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  • To Psychic Deniz

Turkish coffee cup & water readings in Newtown

As a professional member of the International Psychics Association and an affiliate member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, psychic medium Deniz Batuk works from his office in Newtown, Sydney. With 19 years of experience in clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (sensing), he specialises in ancient Turkish coffee cup reading and also water reading. Coffee cup reading is done by reading shapes and patterns left by coffee grounds inside the cup, whereas in water reading a drop of oil is dropped into a glass of water.

Deniz offers in person psychic medium and coffee cup readings in his office as well as phone, Skype and email readings for people all over the world. He is also available for both private and corporate functions and sometimes attends as a guest on TV and radio shows.

Deniz's first experience with mediumship goes back to his high school years in Istanbul, Turkey, and following his first coffee grounds reading for his best friend, Deniz's coffee reading reputation has built up over time based on his ability to deliver specific details and accurate psychic predictions. His authentic Turkish coffee readings can provide you with insight and guidance on a range of life issues such as  private life, business issues, protection against evil eye, past lives and connecting with the other side. 

Reviews of Psychic Deniz

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  • rebelrocketgirl Newbie   1 review
    I just had my third reading with Deniz (in as many years) and I am always blown away how accurate his readings are. The insight he reveals about my past, present and future is nothing but amazing.
    He has a true gift, and I am grateful he shares it with us.

    4 days ago - 20/10/2014

  • natash90 Newbie   1 review
    Went to see Deniz last week, and i have to say he is the first psychic/ cup reader who didn't fish for information and has thus far been completely accurate on his reading. Not only making me feel comfortable throughout my reading, but Deniz is honest gets straight to the point and doesn't waste any time. Will definately be referring friends to him and will also visit him again in the future. I have been to a couple psychics over time but Deniz is the only one which i Highly Recommend.

    1 week ago - 15/10/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Natash90, what a nice and strong comment, i really thank you :-) I try to do my best in delivering the message in a straight forward fashion and I am very glad you found your reading useful. With kindest regards, Deniz

      3 days ago - 22/10/2014

  • Stevetodd Newbie   1 review
    Had my first reading with Deniz on Saturday just pasted It was amazed he knew so much about me - About my past & my upcoming future With the photos that I showed him He opened my eyes on those people and what I needed to do about it - Was an emotional experience (in good way) but it was everything I needed to hear As it was time for me to hear it - He is truly gifted & blessed & I can't thank him enough. I feel such a sense of relief & am at peace.

    1 month ago - 09/09/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Stevetodd, I really enjoy and love what I am doing and when people take their time and share their views it makes me fill with joy and helps me to continue what I am doing. I just need to clean my office now, enjoy the weekend... Deniz

      3 weeks ago - 27/09/2014

  • loveandlight13 Newbie   1 review
    After reading so many positive reviews about Deniz on TrueLocal, I decided to make an appointment and I can assure you he does not disappoint. I have never had a formal reading by a psychic before and I have to say that I am no longer a skeptic. I was genuinely intrigued and mystified by the things Deniz was able to sense regarding my current circumstances and certain people from my past that I had not been able to let go of. The things that Deniz brought up regarding my career path, relationships, etc are things that only a truly intuitive person would know about. I want to thank Deniz for giving me a greater sense of clarity and hope for the future.

    2 months ago - 21/08/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Loveandlight13, by looking at your nickname I do not remember who you are or when you visited me on top my head but I thank you dearly for taking your time and putting your comment out. Doing anything first time is a bit scary in everything and I am soooo happy this was a good experience / experiment for you. It is a lovely weekend out there and before taking a long walk I just wanted to thank you. Hope you enjoy this warm, sunny weather too. With best regards, Deniz

      1 month ago - 27/09/2014

  • Ssa27 Newbie   1 review
    I had my first reading with Deniz last week for 30 minutes and was amazed at his accuracy and how much he knew about me. He gives you the guidance you need and is very easy to talk to. It was an emotional and confronting experience which I never expected and the coffee tastes great too!

    2 months ago - 20/08/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear SSa27, hopefully this guidance will help you through your life journey as a reading can give one clues about many years to come. Thank you again choosing my service. Yours sincerely, Deniz

      1 month ago - 03/09/2014

  • CL87P   6 reviews
    Had my first ever reading today, Deniz answered all my questions during the reading before i could ask. I was so nervous to the lead up of my reading but from the moment i stepped in Deniz was so welcoming & made me feel so comfortable. He said things that noone knew but myself, He was on point, very, very acurate with my past & he gave me the guidance i needed for the future. It was an emotional experience (very good way) but it was everything i needed to hear. He said it straight from his heart with honesty & how it is, nothing sugar coated. it felt like he knew me better than i know myself. He is truly gifted & blessed & i can't thank him enough. I feel such a sense of relief & am at peace. I highly recommend him to everyone & will definetly be going back. The coffee is amazing too! Thankyou Deniz. C.
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear CL87P, thank you for sharing your thoughts about your session here as it might encourage others in need of such a service too. It is true that all readings are conducted as a heart to heart talk. With best regards, Deniz :-)

      1 month ago - 03/09/2014

  • AGirl2014 Newbie   1 review
    I had a reading with Deniz today and I was surprised with how accurate he was at picking up things in my life without knowing anything anything about me beforehand. He is the real deal and not only is he accurate but he makes you feel welcome and comfortable and he has a great sense of humor as well. He has a special gift and tries his best to give helpful advice as well as passing on information that he is picking up about you.(for me the present and future) I am so happy that I did this reading and will recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much Deniz for sharing your gift.. I hope to see you soon

