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Turkish coffee cup & water readings in Newtown

As a professional member of the International Psychics Association and an affiliate member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, psychic medium Deniz Batuk works from his office in Newtown, Sydney. With 19 years of experience in clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (sensing), he specialises in ancient Turkish coffee cup reading and also water reading. Coffee cup reading is done by reading shapes and patterns left by coffee grounds inside the cup, whereas in water reading a drop of oil is dropped into a glass of water.

Deniz offers in person psychic medium and coffee cup readings in his office as well as phone, Skype and email readings for people all over the world. He is also available for both private and corporate functions and sometimes attends as a guest on TV and radio shows.

Deniz's first experience with mediumship goes back to his high school years in Istanbul, Turkey, and following his first coffee grounds reading for his best friend, Deniz's coffee reading reputation has built up over time based on his ability to deliver specific details and accurate psychic predictions. His authentic Turkish coffee readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues such as  private life, business issues, protection against evil eye, past lives and connecting with the other side. 

Reviews of Psychic Deniz

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  • Curlypugtail Newbie   1 review
    I had my first reading with Deniz last month and, I can honestly say, I am astounded at his accuracy and the very specific details of circumstances surrounding my life. Deniz is an honest, straight forward and very caring human being with a rare gift. I am lucky to have met him, and I walked away from my reading happy and elated. I look forward to seeing Deniz again soon.

    1 week ago - 08/11/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Curlypugtail, just came back from an overseas trip and as soon as I sat down to check my messages I saw your comment here. Even after a 23 hrs flight your message was like the perfect antidote to jetlag. Thank you for sharing your experience with others here. Wishing you a very positive day. Kindest regards, Deniz

      1 week ago - 11/11/2014

  • rebelrocketgirl Newbie   1 review
    I just had my third reading with Deniz (in as many years) and I am always blown away how accurate his readings are. The insight he reveals about my past, present and future is nothing but amazing.
    He has a true gift, and I am grateful he shares it with us.

    1 month ago - 20/10/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Rebelrocketgirl, thank you for your fabulous review, I am trying to improve my service in every way I can day after day. Life without a passion is meaningless and I feel lucky to have one to share. With warmest regards, Deniz

      1 week ago - 11/11/2014

  • natash90 Newbie   1 review
    Went to see Deniz last week, and i have to say he is the first psychic/ cup reader who didn't fish for information and has thus far been completely accurate on his reading. Not only making me feel comfortable throughout my reading, but Deniz is honest gets straight to the point and doesn't waste any time. Will definately be referring friends to him and will also visit him again in the future. I have been to a couple psychics over time but Deniz is the only one which i Highly Recommend.

    1 month ago - 15/10/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Natash90, what a nice and strong comment, i really thank you :-) I try to do my best in delivering the message in a straight forward fashion and I am very glad you found your reading useful. With kindest regards, Deniz

      1 month ago - 22/10/2014

  • Stevetodd Newbie   1 review
    Had my first reading with Deniz on Saturday just pasted It was amazed he knew so much about me - About my past & my upcoming future With the photos that I showed him He opened my eyes on those people and what I needed to do about it - Was an emotional experience (in good way) but it was everything I needed to hear As it was time for me to hear it - He is truly gifted & blessed & I can't thank him enough. I feel such a sense of relief & am at peace.

    2 months ago - 09/09/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Stevetodd, I really enjoy and love what I am doing and when people take their time and share their views it makes me fill with joy and helps me to continue what I am doing. I just need to clean my office now, enjoy the weekend... Deniz

      1 month ago - 27/09/2014

  • loveandlight13 Newbie   1 review
    After reading so many positive reviews about Deniz on TrueLocal, I decided to make an appointment and I can assure you he does not disappoint. I have never had a formal reading by a psychic before and I have to say that I am no longer a skeptic. I was genuinely intrigued and mystified by the things Deniz was able to sense regarding my current circumstances and certain people from my past that I had not been able to let go of. The things that Deniz brought up regarding my career path, relationships, etc are things that only a truly intuitive person would know about. I want to thank Deniz for giving me a greater sense of clarity and hope for the future.

