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  • emilylt Newbie   1 review
    excellent service, very good price would recommend to anyone

    3 months ago - 10/01/2014

  • michaelsmithhh Newbie   2 reviews
    Brilliant Service.

    3 months ago - 20/12/2013

  • jamielong   4 reviews
    Great service

    4 months ago - 15/12/2013

  • jessespence6787   3 reviews
    Thankyou! All the redbacks are gone!

    4 months ago - 13/12/2013

  • hueyduey34   4 reviews
    Another fantastic service. 3rd year in a row and it keeps getting better and better. This year I had their Technician Ryan come out and he was fantastic!
    Thankyou guys!

    4 months ago - 12/12/2013

  • bellswillring Newbie   1 review
    8 weeks, 5 cancellations, 2 no shows without contact, and multiple phone calls, texts and emails... AND COUNTING...

    4 months ago - 11/12/2013

  • Jess2013 Newbie   1 review
    A Brilliant service. They were on time, clean and efficient.
    I have no problem recommending them to anyone

    7 months ago - 19/08/2013

  • Debbitoasty   2 reviews
    Great Service,

    I had a German cockroach treatment done, It was a 2-part treatment. 1x spray done in april then the 2nd spray done 21days later. They explained everything and organised both days. Eldrin was great and polite.

    10 months ago - 31/05/2013

  • koolio223 Newbie   1 review
    I purchased a VOUCHER online which was a bargain and quite popular apparantly.
    It took them 3 days to return my call (which wasn't a big deal as the expiry was in June so plenty of time). Katrina the receptionist explained they had ben swamped with calls of around 300per day so there was a little delay in returning everyones calls (which is understandable)

    She was able to squeeze me in the next day and one of their Technicians Eldrin was there just after the appointment time (10mins late, but that isn't a big issue, most tradies don't run on time due to traffic or additional issues at the previous appointment.) He took his boots off, before I even asked which I thought was fantastic.

    He treated all the areas mentioned in the voucher and even did the granny flat FREE (hope he didn't get in trouble for that, lol)

    Overall: Great Service Great special price, i was a little disappointed in the time it took to return my call but I completely understand being swamped with 2100 phone calls in a week and most of them just being enquiries and not actual bookings so alittle more patience from me perhaps and a little overtime needed by the office staff to catch up with phone calls.

    I've already booked my parents and neighbours place in and will use them again.

    11 months ago - 20/04/2013

  • mickey34   5 reviews
    I needed pest control done and was concerned about chemicals.They were so professional and the products they used had no smell and were so effective.
  • kylie23y   4 reviews
    prices are very competitive and his reliability and follow up service are second to none.
  • Nicole876   3 reviews
    very professional and I felt that he knew what he was doing. I was very pleased that I did because the job was done properly,
  • AllisonB1   5 reviews
    Fantastic Service
  • Joseline78787   2 reviews
    After contacting four other companies from ads in the local newspaper we weren't too happy with the results. Then after contacting Proven Pest Control, we found that they provided the best service. That's why we chose your company.
  • trailermade   3 reviews
    best price, great service and all round great guys. havent had a problem since they came.
  • jessespence6787   3 reviews
    recently completed a General Pest Spray for us. We found him to be warm and friendly, professional and very thorough with his work. We were more than happy with his services and will be calling him back next year for our annual pest spray.
  • asianxt   4 reviews
    referred to us by a close friend to conduct a Termite Inspection at our home. He was punctual and friendly with a great attention to detail. He found termites at the inspection and explained our options very simply.
  • jennifer82   4 reviews
    Ding Dong our spiders are dead.
    1 week after PP treated out place, the spiders are all gone
  • mickey34   5 reviews
    Happy with this service, we get our place done every 6months to keep the pests under control and a Termite inspection every 12months
  • henrietta78   3 reviews
    Another Satisfied service.
    Cockroaches all cleared after 4weeks.
  • asianxt   4 reviews
    Always happy to use proven pest control. Friendly staff, great service
  • trailermade   3 reviews
    Another fantastic service.v This time we had Shane visit and his service and advice was excellent
  • hueyduey34   4 reviews
    I use Proven Pest Control regularly for my investment properties.
    Always on time, Always happy to contact tenants on my behalf (save me the headache)
    And are thorough and I have never had an issue.

  • AllisonB1   5 reviews
    I've always found PP to be extremely helpful and Knowledgable.
    If people are too stupid to follow instructions and listen to the professional advice why hire them in the first place?
  • jamielong   4 reviews
    A Fantastic Service once again.
    we have Proven Pest control out servicing our business monthly
  • kenneththorpe Newbie   1 review
    Proven Pest Control, came to my home about a week ago. Easy Job one bedroom unit. Never had a Cockroach problem in 8 years living here. My partner moved in, unfortunately bringing an infestation of Cockroaches in the furniture they were not established. So i called Proven Pest Control, Controller went about doing this and that. Told us that people usually called them back in 3 weeks for another treatment. Here i am a week after treatment and i just got up and had to spray 6 Cockroaches in under a minute. Mind you this is a week after treatment and i have been spraying Cockroaches now all week after Proven Pest Control left here. So naturally i ask, "What's the point did i just pay $90 to Proven Pest Control for?" I am going to call their regulators if they don't fix it in 24 hours or refund my money.
    • provenpest Newbie 
      Your property is infested with German Cockroaches. As explained to your partner a follow-up treatment is required in 21days due to their high immunity and breeding patterns. The treatment is and never will be an overnight eradication as explained to you on the phone when you made the booking, there will be an initial knockdown and then a re-emergence after 7days as the nerve poison takes affect, increasing their activity as the poison slowly kills them allowing for the transferring of the poison to the rest of the colony.
      We have not received any calls. Warranty is now Void.


  • GeorgeGadget Newbie   1 review
    Strongly recommend this Pest Management to everyone. You can't ask for better service!
  • michaelsmithhh Newbie   2 reviews
    came around at the earliest opportunity and completed the treatment on the day. He also provided excellent information and advice in regards to what was needed and more importantly, he didn't push the hard ... sell on treatments that weren't needed.
  • jessespence6787   3 reviews
    Great service, there was no smell from nasty chemicals and the team was courteous and very helpful.
  • robertlachelell Newbie   1 review
    Unbelievable Perfect customer service with ample advise in how to protect your most valuable asset.
    Shane does every inch of your home, great value cannot wait to use him again and will highly recommend him to all my friends and family....i didn't know tradies like this existed till now thanks Shane for A1 service. WOW. Happy customer.

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