    2 months ago - 14/08/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear AGirl2014, I thank you for coming and visiting me. If you need any further assistance in the future I am always at your service. Warm regards, Deniz

      2 months ago - 17/08/2014

  • Kate Benne Newbie   1 review
    Unbelievable! I don't write reviews EVER but this was definitely worth raving about. Deniz knew me better than I knew myself and provided me with the most amazing guidance and insight imaginable. It truly reinforced my intuition and gave me the strength and confidence to follow it. His approach is so warm and his presence incredibly calming... and the coffee is delicious! I also showed him some photos of friends who I love dearly and his readings of them (photos horrendously dodgy) was equally spot on. I could not recommend anyone or anything more highly. Thank you so much Deniz - and I'm very glad you made that decision to come to Australia all those years ago. Knowing how many people you are helping on a daily basis is truly inspiring. All the best!
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Kate, your review has brightened my week and thanks for writing this positive feedback. As long as I feel I am useful I will continue my path. Wishing you the best knowing that you will get it! Best regards, Deniz

      2 months ago - 15/08/2014

  • Mle2222 Newbie   2 reviews
    Deniz is absolutely amazing. He is so incredibly easy to talk to and he speaks with such genuine love. What he told me was so accurate and confirmed what I thought was true and I left feeling absolutely amazing and still do. It was such a fantastic experience! Thanks a million Deniz!!

    2 months ago - 27/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Mle2222, I thank you millions of times for visiting me:-) Have a fantastic week, Deniz

      2 months ago - 28/07/2014

  • Tat123 Newbie   1 review
    I had my reading yesterday. The whole experience really surprised me. Everything what Deniz told me is true and very accurate. After the reading I felt relieved and happy. Everything makes sense to me now in my life. Deniz is very easy to talk to. I would strongly recommend Deniz. Thank you so much!

    3 months ago - 24/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Tat123, most of my customers say that they feel a sense of happiness or relief at the end of the reading, I feel privileged that you chose me and you felt happy. With my best wishes, Deniz

      2 months ago - 28/07/2014

  • MollyC Newbie   1 review
    Wow I am blown away by what Deniz knew in my reading today, so many things that were so accurate! he has given be guidance and wisdom and was not afraid to let me know the good and bad of what he saw /felt. Life is not all 'picket fences' and by letting me know things that are not so favourable, I can take action and protect myself and loved ones- be on the front foot. Deniz is the best psychic I have ever seen in terms of accuracy and knowing things that are so specific and spot on. Deniz most of all was kind and caring and made the whole experience comfortable. Thank you so so much Deniz!

    3 months ago - 24/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear MollyC, as you pointed out here we can better many areas of our life, change our course of action to protect ourselves and loved ones. Readings might help to see your life events from a new perspective therefore improves your chances. As I always say, life is not set-in-stone. Thank you for your precious comments and hope to hear from you again in the future. Kind regards, Deniz

      2 months ago - 28/07/2014

  • Shedev Newbie   1 review
    I found Deniz to be someone who i think is genuine and caring. To me the whole experience was a buzz, and after listening to my recording again, i can see that some of the symbols which came up definitely spoke to events which have occurred in my life. All in all i left with a sense of curious intrigue (about things which might unfold in the future), as well as confidence about decisions which i have already made. I would recommend, to anybody who is open to the experience of being read by a psychic.

    3 months ago - 18/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Thank you dear Shedev, indeed those symbols are connected in all our lives, some can see, some do not look, but they are there... Thank you again choosing and coming to me in this cold winter weather:-) Bless

      3 months ago - 20/07/2014

  • JellyK Newbie   1 review
    I had my reading couple of months ago and today I had photo reading and he is blunt and correct !He was genuine and he says how he sees even if the truth hurts! Everything what he said it was true re relationship ,work and etc ,he has a caring heart !And he is easy to talk too.

    3 months ago - 16/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear JellyK, thank you for choosing me as your psychic medium and your flattering comments. About 'being easy to talk to'... Besides of the reading itself i try to improve myself how I greet, welcome, host and talk to my client during the session. I am always trying to do my best in giving privacy and it is good to see customers like you appreciate this. Kindest regards, Deniz

      3 months ago - 18/07/2014

  • Zargo Newbie   1 review
    While some of what was said surprised me. It was mentioned relationships, so I brought up someone who had been important to me ( and still is) when he told me my he was trouble. So I informed him how he had passed. To which he said that he chose to kill himself. ( Which was not true, he was killed by a drunk driver, than told me his family was over it and so should I. ( which they are not and work getting people to understand how dangerous drink driving is. I could not help but feel this was an indication that he was not reading me well. I am sure plenty have great success and that is great. For me, it was simply not helpful which was sad.

