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Gluten Free Vegetarian

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Reviews of Pure Wholefoods

  • mins Local Star 941 reviews
    I had a coffee and muffin and both were good. The muffin was very dense, a very filling muffin. Service was fine and it was certainly busy.
  • LOVE this place! I went there for lunch and had the Haloumi Wrap, so yummy! It great to know that you can walk in that place and pick something knowing its made in the healthiest way possible. It makes it easy to eat healthy!
  • This is run by some of the most disagreeable people I have ever encountered in customer service, and that includes trips to France, Russia and Swindon, UK. Its a real shame because the menu all vegetarian, predominantly vegan, all delicious is excellent, the location is nice, the little shop is handy and the fit-out is pleasant. It plays on the wholesome, good lifestyle vibe which many locals enjoy but which particularly jars with the sour interaction you have with the staff there. Ive been going to Pure regularly for a few years and I get no acknowledgement as a regular. Not just me, others say the same. The speed & quality of service, and, actually the portion control, take a massive tumble on the weekends when it gets busier. Every person working in there has a miserable look on their faces and minimal communication skills. Recently I had a particularly bad encounter when I was told I'd handed over a twenty not a fifty, we disagreed, he told me 'I do this everyday..I'll have to trust you..we'll know at the end of the day when I count up', it was a hideous confrontation to be honest.
    • ...lucy, think about it logically. So, you disagreed about the amount given, this is very common. The only way of truly knowing who was correct is by checking the tills at closing time, that way it would show whether they were under or over. If they were over, it would have been your money. All that you would have had to do was leave your number, and i am sure they would have been morally inclined enough to call you up and tell you so that you could come and pick it up. I should know...my parents own it. Have a bit of compassion and maybe everything won't be so "disagreeable".
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