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  • bellejardiner   8 reviews
    Even though you have an appointment you still have to wait up to four hours. It's a loose loose situation. Disappointing

    7 months ago - 06/08/2014

  • Thommo2 Newbie   2 reviews
    Only good thing is bulk billing. Went in to see a specific doctor today, staff said doctor is on duty. Waited for over an hour, didn,t see the particular doctor call any patients in, returned to staff to query if doctor is in today. Same staff said, I will check again.
    Came back and said doctor is not on duty today.
    Extremely poor service to patients.
    One and a half stars is for bulk billing only, nothing else to recommend it.

    8 months ago - 11/07/2014

  • Megandarcy Newbie   2 reviews
    This place is horrible, reception are the rudest people I have ever met in my life. The doctors do not listen to you at all, and are also very rude. I would much rather pay a full fee and go to a doctor who actually cares and will listen not just push you out the door. Horrible place, horrible staff horrible doctors.
  • Shut it down Newbie   1 review
    Firstly after my 2hr wait I get in with the gp who is rude not listening to what i had to say, I even paused what I was saying to see the reaction to get, "WHAT" then half heart sorry it's been a busy day. So I started again thinking gp was listening only to be shocked by the gp cutting me off picking up MY mobil phone from the table asking where I got my phone cover from ! After telling the gp my phone was not the reason I came in and give me the time I deserve I started AGAIN . To finish off with the gp saying "go get some rest and if your not feeling better come back tomorrow." NEVER NEVER again will I be stepping foot in this place.
  • tinamay   9 reviews
    Primary Medical and Dental appears to be a chain with branches across Australia. Which makes their poor management practices that more more frustrating. For 3 days I have called the center trying to make a dental appointment and each day I've been greeted with similar unhelpful answer. First it was 'Oh the dental department was supposed to be open but they aren't here so I don't know what's going on, call tomorrow', then 'no they are closed today and you'll have to wait until they're in' and 'no I can't make you an appointment or give you an details, that's a different department.' Why call yourself 'Primary Medical and Dental' and then try to operate as two entirely separate businesses?

  • Geojohn Newbie   1 review
    The reception staff ridiculously rude, doesnt smile, and no attention to detail. I believe who ever sitting at the reception should be friendly and more welcoming nature not like the staff here.
  • Amon-No Newbie   1 review
    This clinic is basically a hit or miss. I have had some bad experiences with the doctors in this place and so has my family. My brother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which as you could probably tell, was less than likely for a male. Today I was lead otherwise, after a visit and not long waiting time, I had a doctor that truly seemed concerned with my well being and tried to find a way to help even though the problem was more mental.
    There are times when you get some doctors that truly seem grumpy and get you out quickly, though this can be understandable, we all have our days where we cant even muster up a fake smile, and for a clinic that is renowned for its long waiting periods due to massive amounts of patients, you can kind of understand.
    I rate 2 and a half stars for the hit and miss, if you can find a good doctor, go for it and always go to see them, otherwise just watch what they are saying and KNOW the meds you cannot take from a specialist doctor. With more staff this place could run smoothly, I would only go there for minor illnesses however.
  • Bullytish   3 reviews
    You really need to have patience or pick slowish times to see the doctor of your choice.There are some terrific doctors like Dr Mikhael or Dr Thomas who will take time and examine and leave no stone unturned.
    If you go the first available doctor you pretty much get anything and therefore can't really complain. Some are hopeless and dangerous.I have been shown by a good Dr that he sees about 30-35 a shift compared to some 75-80 just getting them in and out for the money.these patients usually end up having to come back and seeing one of the good docs for an extended period.
    If you do have a usual doctor who you like and have a quick appt such as a script to pick up or med certificate try to be loyal and see them so they get a nice quick one and they'll really appreciate it and build a good Dr/patient relationship.
    It is very easy however to get a med certificate for a day off with the useless docs.You just tell them what's wrong with you,they agree and show you the door.
  • kdljmum   9 reviews
    Clean building, helpful staff and I see a great doctor! Dr Read
  • Jodie Madder Newbie   1 review
    I go to the same medical center and i would reccomend this one as it is big the staff are very helpful and i just love it. I got there all the time and are able to see the doctor of my choose. It is a great medical center.

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