    3 months ago - 14/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Zargo, i thank you for taking time and sharing your comments with others. When I mention that this person is your problem I meant that he is still affecting your life in a very big way which does not help you to move on even after years. Of course drunk driving is a terrible thing but we can't change the fact what already happen, we can only focus on future. Please listen to your recording carefully because what you write here should reflect the reality. When doing your reading I saw that your energy was stuck because of this experience. As mentioned before your reading, I share everything without adding anything with my clients. It is up to the person to take it or not. Of course seeing so many people I respect the fact that I can not please every one and there will be people like you who is not satisfied. I wish you the best outcome in your future endeavours, with best regards, Deniz

      3 months ago - 15/07/2014

  • LDG Newbie   1 review
    Very Insightful and detailed in his reading, I would highly recommend Deniz. :)

    3 months ago - 07/07/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear LDG, thank you very much for your comment. I am very happy that you found your session insightful and detailed. Every single time I try to do and give my best and it is good to know that it worked for you well. Hope to hear from you in the future, kind regards, Deniz

      3 months ago - 16/07/2014

  • WizWoz Newbie   1 review
    Deniz was recommended by a few friends, whom have seen Deniz, Like my friends stated and by the reviews before mine, Deniz is amazing, heart of gold, and doesn't sugar coat what he sees/ reads. Highly recommended and makes an amazing coffee. :)

    4 months ago - 25/06/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear WizWoz, it is so nice to hear back from a happy client. Thank you for taking time and sending your super nice feedback here:-) I am trying to improve my service each day. Thank you again! Kindest regards, Deniz

      3 months ago - 30/06/2014

  • Rich Motiv Newbie   1 review
    Deniz is a very genuine psychic, blessed with inner power to sense our life situations and hardships we are going through. My visit to him was very fruitful and deep sighted. He insisted not to reveal anything about me or what I am going through. His ability to connect and reveal coffee cup was amazing.He has revealed everything about my life situations and people around me. All of it was 100% true. I thank Deniz for his revelation and genuine advice. Keep me in your blessings Deniz. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Rich Motiv, I am truly delighted to be able help you. We all have occupations and what makes mine outstanding is I really love what I do. We all also have good and bad days. It has been a hard day for me today and receiving such a precious comment makes me feel cheerful again. Time to have some dinner now:-) Prays and best wishes with you, Deniz

      4 months ago - 22/06/2014

  • Nirdosh182 Newbie   1 review
    I was looking for Psychic around Sydney to do my reading. And while searching I found information about Deniz's Coffee Cup reading. I got interested in it and did some more research and booked an appointed with him. I did 45 mins reading with him starting of June. Deniz is great kind natured man, soft spoken and doesn't sugar coat anything. He is a gifted person. For me he is an Angel. He picked up my career issue, relationship and it was 100% accurate. He gave me insight on my future and guided me on it. Moreover he told me about my family back home, as I am only international student here. I will be back soon when I reach another crossroad of my life. Keep Up with the Good Work Deniz.

    4 months ago - 22/06/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Nirdosh, all clients have a different level of connection with the psychic medium. Yours was instant. As an immigrant myself in this fabulous country, the feeling we shared about our parents was the same, you did not need to tell me anything during the session. Your kind heart is to direct you help many others in need and I have no doubt in your future endeavours. If you need my assistance in the distant future I am always at your service. Kind regards, Deniz

      4 months ago - 22/06/2014

  • CrisKezs Newbie   1 review
    A complete waste of money and time, and I would not recommend them to anyone. I must be the aberration here as they have only received glowing reviews, but I felt I needed to share my experience to provide potential clients with a different viewpoint. I saw them late last year and wanted to wait at least a few months before I supplied a review to give their predictions ample time to eventuate- none did. They are nice and approachable; they made me feel comfortable during the session for the most part. However, I left completely doubting their psychic abilities- they didn't know fundamental things about myself that I expected a psychic to know, such as my relationship status and industry of employment, though I tried to let that slide during the session as I attempted to put that down to the notion that that's not how psychics work. But they also predicted things that didn't come true and failed to predict things that did- important things that I had asked them specifically about. For example, they told me right at the start that I would meet my soulmate within a couple of years, and after they had finished this prediction I said, so will I leave my current partner? They looked mutedly surprised to learn I am in a relationship and replied that my partner needed to show their commitment to me through marriage- and again, looked thrown off to learn that I AM married (I deliberately did not wear my wedding ring). These mistakes together make me think the are not a psychic and perhaps they don't exist at all. I do feel they have a strong emotional IQ however, and I got the impression they were extremely apt at reading faces (I had showed them pictures of loved ones) and perhaps they are able to read their clients auras- I write that because they did tell me things about myself that were correct (not 100% correct, however). To me, they appeared to be more skilled at reading people's personalities than predicting the future, which is something I can work out for myself. Skills which in my eyes don't constitute a psychic. Overall, the experience was a wholly disappointing one; I regret having spent good money- and they are expensive. The only thing I can credit them with is that they have completely cured me of any interest or curiosity in have had in psychics in the past. CK

    4 months ago - 29/05/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear CrisKezs, all your comments are important to me. I did not know or remember who you were and it intrigued my mind until you wrote an email to me to ask for help. If you remember I offered you an express and free of charge session either face to face or via email. You took the email proposition and I wrote everything I could under these circumstances. I want you to be happy and flourish with your life but you need to act on it. We can not rely solely on others including psychics to change our lives. At the end of the day it is in our hands. If I could come and help I would. Secondly there are many many very good people psychic medium abilities out there. Do not lose your interest, faith because of your current state. One a final note, why would one hide her/ his wedding ring before coming and seeing a psychic to ask help! When you go to your doctor do you lie to your doctor about your illness? I am adamant your life will get better and I have faith in your ability to do it.

