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Reviews of Price Attack

  • i am really fussy about my hair and am never happy after i get it done, i have been to every salon around and could not find a stylist that i liked. a friend recommend this salon as it had changed owners and had all new staff. an irish girl named leoni looked after me, she was very professional yet chatted like friends. it was obvious she actually knew what she was talking about, she gave her honest advice about my service and home care without pushing me to buy. my hair turned out beautiful...for the first time in my life i am happy with my colour and cut.
  • I purchased a Groupon voucher and had it done at Price attack only to find out that 3 weeks down the track its gone back to frizz & kinks have come back which was a waste of time and money.I new straight away when the product was applied that this wasn't the real deal, legit chemical as it never had that familiar smelt like the Brazilian Keratin usually has..I'm the Keratin queen and get it done every 3-4months and am very disappointed to be on here writing this story..was disappointed with the way the staff
    s attitude as one of the guys was told by one of the girls to smile,and you could tell he just couldn't be bothered I thought this was pretty poor customer service skills.
    My friend used her voucher and showed me the end result that they just picked her pony tail up and cut it then left her hanging for over an hour with 3 different hairdressers shuffling between her and other clients while the treatment sat in her hair.not to mention she was told she had to pay an additional fee because her hair was too long after they just hacked the pony tail off.....
    What happened to professional customer service skills?
  • Was considering getting my next Keratin treatment at Eastgardens Price Attack and could not find the name of the product that they use online. After finally getting through to them i was told by the staff who answered that 'we're not allowed to give that information' and when I asked why 'the management tells us not to'. Not sure what the point of this is but it's pretty ridiculous, especially since there was so much controversy about the older formulation Keratin products and I would want to know 100% that there were no traces of damaging chemicals before committing to change from my old hairdresser, even if it is cheaper. If they can't get basics of customer service right, I can only imagine how painful a visit to the salon would be.
  • Bought one of those group vouchers in December. Couldn't get through by phone, they left a message stating if you were a voucher customer they were fully booked out... so I drove down there to make an apt and the staff were acting a bit odd and i made an appointment for a month later, the earliest they could give me.
    Finally the day off appointment and they call me asking if i got the text message, there was no msg. I am told they had to cancel cos the only person who could do my keratin treatment had an emergency. I was told that they could not tell me when I could make an appointment in the near future. Considering vouchers expires soon i was running out of time. I ended up investing more time to work out how to process my refund, which was not as simple as you would hope.. Ironically they keep sending promotion text messages. If only i could get all that time back that I WASTED on this totally unprofessional salon. With so much competition in the region you would think they would cherish each potentially new customer, not throw them away. I wouldn't even go in there to buy a packet of bobby pins now!
  • the best hairdresser ever,irene u rock,thanx babe xxx
    i would recomend every1 to see irene,trust me im so fussy,thanx for the great hair and a good laugh,debbie
  • my sister and 1 have had the keratin treatment done at priceattack eastgardens, and were both extreamly happy with it,the girls were fantastic,explained what we needed 2 use and wat we would expect,but irene it was better than i thought,my hair only takes 10mins to do,and i dont need to blowdry it,its fantastic,a big thanku 2 both marie and irene u guys r really the best hairdressers!!!
  • wat can i say,the staff r fantastic,from the time i started going there 2 buy my products,i now have my hair done by both senior hairdressers irene and marie,they will both endevour 2 give u the best haircut not 2 mention great entertainment,take my word and go and see them.thanx 4 the great service
  • Great bunch of guys who really know their products. Every one seems happy to be working there. Staff are always smiling and you are greeted quickly and given assistance without asking for it and left alone if you need that too. The senior hairdresser is worth visiting for a cut. He knows hair!
  • Great prices, wide isles and helpful staff.
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