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Reviews of Psycho Chicken

  • It was my second and last time going there.
    Burnt burger buns with a small tail of bacon and a
    rubber like egg.
    the coffee is worse than a convenience store coffee.
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    This place is a fave after a surf, or a trip to our special fabric store in Seaforth. Love most of their options - only thing is, they don't know whether or not their food has MSG in it or not, which is a worry to me - Chicken & chips combo are always a winner!
  • Been there twice. The first time, the burgers were very sloppy. The second time, we didn't get what we ordered. Somehow "no tomato" got mistaken for "no cheese", also ordered another burger with "the lot" but just got a standard burger.. Being honest the burger was pretty good. But we still wont be going there again in a hurry.
  • MrReview Area Expert 150 reviews
    Psycho chicken seems to be a magnate for tradespeople and teenagers. But that being said they have some good tasting burgers and the salads are pretty fresh.

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