      4 months ago - 22/06/2014

  • Florence-Flower Newbie   1 review
    Saw Deniz for 45mins on Saturday, and that well worth the money. He charges a little more than the "going" rate and I was prepared to take a risk, and glad I did. You don't see readers like him much these days. He's what I call the old school reader. Tells you like it is, and exactly what he gets, its not his place to interpret it, though he does, but because we understand the context better, he left it to me. You do need to phrase "better" questions, as that will enable him to get you the "better" answer. In short, Deniz is awesome - in the short time, he was able to give me insights,directions and assurance on a whole host of things to do with my health, my career, my relationships, my children..just fantastic..and in many instances, very specific time I will book for an hour though, it will be worth it. I recorded mine and have listened to it again and got heaps more listening to it a second time. Btw he's like booked 3-4 weeks ahead, I was lucky to call and there was a cancellation so I got in the same day. Apart from his own professionalism, I felt the amount of care and concern was far beyond just his professional obligation..I sensed like he was a very concerned loving relative, he walked me to the door and was still giving me advice,there was no chance for superficial chit chat either before or after the reading - oh wow, I was impressed. I seriously doubt that Deniz just does this for a living, I am sure that is part of it, but he does care deeply for each one that sees him, and it shows...he did for me, and I am sure he is to everyone else. Oh wow, you're an angel in disguise Deniz, and helped me so immensely on Saturday.Though I didn't go there for healing, but felt after leaving that some healing and resolution is taking place already. A big hug for you Deniz - would love to have you as my big wise brother!

    4 months ago - 26/05/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Florence, first of all a big, genuine thank you for choosing me as your psychic medium and taking the time writing this detailed review. I feel honoured to be called "old school reader" as this is what I am trying to achieve within my limitations. I am far being perfect but sincerely I am trying to give my best to everyone whoever visits me. By the way you say that you doubt that I just do readings for a living, well, this is exactly what I am doing. I do not hold any other part-time, casual or full-time occupation and working as psychic medium in my office is my full-time work. (Dislike that word 'work' as I do not see this just work, it is my passion:-) And yes, I care for you and every one I see. Wishing you the best outcome in your life journey and hoping to hear from you all good news and developments in the future. A big hug xxx

      4 months ago - 26/05/2014

  • minouche Newbie   1 review
    I saw Deniz twice in the last 6 months and on both occasions I have been amazed by his accuracy and honesty, I am very grateful for his advices The cinnamon coffee was also delicious. I definitively will go back in the future. Deniz Thank you for sharing your gift .

    5 months ago - 20/05/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Minouche, i was sitting in a place and checking my messages then i saw your comment, you made my day basically:-) Thank you very much for your kindness. Hoping to see you again in the future, kind regards, Deniz

      5 months ago - 21/05/2014

  • ReaganVickers Newbie   1 review
    Like many others I saw good reviews of Deniz so I went to see him. First time doing a coffee cup reading and was definitely an emotionally confronting experience (in a good way). His a kind-natured man who makes great coffee and doesn't sugar coat what he tells you, which is refreshing to say the least. Definitely will be recommending to all my friends (sceptical & non-sceptical).
    When I feel the need to go to a psychic again, it will surely be Deniz.

    5 months ago - 12/05/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Reagan, to be able to convince a skeptical client is important to me. Some call this ability what I switch on during the session as a "gift" and I just wanna use it for the right cause. I am very happy that you also liked my coffee, trying to improve myself in this as well:-) May all best decisions and people come to you... Deniz

      5 months ago - 13/05/2014

  • jamez bond Newbie   2 reviews
    This was my first time doing Turkish cup reading, the reason I went to Deniz in the first place was because I saw mostly good reviews on here and on his facebook page, which also has many likes.

    And he sure didn't disappoint! Deniz was very accurate about my current career situation, and also advised on when things will change. He even worked out my travel plans and knew which country/continent I'm planning to move to! All without me saying a word.

    And as for love/relationships, it was not as specific as my career, but it was still helpful and hopefully I will meet that someone Deniz said I will!

    As I consider myself somewhat an intellectual and I also have an advanced degree, I can easily pick up when someone is a con artist and if they're talking nonsense. Deniz is truly special and highly talented, some of the things he told me not even my close friends would've guessed. The fee for a 45 minutes reading I paid was well worth the experience.

    Only thing I forgot to do was to record our conversation, we discussed a lot and I'm not sure if I remember everything, especially those minor details.

    Will come and see you again!

    5 months ago - 10/05/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Jamez Bond, this is an inspiring testimonial, thank you very much! Of course I would like to see you again but there is no need or urgency to have another reading with me for some time as we covered many things. Another point you made here is quite important. Surely it is my job to find out what is going on in your life, mind, soul without your telling me first! Otherwise it would not be a psychic reading. Look, I am not brilliant and am far from being perfect, and still improving yet your words made me think I am on the right path here, so thank you for that:-) Best regards, Deniz

      5 months ago - 10/05/2014

  • bizatt Newbie   1 review
    I had a life changing reading with Deniz. He covered everything from business to relationships. He picked up on my relationship issues but gave me so much insight to my future and what I will be doing. He told me about the man I will meet and told me the ages when I will achieve success. I'm ver happy with the reading and thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

    5 months ago - 09/05/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Bizatt, thank you for your kindness and recommendation. Life changing? We will see. You will change it, better it yourself. In most cases the Reader does not tell you things you do not feel in your heart already. These are the things you know deep down but hesitate in action and having that assurance helps person to clear the path. I would like to hear from you again in the future. Kind regards, Deniz

