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Reviews of Ray White

  • Truly unprofessional agents. Consistent failures to maintain property over nearly 4 years. Untrained staff who issue Breach Notices with errors, including breaching themselves by mistake! Aggressive and ridiculous statements such as "fingermarks on a broken sliding wardrobe door will attract rodents" & "fingermarks on doors will damage paint". Apparently 2 chips stuck underneath oven that are impossible to reach can be a "fire hazard" however my main smoke detector in kitchen takes 11 days to attend to when not functioning. Every time I have attended their office I have met other disgruntled tenants with similar complaints. If you do rent with them document everything with photos and Good Luck!
  • Rented through This branch of Ray White during several years. At the time of vacating premises, we had the unit professionally cleaned by their own recommended cleaners which cost us around 300 bucks. We also paid to have other things professionally done such as carpet cleaning / deodorisation etc (essentially all the legal requirements were done professionally). The unit was then locked up and everything closed (as per exit agreement). On the day of the vacate I went back to the unit to do my final check, and noticed that the unit smelled musty from the carpet cleaning not having aired properly - I actually brought this to the attention of someone at Ray White when I handed my keys in. A day later was called by my property management - they demanded I pay them extra money for having carpets re cleaned. Also they claimed that the smell was from a cat urinating on the carpet which was completely false. I reminded them of storm water damage to carpets which thankfully I had documented and notified them about in due course. I reminded them we had complained of the same musty smell in carpets for years and they had taken no action to remedy that. When I said I would not be paying extra as we had the unit professionally cleaned, and that re cleaning to their satisfaction was the responsibility of their recommended cleaners they (property manager) became very angry, began shouting down the phone at me and when I said to them - Look we aren't paying extra, if you think we are required to then there are ways to dispute that, and when you realise you have made a mistake I would like a personal apology from you. They became irate, said Game on and hung up the phone on me. I tried calling back immediately and according to their colleagues this particular property managment had mysteriously "left the office" in less than 10 seconds, and was "unreachable" on their mobile. Long story short - they then tried to change their story claiming carpets needed to be replaced completely and tried to charge us for the replacement of the carpet. (So their claim changed from 150 bucks to close on 2000) They actually took this to the QCAT Tribunal. I called The Business Principal personally to explain to them the situation and recommend they not attack us financially for something we had not done. They ignored me, and pursued their attack. In fact they told me (paraphrasing) that they doesn't believe me at all and believed their property management and didn't need to bother to review anything regarding my complaint. At the Tribunal I presented all evidence regarding notification of water damage. Have been renting for more than 20 years. Never had one problem, and have lived in many apartments in Brisbane over those 20 years. I have never had to pay 1 cent in repairs because I respect where I live, and other peoples property. The property management in question was plain horrible - barged in one time to do an inspection when I met them at the door sick as a dog and asked them to reschedule. They literally pushed past me to enter the premises without permission. On another occasion, they had organised the management to be present during an inspection and then failed to show up to escort them through the premises - Horribly horribly unprofessional. I recommend ANYONE intending to do business with Ray White Clayfield should put ALL COMMUNICATION in writing with them so keep as much evidence as you can for your own defence.
  • Very attentive. Good service. Somewhat inexperienced real estate agent, but very keen.

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