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Reviews of Priceline Pharmacy

  • I always enjoy shopping in the Bourke street mall Priceline. Today I thought to give their prescription service a try. Very disappointed.
    The pharmacist was very unprofessional and unfriendly. Will never go back again.
  • I went into Priceline Melbourne Central in Melbourne. I wanted to buy Nuelin from the prescription counter. The staff, who served me said staff hadn't heard of it. Staff might not even be a pharmacist. Staff asked me a couple of questions, such as whether my eyes were watery? That is not the first thing to come to mind when you think of a cough. Staff then went to recommend a cough mixture that costs $22.95, which I bought as my cough was irritating me. Other chemist has cheaper brands! The mixture staff sold me is not even a fancy prescription. Much has to be said about the customer service as well. Before this particular staff served me there were two staffs at the cashier. They saw me, but chose to ignore and walk away from the counter as it they have more important things to do. Best to go to other chemist. They have cheaper vitamins than Priceline too. I have done the research.
  • Ruby 22 reviews
    I went to this Priceline Pharmacy to get a prescription as I thought it might be cheaper than other pharmacies, however it ended up being more expensive than my local pharmacy. I won't get prescriptions at the Priceline Pharmacy chain again. I will continue to go to Priceline for cosmetic products though. rated 2 stars because the priceline pharmacy should be more competitive with their prices.
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