      5 months ago - 10/05/2014

  • Sasha5 Newbie   1 review
    I had a reading today with Deniz. I am very skeptical about those things, but lately been confused I've decided to give it a go. I have to say it was truly a good experience. Deniz is a lovely soul and gave me a good vibe. I was quite impressed with things he told me and advises he gave me.
    Thank you Deniz for your time. I really enjoyed it

    5 months ago - 06/05/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Sasha, I totally understand and respect your being skeptical, but in your words you fave it a go and you did with good will and positive attitude. This is the main thing. Embarking on something with a good will... Surely you might experience good and bad days but I am certain you will reach your goals one by one. Please drop me a line if I can be any assistance later in life. With best regards and wishes, Deniz

      5 months ago - 07/05/2014

  • Brodielynn Newbie   1 review
    I had a reading with Deniz yesterday as I was unsure about some things in my life. A lot of what Deniz told me about my family and life was correct, although there were a few things I didn't understand or didn't make sense, I will just wait and see if these things make sense in the future. Overall I was very impressed and happy with the words Deniz told me, and I feel more relaxed about what the future holds.
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Brodie, thank you very much for your review. Yes, it is true at times some details, events would not make much sense at the time of the reading. I heard many many times that the client saying after months or even years "Oh, Deniz such and such happened and now I see what you meant" Life is a journey with many curves:-) With best regards, Deniz

      6 months ago - 20/04/2014

  • sienna39 Newbie   1 review
    Deniz did a reading for me this week. I was perplexed by his accuracy with some of the things he was able to tell me about my current circumstances. It was like my life was an open book and he was reading everything back to me, my feelings, my thoughts and my worries. The only thing was, was that I have never told anybody any of this. Through this reading I felt like long held and troublesome thoughts I have had about my life situation have been validated and my feelings must be true, worthy of concern and in need of change. His reading has given me perspective, clarity and a sense of a new found freedom in the knowledge that where I am right now should not be held onto. Till now I have resisted change because of fear, but Deniz has given me hope that I can change my life and let new people and experiences in. Thank you Deniz for your wisdom, your sincerity and the hope your words have instilled in me. Thank you also for telling me that where I am right now is not good enough and I deserve better than this. Looking forward to arranging another booking with you in September / October.

    6 months ago - 20/04/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Sienna, the coffee cup readings often touches the deepest secrets, worries or hopes of life and the reader just put these in simple words. We all have a beautiful life only if we could see the potential and dare to follow it... I very much hope to hear from you in the future, warm regards, Deniz

      6 months ago - 20/04/2014

  • malina harnum Newbie   1 review
    I would like to share my thoughts and experience about the coffee cup reading with Psychics Deniz. I have seen other psychics before but Deniz is unique! what I really liked about Deniz was, you dont have to say your date of birth or where you come from and why you need to see him. He is honest and accuracte. The readings has helped me positively towards the challenges of my life's journey. Thank You Deniz.

    8 months ago - 13/02/2014

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Malina, I am glad to hear that my readings have had a positive impact in your decision-making and on your life in general. It is true, I do not need any information other than the first name when I start anyone's reading. In fact, I should not know anything beforehand as it would be a discussion between the service provider and the client or a cold reading. In the first half at least, I just keep talking looking at the shapes, sensing and seeing things about you. That is it. I really hope to hear your good news in the future, kindly, Deniz

      8 months ago - 18/02/2014

  • Hols31 Newbie   1 review
    I saw Deniz last week for the first time. He really is a special soul, I felt like I knew him and was instantly comfortable in his presence. He was accurate, knew my personality and wanted to help me get some clarity on my life. I have to say he really helped me affirm things and I have been more positive ever since. I think the best thing about his talent is his honesty...and he made me laugh a lot! I have recommended him to my friends already. Thank you Deniz! :)
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Hols31, I am extremely glad that you felt comfortable. It is true that sometimes I laugh or cry together with my clients:-) Life is too short to stay negative. You took your time, put your feedback here and I respect & thank you for your kindness. I fulfilled my duty if I could affirm things and brought some clarity as you said. Kind regards, Deniz

      9 months ago - 23/01/2014

  • LizzyLizbeth Newbie   1 review
    Hello Deniz,
    Merry Christmas to you! Deniz your reading are amazing. I was very skeptic and didn't put any hope before I see you, being to couple of readings has brought me disappointment in the past. Especially I found you through website and I thought I'll give it a go and again didn't hope for anything probably anything skeptic reading. Deniz I want to say that you are superb , amazing, honest and you gave me goose bum during the reading! I never had such a good feeling ever and you brought me hope. I felt so much better after I left especially on my relationship. I'll definitely keep you posted if this relationship work out and will definitely keep your advise. If I can I would like to see you every month .... :) Thank you very much Deniz you are amazing again very honest. I am so looking forward to see you again in April! No words can express my heart now but definitely faith has brought you to me! Thank you thank you thank you!
    Merry Christmas again and happy new year!!! Ophelia

    9 months ago - 25/12/2013

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Ophelia, following the festive season because of the readings I could not check this page, therefore sorry my late reply. Thank you, thank you and thank you :-) I am glad if I could a little bit. April or any time later, looking forward to doing your reading again. With best regards, Deniz

      9 months ago - 22/01/2014

  • CR :) Newbie   1 review
    I've know Deniz and his work for an about 5 years and I can affirm that I'm a regular client. Through my Brazilian background, I've seen many psychics for the past 20 years in Brazil and around the world. Deniz is for sure the most accurate, genuine,fair and humble that I've known. He's sincere and most of all, HONEST!! He likes to stick to the right and bright side always. Even though is his work and gift that show him the dark side sometimes where he must guide his clients about it, but always with his calm words and warm heart. If there's an angel in full physical and human form, I can say that I'm privileged and blessed to have met him and I thank God to have brought him to my life path. Thank you Deniz for all your readings and guidance through these years, you have been wonderful and always correct. Cristina Ramon

    10 months ago - 14/12/2013

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Cristina, thank you for being so open-minded and embracing the fact that we can all progress and improve every single day of our lives. I will be supporting you whenever you need me. Not just 5 years I hope we will be stay in contact for the next 50 years:-) Thanking you again for your generous comments about my coffee cup psychic readings. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2014.

