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Turkish coffee cup & water readings in Newtown

As a professional member of the International Psychics Association and an affiliate member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, psychic medium Deniz Batuk works from his office in Newtown, Sydney. With 21 years of experience in clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (sensing), he specialises in ancient Turkish coffee cup reading and also water reading. Coffee cup reading is done by reading shapes and patterns left by coffee grounds inside the cup, whereas in water reading a drop of oil is dropped into a glass of water.

Deniz offers in person psychic medium and coffee cup readings in his office as well as phone, Skype and email readings for people all over the world. He is also available for both private and corporate functions and sometimes attends as a guest on TV and radio shows.

Deniz's first experience with mediumship goes back to his high school years in Istanbul, Turkey, and following his first coffee grounds reading for his best friend, Deniz's coffee reading reputation has built up over time based on his ability to deliver specific details and accurate psychic predictions. His authentic Turkish coffee readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues such as  private life, business issues, protection against evil eye & bad energies, past lives and connecting with the other side. 
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Astrology, Spiritual & Genealogy

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Reviews of Psychic Deniz

  • Deniz is accommodating, warm and friendly upon my arrival. He took the initiative introducing a little history on coffee cup reading once he knows is my first time doing this reading. I'm surprised he spoke in detail of my concern without me saying a single matter out, he literally knows what worries me the most. What i like most is Deniz is honest, straightforward and has genuine concern by informing the future negative event. I was abit skeptical at the beginning because it is difficult to believe the future situation that he mentioned but i m slowly seeing bit by bit now. I've been to a fair amount of psychic, Deniz is definitely worth visiting because of his sincerity and accuracy!
  • Last Saturday, for the first time in my life i went to visit a psychic. Luckily i had done my homework and chose a good one. Deniz was extremely welcoming, warm and very on key with my life and personal characteristics. I was only wanting to seek career advice, a ' should i stay or should i go' question. Deniz addressed my career concerns and other matters (which was not even in my head at the time) before i even told him anything about myself. He spoke of thoughts that i have not shared with my husband or best friends, so there was definitely a lot goosebumps moments for me. Being a person of science i had to admit i did not go into this meeting with a positive belief outlook. Now having seen Deniz, hand on heart i am a true believer of such phenomenal gift. I can't speak highly enough of Deniz, would happily pay more to see him.
  • At last I have found some good reader.. After spending lots of money in search of a good psychic reader today I have found someone really good. I had lost belief in coffee cup reading after wasting hundreds of dollars on a Melbourne based coffee cup reader. He was a real disappointment. But after meeting Deniz today, my perception has been changed. As per my experience after meeting so many psychic readers, a genuine reader does not ask you questions before he says something and he/she tells you specific details not generic information (for example, you are humble person, you have kind heart blah blah ). In my opinion Deniz is a genuine reader and he started without asking me any information and he told me specific details rather generic information. I highly recommend him.
  • I went to see Deniz last November and he was wonderful, as always. Deniz was amazingly accurate not just about my life but was also spot on about someone in my life. This was my second time visiting Deniz and the events in my life that have unfolded upon visiting him till the time of this review has linked so accurately to the predictions of both of my visits. There were times when things were coming true and would suddenly catch me out of the blue that It was something Deniz has already informed me about.
    • Dearest Daniella, it is my absolute pleasure if could guide you through some difficult choices. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime, only if you feel it is necessary to do so. Yours sincerely, Deniz
  • Had a reading this weekend and Deniz was amazing, touched on aspects of my life that were so accurate it was difficult to believe at times. I was skeptical at first but Deniz is the real deal. A truly talented and lovely guy, I highly recommend.
    • Dear Ant, I feel highly grateful about your paragraph on this forum. What happens whilst I am reading you is, I connect with my client and I start to perceive people and situations like you do. I hope your session works for you and brings some insight in your future decisions. Kind regards, Deniz
    • My Dear Client, as I always say a great majority of my clients are really really nice people, thank you for choosing me and my services, I am honoured, Regards, Deniz
  • I have had 2 sessions with Deniz in the last 2.5 years. The only thing I can say is that Deniz is amazing. He is very insightful, impressively accurate and on top of that he is honest and very friendly. I typically go to psychics to understand what is hidden in me and often readers are very good at this but not so much at predicting events in your life. Deniz however, is fantastic at both.

    I highly recommend everyone to consider Deniz. I have had experience with numerous readers (15+) for many many years and I have to say, Deniz is definitely the best there is out there.

    He is the best. Period.
    • Dear ArtZ, having readings over 15 years from various psychics makes you an informed and experienced customer and I really value your words on this forum and the way describe my sessions. Simply put I am honoured! Wishing you a not just happy year -as one good year is not enough- in fact a wonderful life ahead with massive success. Yours faithfully, Deniz
  • Had an amazing session with Deniz. His accuracy is genuinely impressive but most importantly he is very respectful and amicable. Overall makes a great experience. Highly recommended.
    • Dear Mathsinger_Z, thank you for your marvelous words here, wishing you an adorable 2016 for you:-) Deniz
  • Deniz was incredibly accurate and insightful. The process was respectful and comforting. Thanks Deniz!
    • Dear Renee, besides defined as accurate I feel great that you found the whole process respectful and comforting, thanks for your feedback and wishing you a happy festive season. Deniz:-)
  • Hi Deniz, I have been having my readings done by you for nearly five years and amazingly you are accurate as usual. It helps me make good decisions and stay in track.Thanks. (:
    • Dear Ranger, hereby I would like to express my gratitude for your ongoing support, wishing you and to your loved ones a happy festive season :-) Deniz
  • Hi Deniz. Thank you so much for your coffee reading. Some things that you told me 4months ago, I didn't understand. Now 4months later I realised most of the things you were talking about, cause everything started happening. I strongly recommend Deniz to everybody, not only because he is a good hearted person, but also a genuine coffee reader. Cheers!
    • Dear Valpetrova, sometimes it takes time to see things happening therefore every bit of clue from the coffee cup reading might come helpful. Thank you for your comment here and I wish the best outcome for you. Yours sincerely, Deniz

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