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Private Fleet - Car Buying Made Easy

Private Fleet is Australia's leading car buying service. We use our buying power to save you time and money on any new car purchase. That means private buyers can get private fleet sales discounts on all brands of new cars including Toyota, Holden, Audi, BMW, VW and many more.

Through our partners we can also assist with car reviews, auto finance (including novated leases), insurance and fleet management.

Because we're independent, Private Fleet consultants can give honest reviews, praises and complaints of any make and model in Australia.
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Reviews of Private Fleet Car Brokers

  • Wow - how easy was that! I didn't have to negotiate with anyone and still received a fantastic saving on my new car! This is the ONLY way I will ever purchase a car in the future, being a single female I found that dealers were way better in the negotiation stakes than I would ever be - enter Private Fleet and not only did I get my car in a timely manner - the dealer had a 5 month wait for my colour choice, I saved at least $2K off the best price I 'negotiated' and almost $4K off list!

    All persons I had contact with both at Private Fleet and the Dealer who supplied my car were exceptional to deal with. So nice to have such a pleasant and positive experience :-)
  • I couldn't have had a more positive car buying experience. I'm a 25 year old female with blonde hair however I knew a lot about the car I was trying purchase but I kept getting road blocks at dealerships with the salesmen treating me like the "dumb blonde" stereotype. One wouldn't even let me go for a test drive! So I rang Private Fleet and it was smooth sailing from there on in. The car I was trying to purchase we discovered to be discontinued so there was a lot of chasing around to see what was available - I ended up getting exactly what I wanted down to the colour, the second last in Australia and my agent was still able to save me thousands! Thank you Private Fleet, I'm completely in love with my new car :)
  • I found buying a car through private fleet very easy, takes all the stress out of shopping around to get the best deal. The staff were very abliging. I would buy
    Again through private fleet.
  • I heard about Private Fleet through my union and thought I would give them a try after spending time at several car dealers, some good, some not so good. Surprised that Private Fleet were able to get a price $2000 lower than the cheapest we could find. Good service, no hassles and very friendly people. Car was delivered just as we wanted it. Good experience.
  • Our experience with Private Fleet was a positive one. Recommend using them to cut through all the jargon and pushy or lacklustre sales people who leave you feeling like you're going to get less than others might. It was quick and we're happy we used them. Would use them again.
  • I have been a member of Private Fleet for several years. I have recently purchased yet another car through them because I was so impressed with the service previously. I have just purchased a Mazda 3 and once again the service was simply outstanding. Unlike last time, this time there were a couple of minor 'problems' but the reason I am telling you is because this too was a positive experience - My representative (Adam Hall) from Private Fleet just made the problems magically disappear after one quick phone call. I really cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Private Fleet which is why I am indeed a very happy customer and why I will be definitely using Private Fleet to buy my next vehicle.
  • I went to private fleet after going to a local dealer who insisted that I sign a contract and pay a $500 deposit before being able to test drive the vehicle I wanted to buy. That was enough for me, I don't like being treated like a sucker, so I called Private Fleet. I wondered whether they could help given that the car I wanted was already heavily discounted and came with a free bull bar and tow bar, but I was in for a surprise. PF went in to bat and came up with savings for me, and better still saved me the pain of dealing with sales people and the inevitable follow up calls. A very smooth and pleasant experience. I highly recommend PF. What have you got to lose?
  • Private Fleet was recommended to me by a friend. I was attracted by the thought that they would do the research for me and get me the best deal. They did get me a very good deal and the service was professional and prompt.
    My car was delivered on the promised date and at the promised time, with a full tank of fuel and 12 months roadside assistance.
    Make sure, if you are an RAC member, that you ask about them waiving the fee as I did not know about this until a week after I had received the car.
    I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a new car.
  • I already knew which car I wanted to buy and had a quote prior to contacting Private Fleet - then I saw the re-marketing ad online advertising that they could save me $$ on a Nissan car...and that is exactly what they did!
    Their service was exceptional from start to finish. The whole process was explained to me in full from the beginning. I had constant contact during the bidding process and was very surprised as to how many thousands I was able to save and at very little cost to me.
    I even had a "finance situation" arise during the order & delivery process which was handled quickly and efficiently, both by PF and the dealer, to my full satisfaction.
    I highly recommend using Private Fleet if you're serious about buying a new car.
  • I'd done my homework and knew exactly what I wanted and had come to a reasonable price with a dealer. I then went to Private Fleet. The experience was all positive. All I had to do was sit back and be thrilled with the growing number of quotes that came in significantly less than what I had bargained. Within 24 hours I'd agreed to purchase my new car having saved $3.5K from the origanal starting price! I'm extatic about my savings and my choice of car! I will definitely be back when I'm ready to do it again.

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