      10 months ago - 18/12/2013

  • HarrietRose Newbie   1 review
    Within a minute of sitting down with Deniz he said that my sleep would improve in time and he knew all the things going on in my head; I have had insomnia for months and it was my greatest concern. He was genuine, no doubt about it. For example, he knew I had the airconditioner blowing on my neck at work, that I lived right on the water in a posh northern suburb, that my passion and life purpose was writing and creating, and many other things without me saying a word. He accurately described my friends from photos as though he knew them intimately, as I do. He was honest, telling me I was getting too fat too quick, partly because of the sleeping pills, that I would be lonely for 2 years without a man to love and that I should take this time to focus on my health and career and he told me some other things that I found hard to take but needed to hear. He knew too much about my present and past, and even thoughts no one else knows. As for his future predictions, which he was very detailed about, (including describing my future husband right down to having almond shaped, sleepy eyes and describing the location of my next job being surrounded by trees in a tranquil space) I guess I will have to wait and see in 2 to 3 years time. Deniz is also full of humility, constantly stating he is only human and what he sees is just what he sees. He kept reminding me to take what I feel is right from what he was saying but not let it control me and my life. He is a good man and totally genuine; no doubt about that. The only thing he didn't see though was my accomodation situation with happened hours after I saw him - completely out of the blue. However, he was there for me on text and told me not to worry as I would find an equally nice place on the water and there would be no drama in the move - my flat mate has been very happy to make it easy for me since that text I have been to look at a few homes and feel positive that my next home will be even nicer. Thanks Deniz

    10 months ago - 10/12/2013

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Harriet, I am very much touched, thrilled and honoured to read your detailed review. Thank you for your very special review here, I am looking forward to hearing all your updates, feedback and good news in the future. Stay with light, love and peace.

      10 months ago - 10/12/2013

  • Sarasgotthelot Newbie   1 review
    I just had my first reading with Deniz after a good friend recommended him. ( Thanks Sabina!) I took 2 friends along with me..... WOW DENIZ ! You just cut to the core of what was troubling me and I feel as though this immense weight has been lifted off me. I have had many readings in the past but I felt as though you just looked into my soul and your insightfulness was astounding. You were spot on about everything. I will be recommending you to EVERYONE!!..... Worth noting is that I don't really like coffee and it's the smallest amount that you need to drink so I asked the guy who made it to make it with lots of sugar and it was fine so don't let that turn you off if you are a tea devotee! This was truly an amazing experience and both the girls I took along were happy with their readings too. Thank you again Deniz, you are a beautiful soul indeed ! Sara :) x

    11 months ago - 24/11/2013

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Sara, I was very happy to see you and your other two friends recently thanks to Sabina:-) I thank you for your generous review yet I have done anything! I just reiterated where the life is taking you from this point. Always be strong and you will see your achievements day after day. Have a great day, Deniz

      10 months ago - 27/11/2013

  • Possibility2708 Newbie   1 review
    Dear Deniz, I came to see you last week for the first time and felt like you had known me for a long time, even though we have never met. You understood who I was, more than I think I do sometimes lol. Thank you so much for being so amazingly accurate. I loved your honesty, and you were not afraid to say what you could see, your delivery was very caring like a kind friend. I have replayed our meeting on my Iphone and am still blown away with your accuracy. Thank you. I know I have decisions to make and a lot to look forward to. Many, Many Thanks. Paula

    11 months ago - 18/11/2013

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Paula, thank you very much for taking the time and writing your review here as it helps others as well. If I was any use I am very very happy. Your appreciative and praising sentences made my day:-) Taping the reading is useful as it gives a chance to pick up new details with every listening. Have a wonderful day and warm regards, Deniz

      11 months ago - 19/11/2013

  • Leo82 Newbie   1 review
    I have never had a coffee cup reading and didn't know what to expect. It was like Deniz had known me for years! He was completely accurate at every point, in fact I laughed a lot at just how spot on he was! I could not recommend a professional psychic more highly to deliver truth from the heart. I was left feeling positive and ready to move confidently into this next chapter of my life. If you have questions about your past, a present situation or what your future holds, a Turkish coffee with Deniz is the way to go. Thank you!
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Leo82, I am so humbled and your comments filled my heart with joy. In the future if you need any further assistance I am always here. With best regards and wishes, Deniz

      11 months ago - 10/11/2013

    • Leo82 Newbie 
      I will definitely be back, but you already knew that! Hopefully by then will reflect being a younger female rather than a camtakerous old man! Too funny!

