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  • Easternian Local Star   835 reviews
    Celebrating its 10th birthday, Ramen Kan Bondi decided to do something drastic and unusual: they changed their name! This place is now called Bondi Ramen, and I only found out about this when I came and visit them for a weekday lunch a few weeks ago.

    Not sure if it was because of the name change, but it appears that some dishes that I used to order were no longer available on the menu but perhaps it is just that they have a different menu for lunch. The rest of the food offerings seem to stay the same, and there seems to be no change at all on the place.

    The serving sizes are still large as per usual and the food did not take long to arrive. I ordered their cold soba tofu salad and it was very delicious and was affordably priced too. The staffs are still as attentive and friendly as I have grown accustomed to.

    4 months ago - 28/11/2014

  • Monica1506   9 reviews
    I love this place!!!! Great healthy food and very good prices as well!! I go at least once a month to have a Kaisen Don!!!!

    9 months ago - 30/06/2014

  • AaronJM   3 reviews
    This is the best Japanese in Bondi Junction! Perfect for a quick lunch. The food is tasty and the quality excellent!
  • Andrew M.   15 reviews
    I was here the other night but I can't twist the hard truth that the place is somehow mediocre and there is a lot more to be wished for. They should work on their people skills because I've seen some mistakes done with my order. Of course, they apologized and everything but it was an inconvenience for me. The food is on a satisfying level though.
  • Lovemex   2 reviews
    I absolutely love Ramen Kan, and go very often as I live in Bondi Junction. I ordered take away recently and expected to get everything that I had paid for that was listed for the meal, but it came without Miso? I asked where it was as I thought they had forgotten to put it in the bag, but they said it was complimentary for eat-in only? Correct me if I'm wrong but complimentary means some thing that you get as a bonus, that's unexpected, but when it's on the menu and you have paid for it, you expect to get it!! I still wanted the miso, so had to pay another $2 for it?!! How rude! I had already paid, I think they need to take some lessons in customer service, I won't bother with take out again, if anything it should be cheaper!! not impressed!!

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