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  • Patrice.S   4 reviews
    The ramen noodles here are quite thick but it was nice. Definitely a nice place for a cheap feed

    2 months ago - 12/02/2015

  • dbag   30 reviews
    Nice little spot and friendly staff, though the ramen soup was thicker than I've ever had before which isn't to my liking. Will give it another go, and try something different.

    4 months ago - 03/12/2014

  • KingEatingChamp Local Star   22 reviews
    Went there last night and ordered the Black Garlic Tonkotsu ramen. I asked for a "ramen spoon" but was told in Japan they all use the same short porcelain type; very disappointed to hear that considering staff should know better. Anyway small nuisance - just had to scoop more often for soup. Soup wasn't as thick as I'd hoped but flavour was good. No egg was given as part of my ramen, although it should be standard. Overall average joint.
  • Easternian Local Star   823 reviews
    I visited Ramen Zundo during their first anniversary where everything was half price. The queue was as probably as long as almost 2 hours and we couldn't seem to understand how their outdoor seatings were left pretty much unused throughout our entire waiting time (I would assume at least a few of people at the front of the line would not mind sitting outside than waiting even longer to sit inside that was already full.

    The double soup ramen that I ordered was of acceptable quality, and so were the other side dishes we ordered. The spicy dumplings were probably a little bit better although the aftertaste wasnt to my liking. If I were to go back and order at full price, I would probably think again, especially since there are a lot of ramen shops in the vicinity and around the area, in which some are better and/or well priced.
  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star   346 reviews
    Good enough ramen but I'm not a fan. Don't like having bean sprouts in ramen and the flavours aren't that great.
  • simonc22 Foodie   137 reviews
    Very nice for a quick Japanese lunch. Good sized mains in a tasteful and modern restaurant, from aroud $10 ... can't beat that.

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