      11 months ago - 10/11/2013

  • Sunshine444 Newbie   1 review
    Over the past few year I have had amazing readings with Deniz. His accuracy, clarification and ability to provide me with so much knowledge and insight on what was happening in my life is truly a gift. He has provided me with tools & information on how to handle certain situations in my life and has also given me great comfort and restored my ability to move forward. Overall Deniz is a lovely, genuine, warm person with amazing insight. He has an incredible ability to read photos of loved ones or anyone in question and what I love most is that he tells the truth exactly as it is. I couldnt recommend him enough. Thank you Deniz for your insight and your continuous guidance. See you soon!

    11 months ago - 06/11/2013

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Sunshine444, your gentle and elegant character has reflected itself in your review too:-) What can I say except thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Your positive comments mean a lot to me. Warm regards, Deniz

      11 months ago - 10/11/2013

  • Majideh Newbie   1 review
    My first ever reading and it was with Deniz on Monday. I couldn't believe how accurate he was with everything in my life and the people I showed photos of. Thank you so much for making this first experience so honest and real. I have had a difficult time in life and knowing these things in life that Deniz told me gave me so much relief and a better understanding of what decisions to make in life. I will definitely be back as I rate Deniz number 1. You were amazing thank you

    11 months ago - 29/10/2013

    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Majideh, yes you were one of my your first time clients and I do appreciate your time and nice words for me here. I simply tried to give my best. Thank you also for ranking me as 'number 1 psychic', well from now on I will try to improve myself even furthermore to deserve this title:-) God bless you, Deniz

      11 months ago - 10/11/2013

  • Grace_Y123 Newbie   1 review
    Wow what an amazing experience I had today with meeting Deniz and getting my coffee cup reading. Deniz is a beautiful soul and is truly gifted!!. Deniz was so accurate with his readings of my present state and also helped with giving me clarity about future decisions. What I loved most about Deniz is that he is honest and tells the truth exactly as it is and not what you would like to hear but the honest truth! I will definitely be seeing Deniz again in future. Thank you Deniz see you soon!
    • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie 
      Dear Grace_Y123, sorry for my thanking you late for your review and your kind and beautiful thoughts. I will certainly do my best to stick to the truth, good or bad whatever this would be. Thanks for choosing me Grace! Warm regards, Deniz

      11 months ago - 10/11/2013

  • Katharyn237 Newbie   1 review
    i had an awesome reading with Deniz recently that helped me with great clarity to navigate through a difficult period in my life and make the right choices for my future. his insight is amazing and very accurate. i walked away with a renewed sense of well being and purpose, no longer feeling confused about which path to take.....thank you Deniz
  • Vallehermoso Newbie   1 review
    I had my first meeting with Deniz at the end of May & I was nervous as I didn't want to have unrealistic expectations but I shouldn't have worried. Deniz put me at ease and it felt like I was talking to a friend. He provided a lot of insight & knowledge on what was happening in my life, some things which I hadn't even considered. I felt a little overwhelmed on the day but as the days went on & I processed all the information I realised how much he was saying made sense and was relevant to me. I came away more positive & with a weight off my shoulders as he was able to clarify important aspects. He lets you record the meeting and you can also take photos & he can tell you about the people in them. He was so accurate I didn't even have to say anything. You can also follow him on facebook. Thank you Deniz for your time and insight.
  • Su2026 Newbie   1 review
    I want to officially announce that I have finally found my go-to-person for confirmation, guidance, clarification and keeping it real. He is the real deal. I haven't meet a naturally gifted psychic in a long time. The words from him just flow and keep on flowing, and you'll probably notice your head keeps nodding, "yes yes"! Something happens to you when you hear the truth- for me it was funny, confronting, sad and wonderful. I feel really happy that I met this guy and that I've got him in my corner. I hope the words convey how highly I rate Deniz- worth every penny.
  • nivig Newbie   1 review
    I found Deniz actually through this website and decided to check him out going by the good reviews, I thought I would see for myself! It was such an amazing experience I had and so worth it for the comfort it gave me. The reading was very thorough and Deniz touched on things from past present and future which really amazed me. He described the situation I was going through with such accuracy,and detail. My tip would be to record the reading on your phone so you can listen to it back as there was so many things to take it. Also if you have photos of friends or family show Deniz, I couldn't believe how well he described it for example I showed him a picture of my mother and among other correct things he said about her one was "this woman has a healing touch" my Mum is a craniosacral healing therapist.Also he described things about my relationship that was in such detail that it was very emotional and also like a weight had been lifted. Anyway thought I would share my experience with everyone here as I have with friends and family, as it was just so amazing and really helped me. Thanks you Deniz x
  • Noodle2 Newbie   1 review
    Deniz amazed me from the moment he began my reading. He touched on things that had been on my mind but hadnt even intended on asking about. He also brought up very specifics things that I had never spoken about with anyone. Deniz is genuine, detailed and doesnt beat around the bush. His reading of me and my life to date was amazing - I look forward to watching his predictions unfold. I will definitely visit with Deniz again and highly recommend him as a genuine and accurate psychic.
  • Judee Newbie   1 review
    Deniz is a lovely, gentle person with amazing insight. He helped me with an issue I was wondering about and has enabled me to move forward and feel confident in doing what I can. We also had a few laughs during the enjoyable and supportive session. Thank you, Deniz.
  • elm tree Newbie   1 review
    Lovely, at ease, enjoyable - these words describe my session with Deniz. I can't recommend him highly enough and I'm looking forward to my future while enjoying the present. Thank you for a heartfelt reading.
  • blinky bill Newbie   1 review
    I had an amazing experience with Deniz a few weeks ago. It was my first time seeing anyone with these talents, so I didn't really know what to expect - but I was pleasantly surprised with his accurate readings and predictions that were all spot on.

