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Turkish coffee cup & water readings in Newtown

As a professional member of the International Psychics Association and an affiliate member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, psychic medium Deniz Batuk works from his office in Newtown, Sydney. With 20 years of experience in clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (sensing), he specialises in ancient Turkish coffee cup reading and also water reading. Coffee cup reading is done by reading shapes and patterns left by coffee grounds inside the cup, whereas in water reading a drop of oil is dropped into a glass of water.

Deniz offers in person psychic medium and coffee cup readings in his office as well as phone, Skype and email readings for people all over the world. He is also available for both private and corporate functions and sometimes attends as a guest on TV and radio shows.

Deniz's first experience with mediumship goes back to his high school years in Istanbul, Turkey, and following his first coffee grounds reading for his best friend, Deniz's coffee reading reputation has built up over time based on his ability to deliver specific details and accurate psychic predictions. His authentic Turkish coffee readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues such as  private life, business issues, protection against evil eye & bad energies, past lives and connecting with the other side. 
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Reviews of Psychic Deniz

  • Deniz thank you. I had two coffee cup readings with you over a three year period and both readings were accurate, honest and inspiring. I left the readings feeling confident in the opportunities and possibilites that were in front of me. I asked you specific questions about difficult aspects of my life and you mentored me honestly as to how best manage theses situations and move forward. I love your delivery, you are kind and funny. I look forward to my next reading and recommend your readings to everyone. Friends of mine have also seen you and have had the same accuracy and experience. I will be back :)
  • I had a reading with Dennis last year and I was pleasantly surprised. Many of the things posted on this website are true. He is a caring man with insight. Dennis predicted I would get pregnant but I had 1/3 chance of keeping the baby. This came true, and had a miscarriage. Dennis would not have known my age 46, ( I had a phone reading) it would have been a miracle for me to get pregnant in the first place, so that was impressive. ( even though it was a sad outcome he told it the way he saw it.) He told me that my partner was secretive. I was really rather shocked with this. As time unfolded this also proved to be true. We are still together, but I am now sure more will unfold. Dennis told me to keep talking to my partner, which proved valuable as he has now facing some challenging news about his son. I still have to buy my house in the city with a clear view, which is proving to be challenging with the sky rocking prices, and I hope the the baby girl that he saw was was not my last pregnancy. I still do not know what the tiny boxes related relating to business are but I do know this, it was nice to get a different perspective on situations that were happening in my life. When I get a reading done and I have had one every year or two ( from others over the years) this is all I expect. No one is god and everyone has free will. Will I get another reading within dennis? Yes. I find when sometimes when we are so fixed on a certain problem, we can not see the other things that are around us, so I feel a reading can help. It's interesting to consider what might be, but it is always wise not to lock ones thoughts on a specific mindset or outcome, just in case it is misinterpreted, is what I believe. Dennis like others have said got straight into it with out prompting and did not sugar coat anything. Dennis thank you for my reading, and will be I touch soon.
    • Dearest Customer, thank you for sharing your experience with me im detail here. Your words are delightful and precious. Kind regards, Deniz
  • Hi Deniz. Thanks again for a wonderful reading this afternoon. Your insights about my life resonated with me. I will draw upon your advise surrounding my health & look forward to my work / relationship issues coming together in the new year. Cannot wait to see you again in 6 months time.
    • My Dear Client, I do really hope things will get much better for you and your loved ones and looking forward to seeing you again if you choose to do so. Kind regards, Deniz
  • You'll find when meeting Deniz that there is beautiful energy that surrounds him, this is why I was drawn back to him.

    My initial first reading I had a few years ago, was accurate and on point, which to this day blows me away.

    Whilst my most recent reading wasn't as uplifting as I hoped it to be. I still left feeling satisfied knowing that Deniz gave me an honest reading.
    • Dear Jade_X, I sincerely thank you for choosing my service again and wishing you the best outcome. Warm regards, Deniz
  • Hello Deniz,just wanted to say thanks again for this afternoon's reading,it was very enlightening & I feel reassured about the decisions I'm making for a better future!Your'e Ace !! Xx
    • Dear Maree Kara, I am sure many of my clients are coming to me with a certain life plan anyway yet we all need to get the final assurance before we make the move. I am glad i could assist you in this decision making process which mattered to you a great deal. Wishing you further success and satisfaction in your future endeavours. Deniz
  • I met Deniz three times and was always amazed by his accuracy. I felt very comfortable and was fascinated by his energy and all the details he could give about my life!! I always feel positive and peaceful after one of his reading. Can't wait for next session! Thank you Deniz!!!
    • Dear Jbreit, transmitting peaceful energy and dedication / motivation is an integral part of what I do as we are all looking for some ways to improve our lives. Thank you for being my client! Deniz
  • What an amazing peroson to deal with. 110% accurate. Felt very comfortable! And everything was spot on! Thankyou Deniz. I'll definitely be back! Xxxxxx
    • Thank you dear Jana for your review here and taking your time. See you sometime in the future xxxx
  • Your reading was astonishing!!!! Everything you said was accurate, authentic, and specific. I love how you are so open minded and honest. I felt like you understood my pain and gave me clarity, to ease my heart and mind. Deniz, your such a lovely person and made me so comfortable to discuss the most personal issues. I came in with a broken heart...and you made me see things with a true light. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet you...and your predictions of the future where so detailed. I believe that you are truly gifted and I am privileged to receive your guidance. Thankyou with all my heart, I hope you are always blessed with happiness.
    • Dear Jess, your pain becomes my pain, your joy becomes my joy during the session... And I hope you will always be content with your life. Kindest, Deniz
  • You were amazing... everything you said was spot on and you made a lot of things a lot clearer for me. Thank you god has given you a gift and may you live in happiness and prosperity.
    • Dear Tugba, as you know the more we try to give, care and be honest about your feelings, goals and desires the happier we get anyway. Really appreciate your review here, thank you. Deniz
  • Hi,
    I had a coffee reading with Deniz and it was amazing...lot of information about me was accurate and now lets see how future predictions pan out.The best thing is he is such a comforting person you feel like just keep talking to and someone who knows you...Trust me you will not be disappointed.....cheers
    • Dear Beck, I am trying to welcome all my clients in a warm, gentle and friendly manner. I am honoured if I could help you a bit. Many thanks, Deniz
    • Dear Beck, I am trying to welcome all my clients in a warm, gentle and friendly manner. I am honoured if I could help you a bit. Many thanks, Deniz

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