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  • Nicola315 Newbie   1 review
    On 2 seperate occassions I was given a voucher for my birthday to Prodigy Hair. My voucher was to the value of $150. I made a booking at 3.30pm on a weekday for a facial. When it was complete at approx 5pm, I paid the reception staff using my voucher. The facial amounted to $80 and I assumed that they would deduct this from the overall sum of of my $150 voucher. They refused point blank and pointed out to me the "small print" on the voucher which stated that the entire amount had to be used in one transaction. They were ready to close the salon and not in the position for me to get another service. The only suggestion they had was that I spent $70 on their overpriced products. I did not want any of their products. It was take them or forfit my voucher. Due to this I will never go near their door again. The actual facial was pretty good. The management and customer care are a disgrace

    11 months ago - 01/05/2014

    • SAmum Newbie 
      Just curious.. is this the Warriewood store you visited or dee why? I'm interested in trying out Dee Why

      11 months ago - 14/05/2014

  • elizabethmcdonnall Newbie   1 review
    I recently went there for my first time, it was outstanding, the staff are highly professional and the service was good, I'm a pensioner and I believe that the price was fair as the salon is highly proffesional
  • mim3005 Newbie   1 review
    After reading this and thinking it can't be that bad it is! Went to get a bikini wax the room was unconditioned in the middle of summer, dirty towels on the bed stains n had clearly not been even flipped or straightened! Only just had time to get my shorts off and was not given a towel to put over me. Was very disappointed and have vowed NEVER to go back!
  • JAN JAN Newbie   1 review
    I recently took my mother who is a pensioner, for a perm at PRODIGY Warriewood after getting a quote of $125, but what they failed to tell me was it is another $75 for a trim,shampoo, blowdry, which I found out when I went to pay, I think this shocking, they should have told me about the "extras" when I first enquired. Not happy and certainly won't be returning anytime !!!!!
  • Habibmate Newbie   1 review
    I have been a frequent at Prodigy Warriewood and Dee Why and i have never experianced a problem with the customer service, the staff are professional and great at the job they do, i find it a shame that someone writes a review bagging the industry that they work in and they cant even spell the word embarrassment such a pity
    • JPH66  
      *experienced*......people in glass houses should not throw stones.


  • JPH66   5 reviews
    I agree with Soph2107 - each time I have gone to get either a facial, eyebrow shape/tint etc, they take me to their treatment room out the back, which has one of the filthiest towels covering the lounge they expect you to lie back on - it is covered in stains and makes me wonder if they have ever washed it - there should be a new clean one for each customer.I've stopped going because of this.
  • Soph2107 Newbie   1 review
    This business is horrible, they don't listen and don't fix their mistakes they turned my hair green don't see what they could do to yours... It's not worth the money or imbarresment!!!
  • 2101 Newbie   1 review
    i get my nails done there every fortnight, the staff always give 100% quality in services. i have recommended many of my friends to Prodigy which are extremely happy with their services.
    • Soph2107 Newbie 
      Horrible service, went there to get my hair from bellayage to my natural colour which is natural brown. They dyed it a dark brown colour which ended up turning green. I went in to get it fixed and they put a red/ brown semi permanent colour through it to try equal it out instead of lightening it to the original colour I asked and payed for, 1 week later it's green again and they won't fix it or give me my money back to get it fixed by Professional!!!! Don't waste your time and money.



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