    3 months ago - 21/08/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Loveandlight13, by looking at your nickname I do not remember who you are or when you visited me on top my head but I thank you dearly for taking your time and putting your comment out. Doing anything first time is a bit scary in everything and I am soooo happy this was a good experience / experiment for you. It is a lovely weekend out there and before taking a long walk I just wanted to thank you. Hope you enjoy this warm, sunny weather too. With best regards, Deniz

      1 month ago - 27/09/2014

  • Ssa27 Newbie   1 review
    I had my first reading with Deniz last week for 30 minutes and was amazed at his accuracy and how much he knew about me. He gives you the guidance you need and is very easy to talk to. It was an emotional and confronting experience which I never expected and the coffee tastes great too!

    3 months ago - 20/08/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear SSa27, hopefully this guidance will help you through your life journey as a reading can give one clues about many years to come. Thank you again choosing my service. Yours sincerely, Deniz

      2 months ago - 03/09/2014

  • CL87P   6 reviews
    Had my first ever reading today, Deniz answered all my questions during the reading before i could ask. I was so nervous to the lead up of my reading but from the moment i stepped in Deniz was so welcoming & made me feel so comfortable. He said things that noone knew but myself, He was on point, very, very acurate with my past & he gave me the guidance i needed for the future. It was an emotional experience (very good way) but it was everything i needed to hear. He said it straight from his heart with honesty & how it is, nothing sugar coated. it felt like he knew me better than i know myself. He is truly gifted & blessed & i can't thank him enough. I feel such a sense of relief & am at peace. I highly recommend him to everyone & will definetly be going back. The coffee is amazing too! Thankyou Deniz. C.
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear CL87P, thank you for sharing your thoughts about your session here as it might encourage others in need of such a service too. It is true that all readings are conducted as a heart to heart talk. With best regards, Deniz :-)

      2 months ago - 03/09/2014

  • AGirl2014 Newbie   1 review
    I had a reading with Deniz today and I was surprised with how accurate he was at picking up things in my life without knowing anything anything about me beforehand. He is the real deal and not only is he accurate but he makes you feel welcome and comfortable and he has a great sense of humor as well. He has a special gift and tries his best to give helpful advice as well as passing on information that he is picking up about you.(for me the present and future) I am so happy that I did this reading and will recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much Deniz for sharing your gift.. I hope to see you soon

    3 months ago - 14/08/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear AGirl2014, I thank you for coming and visiting me. If you need any further assistance in the future I am always at your service. Warm regards, Deniz

      3 months ago - 17/08/2014

  • Kate Benne Newbie   1 review
    Unbelievable! I don't write reviews EVER but this was definitely worth raving about. Deniz knew me better than I knew myself and provided me with the most amazing guidance and insight imaginable. It truly reinforced my intuition and gave me the strength and confidence to follow it. His approach is so warm and his presence incredibly calming... and the coffee is delicious! I also showed him some photos of friends who I love dearly and his readings of them (photos horrendously dodgy) was equally spot on. I could not recommend anyone or anything more highly. Thank you so much Deniz - and I'm very glad you made that decision to come to Australia all those years ago. Knowing how many people you are helping on a daily basis is truly inspiring. All the best!
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Kate, your review has brightened my week and thanks for writing this positive feedback. As long as I feel I am useful I will continue my path. Wishing you the best knowing that you will get it! Best regards, Deniz

      3 months ago - 15/08/2014

  • Mle2222 Newbie   2 reviews
    Deniz is absolutely amazing. He is so incredibly easy to talk to and he speaks with such genuine love. What he told me was so accurate and confirmed what I thought was true and I left feeling absolutely amazing and still do. It was such a fantastic experience! Thanks a million Deniz!!

    3 months ago - 27/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Mle2222, I thank you millions of times for visiting me:-) Have a fantastic week, Deniz

      3 months ago - 28/07/2014


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