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Reviews of R & R Daily Fresh Fruit Mart

  • Great fruit shop with more than enough selection and specialty brands. Friendly service and great hours (closes at 8pm). Limited parking but can usually get a spot, a bit pricey but worth the convenience.
  • I love a good old fashioned green grocer with super friendly staff, who let you try before you buy! With shelves and fridges stocked to brim with the best seasonal produce, condiments, pastas, meats and cheeses, R & R have certainly got their mix down packed!

    I could literally trawl the isles for hours thinking of all the wonderful things i can cook with their beautiful array of the finest quality produce and best of all they are open at 7 and close at 8, 7 days a week so for us busy working people it gives you plenty of time to make your lunch selections in the morning or peruse in the evenings without needing to rush home.

    It can sometimes be a bit expensive but if you are a foodie and appreciate good quality this place is fabulous, best of all the ciao bella as you leave!
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