Pre Pho Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant

Eastwood, NSW

If its not on the menu its not worth eating.

At Pre Pho Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant in Eastwood they have a fantastic selection of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.
All the food is cooked fresh daily by passionate and reliable cook who always has the customer in mind. 
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Reviews of Pre Pho Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant

  • eaten there a few times. good food when they're busy and fast cooking too..sometimes their service is a bit rude but..won't complain when the food is fast and yummy ! ....but i've gone in during off-peak hours and my rare beef noodles weren't hot was cool-room temperature ! happened twice already :(
  • Jack_Ryde Foodie 65 reviews
    Been there couple of times for quick lunch. I like the mix vegetable with stirred fried chicken. Good and fresh food for that price.
  • Beef soup is lovely. The Cold drinks is nice! Worth a try!

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