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Reviews of Pure Dry Carpet Cleaning

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  • Holly21   5 reviews
    I had my stairs, and lounges cleaned. The person arrived late, and spent 45 minutes cleaning - suffice it to say they did a half-baked job. They cleaned most of the stairs and left bits here & there, mostly edges and corners. Some heavy duty old stains were lifted, but new small stains (yogurt with no artificial colouring) were not. The same yogurt stains were lifted out of the lounge though. Got charged an extra $110 for 'sanitising', surely the 'cleaning' would sanitise? The lounges aren't very old and didn't come up looking very clean, some bits were done thoroughly and others weren't touched, much like the stairs. The 'non-toxic' products gave 2 members of my family sore itching watering eyes and inflamed their eczema, the smell also hung around for 2 days, and the lounges took forever to dry. When we asked the cleaner when we could use the lounges again, they replied with 'You can sit on them now if you like, if you want a wet bum'. So we never got a proper answer. They also left a dirty wet mess on my living room floor, and the water from the cleaning was pumped on my front lawn. Phoned twice to talk to someone, got brushed off and told I would be called later - it never happened. The worst experience with carpet cleaning ever! Find someone else or do it yourself.

    1 month ago - 12/12/2014

  • Sneupesen Newbie   2 reviews
    Oh my, what a waste of time!!!
    Did not call in approach (as advertised) was told that "they will call if they have mobile reception"
    Did not offer the options for type of cleaning (as advertised) they have already started cleaning and I had to ask.
    Immediately tried to up sell us immediately with (antibacterials).
    We were immediately told that all stains were not removable before they started.
    Booked for a lounge and dining room chairs and were told that they could not clean them so don't bother. Apparently you cannot clean cotton fabric!
    Rude telephone staff
    Used a round pad that cannot get into the corners and is too large to fit under any furniture.
    Clearly these people do not understand the importance of perception. They answer the phone "Australia's best carpet cleaners" and right there they are setting themselves up for failure. If the reality is what I experienced then no one will ever be happy.

    6 months ago - 12/07/2014

  • Sunny5 Newbie   2 reviews
    They quoted us $128 for 3 bedrooms , 1 small rug and 1 average sofa ( i.e. equivalent to 5 rooms ) when they arrived they said our 3 seater sofa was equivalent to 3 rooms not 1 and wanted more money. ( it was an average size single sofa) realising they were trying to scam us we said just do the 3 bedrooms rooms for the $95 deal. We also told them don't bother doing under beds etc to make it easier for them. They didn't vacuum first. They accidentally sprayed cleaner all over our bed skirts, lower walls and floor entry into rooms. They then only cleaned about 80% of the accessible carpet as they didn't do corners or behind doors.( totally lazy) They then said he was finished (in 15 minutes) and left puddles of slippery cleaner fluid and water all through our hall and a pool of watery cleaner in front of each door to each bedroom . So they lied to us in quote, tried to charge us more money for the same job, did a really bad job, and left a mess and expected us to clean.......DONT USE THEM.

    8 months ago - 05/05/2014

  • King M Newbie   1 review
    I looked up this company after my mate used them a couple of months ago, to see if they had any specials available.
    I sent through an email, which was replied back to very quickly which was good.
    The price was reasonable for the amount of rooms that I had so I booked the job in to get done.
    One of there guys came out, spent a good 1 and a bit at my house cleaning and a little while longer just explaining everything he had done.
    Overall the service was great.

    11 months ago - 07/02/2014

  • Gloria N Newbie   1 review
    I have used these guys on a few occasions now and have not had a problem with them.
    I have had the same guy come out the last 3 times. He greets me nicely every time and walks me through everything he is doing. Always leaves the carpets looking great.

    11 months ago - 06/02/2014

  • Amy282 Newbie   2 reviews
    Do not use. They charge you extra, and don't even clean your carpet. The staff did two rooms in 15mins and said that was the best they could do. When I complained they said there was nothing they could do
  • Giles Donovan Newbie   1 review
    $185 quote turned into $580.

    We were quote $185 to clean the carpets. When they arrived, there was some confusion over whether that included the number of rooms in the house. An extra corridor was added to the cost at $85, for which we agreed was fair. The kicker was a $200 fee for sanitising and changing the invoice to suggest the quote was initially $295. Hence the final bill arrived at $580.

    11 months ago - 31/01/2014

  • Spinelli Newbie   2 reviews
    Called this company to come out and clean my leather lounge.
    The guy who came out was very polite and friendly, he explained everything in detail.
    Needless to say I'm happy with the clean. He even protected it for me.
    I look forward to calling him back to clean our carpets too now.

    11 months ago - 28/01/2014

  • P.G   3 reviews
    This company never ceases to amaze me, after frantically searching for a company that was open over Christmas, I rang these guys. I explained my situation to the girl who answered my call and after telling me that they were mostly booked out, she would ring around to the guys on the road and work out if someone could pick up by job that afternoon.
    20 minutes later, she rang me back and said the carpet cleaner would be there within an hour. He did a good job, considering the short amount of time he had to do it in and the price was reasonable.
  • frogone Newbie   2 reviews
    What an experience this company was, they gave me a cheap quote on my carpets came out and cleaned my carpets a couple of days later and the results were amazing.
    There isn't much more you need from a carpet cleaner.
    Thanks guys

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