery, stripping away the physical and mental barriers that prevent us from being open and powerful people.

Our power yoga routines are a vigorous, yet empathic form of exercise that transforms your body, challenges your mind, opens your heart and ultimately unleashes your spirit. It is an effective personal development technique that will have an impact on your life from the first class you practice.

Founder Duncan Peak has quickly grown to be amongst the most popular teachers in Australia and teaches internationally, spreading the Power Living philosophy to students around the world.

'Power Living is a way for modern day people to be free of the aches and pains in their bodies, start to calm and understand their mind and become happy and healthy in today?s stressful world. Our team of teachers are the best in the country. We are committed to being authentic and speaking to the hearts and minds of students, taking them on a journey of self discovery that torches calories, frees the mind and transforms their life!'

This unique method of total life transformation and immersion is available to anyone who enters our doors. The only ingredient needed is your willingness and a whole new world of opportunities will open up for you.
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Reviews of Power Living Australia

  • Great yoga studio, professional staff and each class is fun and varied! Good for those who like power yoga or bikram
  • I love this place. I'm new to yoga and very inflexible but the slightly warmed temperature of the room makes me feel I can get further in to the poses.
  • KK 88 reviews
    I have been here a few times and decided while I enjoy most of the yoga techniques here, I do prefer normal temperature conditions and found the hot temperature uncomfortable especially in summer! Duncan the owner is very experienced

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