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Reviews of Real Insurance

  • There is nothing REAL about REAL Insurance, my wife has a ring with 3 diamonds in it, the ring was damaged, and a diamond fell out. I got a quote for repair and they will not cover for the Diamond as it LOST, and we are not covered for LOSS. If the ring didnt get damaged we wouldn't have lost the diamond, but REAL dont care about this. They also only cover the specific damage to the CLAW that held the diamond, even though the others are damaged. So quote was approx $1000 to fix ring and replace diamond, REAL insurance offered me $87 for the claim!.. So you know whats REAL........I will REALLY find a new insurance company....
  • jarrahblue Local Star 705 reviews
    have tried their home and contents insurance and car insurance, for a couple of years now. recently had a window repair claim which we had no difficulty with (settled quickly, followed up with me with satisfaction survey and email, claim form done over phone politely, great communication). appreciate how they dont operate under the rating system (which is a such a farce) where you are penalised when you make a claim by an increase in your renewal premium, have never found them difficulty to get hold of on phone (waiting time). the car insurance policy was fine, never had a need to claim though, but the paying for km is a good idea but gets a bit trickey as difficult to estimate how many km you will do in a year and although you can top up you have to make notes on your calender to remind yourself to keep an eye on it as if you go over and need to claim you are not covered (and we did go over and i didn't realise for several weeks) so decided not to renew just from this issue. there insurance rates are very competitive and often a little cheaper than other companies. did not use their landlords insurance only because they dont offer "rent default by tennant" which we required.
    • Real insurance?? subsequently to my previous review I am disgusted with real insurance for contents insurance. We had some broken windows so I rang about our policy to enquire if we made a minor claim our premium would go up the following year and was told no Real don't operate that way (premiums go up each year according to the 'market' you are not penalised for making claims. So we claimed about $250 in window repairs then received our next premium and it had gone up at least $300 so I phoned for an explanation and was told it was because of the claim and I told them I had asked specifically about this, they said they would listen to phone tapes and get back to me and of course they never did. So we phoned back and they offered nothing, so we have obviously not renewed our policy (how can it possibly go up $300 for a minor $250 claim anyway?)
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,095 reviews
    Every year my car insurance comes up for renewal & I check around with every other insurer (believing their claims that they are the cheapest/best/...). And yet every year I end up renewing with Real Insurance. For my car, they simply are the cheapest - and offer the largest number of options such as changing my excess. The couple of times I've rung them I've had prompt service. Never had to claim, so didn't give them 5 stars - but I'm certainly a happy customer right now.
  • I have had Home and Contents insurance with Real Insurance for the last 4 years. I put in my first claim just over a month ago for a break-in (Theft and minor property damage. I was very pleasantly surprised that the entire claim was approved, including our personal assessments (not documented with receipts, etc) for minor items and cash. It was approved within 3 days of sending in an email with the details. I had to chase up some details via a number of phone calls regarding payment to the security door repairer alth that was a minor hassle. Everyone I spoke to was very polite and helpful. If they had better flood cover ( currently $15,000 max for building and only 25% of value of damaged contents), they would have received 5 stars.
  • real insurance,what a nightmare experience i had... we had a not at fault accident back in august 2011 we have only just recieved our car back december 2011..repairers had to wait for parts from japan and no-one could tell us when they would arrive or when my car would be fixed.real was not helpfull at all,because i didnt have hire car on my policy i had no car for 4 months and even if i did have hire car cover it would of been available for a minimal amount of time and then i would have to pay the rest and they would TRY and recover costs.when i bought my car a 4wd it came with EXTRAS well i didnt know they were extras until real said they wouldnt cover my bullbar,they made me pay the difference to put my bullbar on the policy so they would cover it i think it was just over $1- what measley insurance to worry about $1 or so..now ive recieved my car back from their prefered repairer and im having nothing but dramas,they broke my cb aerial my car is 2 different colours pure white and off white because they say they only buff what they have fixed and told me i have to pay for a machine buff to the whole car. real say in the case of an accident YOU WILL RECIEVE YOUR CAR BACK IN THE STATE IT WAS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT,well i want my car one colour not 2 and i want my items to be in working condition..WELL ALL I CAN SAY IS HOPELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE.im sick of spending my money on phone calls to them.why should i have to do the calling around, i pay money for insurance to be well looked after in the case of an accident.I WOULDNT RECOMMEND real and as soon as i find the time inbetween all this mess i will be switching to another company and taking my house/contents and other car insurance elsewhere.
  • Real Insurace - What a mess - Using their phone is a nightmare its always busy! Using the fax is risky because their standard line is "I didnt get it". can you send it again. Even after you get a real person to assist with a claim! It gets worse because then they are the only person who can help and god forbid they bother to show up at work it seems by contact person was sick - not in til 2 or if i was calling after 2 then she had left for the day - then she went on holidays for two weeks. Overall my car was run into by someon with Real Insurance in January 2010 and I didnt get all of the money (less GST ) for my claim, moeny was finally direct deposited during June with no contact to tell me this was done.

    Stick with real insurance companies
  • My experience with Real insurance has been good. We only switched to them because they were sponsoring the Rabbitohs at the time and hubby lives for the Rabbitohs. And also they were cheaper than the crowd we were with at the time. A few years back we had a lightening strike that fried quite a few appliances in our house. It happened on a Sunday, and apparently that is the one day they don't open. Our chest freezer blew so we had to rush out and buy a replacement. When we got home the stupid thing started working again. The insurance inspectors came out and actually tested everything for lightening damage which I was quite impressed by as that obviously will mimimise fraud. The freezer of course passed, but when we explained what happened, he thought the capacitor might have been drained which temporarily stuffed it and might have done permanent damage so he OK'd that claim. After that they were really efficient at replacing everything, or reimbursing us where we made the purchase. We continued to have problems over the next few weeks as more appliances failed and they tested and repaired/replaced each one. I've heard nightmare stories about other well known insurance companies being very difficult with claims, so was very relieved to not have this experience ourselves.
  • Hi Miss Z. I am from Real Insurance and can assure you that making a claim does not appear on your credit rating. Real Insurance does use the Insurance Reference Service to track insurance claims and prevent insurance fraud, but this does not link to your credit rating.
    I am sorry to hear you were put on hold while trying to reach us. We've had huge growth recently, which has been great and we are currently recruiting call centre staff to keep up with the demand.
    Kind regards,
    Bec Sendt at Real Insurance
  • on hold forever once you are a customer. Will pick up on 2nd ring to get your business though ! If you need to make a claim this appears on your credit rating! They dont tell you this. Not very happy with insurance or service if you do need to make a claim.

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