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Reviews of Price Attack

  • Watch out for the sales people in this store! i have caught out one of the sales staff who claimed to have "used this product all the time on own hair and wouldnt be without it" i then went back another time and staff said exactly the same thing about another product! I then noticed staff was saying the same thing about another brand.... you have completely lost my trust and the last product you sold me was utter c**p! That is the last time i ever return to that store! Staff also was trying to talk me out of other items that i now wish i had purchased :/
  • I used to like them but not so much after my recent experience. I think they over-charge. They say it's $10 for a fringe cut, and it "could" be $15 depending if they need to layer my hair.. but i said i just want a fringe that's all. So when i went there, the staff cut my fringe way too short when i said below my eyebrows, staff cut it above my eyebrows and now it's too short. Secondly they charged me $15 when all staff did was cut my fringe and that's it? It really annoyed me. And that happened last time i got my fringe cut, they say it's $10 but they still charge $15. They should just make it $15 if that's what they will charge anyway. I didn't notice until i got the receipt cos i was buying other things too. I am never going back there, waste of money, I'll just get someone else to cut my hair.
  • worst customer service! Never felt so intimidated and uncomfortable walking into a salon. The staff make you feel like you are stupid and that they are superior. Price attack in General has a reputation for having nasty , snobby staff and they defiantly live up to it. I will not be returning to have my hair done nor to buy products from any price attack ever again. Do NOT recommend!
  • got a full head of colour, didnt wash the underneath part properly which resulted in my hair being irritated til I washed it and paid $15 for a blow dry only to leave with half my hair wet :(

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