    I can't wait to share another coffee with Deniz, I high recommend seeing him - you will not regret it.
  • gyro20 Newbie   1 review
    Hi everyone, I am here to highly recommend Deniz, his is spot on accurate with all his visions and he understood everything i was going through, everything he sees about me was spot on and i am quite shocked that someone could do such things! If you need advice or are curious about the future, Deniz is the one to unravel any nagging itches to know, and he will be right.

    I am sure to have been lucky to find him, the psychics i saw before were nothing compared to him becuase he is a true psychic that accurately sees and relays it for you.,
  • Vicki111 Newbie   1 review
    Deniz is simply amazing! I went for a reading a week ago. He was very accurate, insightful and very helpful to my current situations. Deniz is honest and sincerely motivated in guiding me in my life path. He even told me that I can call him and he will answer anything I need answers to or clarify on the phone.
    I highly recommend deniz to anyone seeking clarity and direction in their life path. Thank you again deniz.
  • Alaniara Newbie   1 review
    Hello everyone, I came across Deniz own website few years back & just only recently I decided to see him for a reading which was last week wot can I say & where do I startlol wot a lovely young man he IS FROM THE HEART & when he smiles his whole face lights up I was very nervous but sitting with Deniz for 45mins which I wished was much loooooooongerlol he was so sincere so sweet so calm so softly spoken & so BLUNT AS & very importantly VERY VERY VERY GENUINE!!!!!

    His last words to me was "u need to test me 1st before u come back for another reading"test him? DONT NEED TOO, my gut instincts already TOLD ME HE IS!!!! Im writing to u all to tell u I have been to many psychics/clairvoyants/mediums/tarot readers sum well known even who charge big ridiculous dollars & sum only 30bucks... I have heard a lot & only a few good ones only who were accurate! BUT DENIZ TOPS SHINES ABOVE THEM ALL I am staying with him from now on cause he said SO MUCH IN DETAIL I felt my money was very well spent & thats wot i want a psychic who SAYS ALOT... not only did he describe ME but he picked up on my past relationship in full details describing the person & wot he is doing now (cause i already knew, lol) without me saying a word& my current one evenlol OH MY GOD ACCURATE 100% & others things & predicted events for me I felt at ease with him & I laaaaater told him about intimate stuff that u cant tell no one but with Deniz u can & he is open minded & funny too the way he says things u just feel he is ur best friend he is truely so very gifted, blessed & in time HE WILL BECOME A WELL KNOWN FAMOUS, coffee tasted good too as well as the people downstairs in the shop they were pleasant go go go dont be scared or negative... if u want answers go to the young man with the bright big smile to give u *****THE REAL HONEST ANSWERS*****
  • JesseJane87 Newbie   1 review
    I am also impressed by Deniz. His coffee readings are accurate and amazing. He was able to describe people, pick events that are happening at present and offer really good advice. Deniz was also sincere, honest and gentle when he was talking to me, which made me feel really relaxed and comfortable. He also offered great support after my reading with a situation I was going through. If anyone is interested in getting their coffee cup read, I would highly recommend Deniz! Thank you Deniz :)
  • Derya1988 Newbie   1 review
    I had my coffee cup read today and I was truly amazed by how accurate his readings of my past are! And how incredibly shocked (in a good way) how well he was able to read my present! He read me, personally, like as though he has known me for years. He knew everything that was going on, that no one else knew. He answered all of my questions and I can honestly say I wish the 'future' would hurry up. I would highly recommend Deniz to anyone who wants to see a professional. He is truly gifted. Thank you Deniz.
  • Regular Client Newbie   1 review
    I've had a few readings with Deniz and I will always come back to him because of the accuracy of his readings. A few months back, he warned me of a situation to avoid but I didn't take his advice and now it's starting to happen within the timeframe of his prediction. His readings are genuine, very detailed and told in an emotional storybook kind of manner. Not only does he give you his reading, but it feels like a counselling session as well. He is a very warm and funny man. I recommend him to anyone seeking a GENUINE psychic.
  • huynhc Newbie   1 review
    I had my coffee read today by Deniz, he was absolutely fabolous. He was very honest and I felt very comfortable with him. He was extremely nice and friendly, it was amazing how he knew what my personality is like and how I view life. I felt very comfortable talking to him and he was able to answer all my questions and provided me with answers that I was confused with. I feel so grateful that I was able to meet Deniz as now I feel ease at heart in regards to my future. Deniz is definitely the person to meet if you have any queries in regards to your future and present.
  • Ozen Ozuner Newbie   1 review
    Deniz looked at my coffee cup readings just a few days after we met. I was so impressed, not only by his knowledge but by his sincerity. He was telling me the things that have been in my mind for a few weeks and had not spoken to anyone about.
    His approach was sensitive and gave you all that is possible within is capacity.
    His reading was very accurate and I think he has a very special talent.
    see him and be prepared to be surprised.
  • Psychic Deniz Batuk Newbie   1 review
    Deniz is amazing!

    He has a warm, gentle personality which makes me comfortable and his readings are accurate and very clear. I have had a few readings with him so far, and he has described to me in detail things that would happen, which at the time I wouldn't believe, but a few months later actually did occur and blew me away.

    Deniz has helped guide me and keep me positive and have highly recommended him to my friends and family.

    There is simply no one like him!


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