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Reviews of Red Crab Seafood Bar

  • While the staff serving was polite, when we ordered 'spring rolls' (and veggie burgers) we expected them to be meat free, as generally every spring roll I've ever had has been. Upon realizing they had meat, and not knowing what it was, I took them back to the counter with the intention of swapping if we could. When the server returned with the box from the freezer showing the rolls as containing "mutton or beef", I asked for a refund. We were told, "that's what you ordered, there's no refund". When I then restated that we didn't expect there to be meat in there, someone (too gutless to come out from behind the screen) yelled "there's nothing wrong with the product"... No refund. Very poor customer service! We're locals, and spent $45 on this meal - now for the sake of a couple of dollars, we'll never go back.
  • The worst experience I have ever had in my Australia life in last 9 years.. The people in the shop are the rudest.. We spent $69 to dine-in but while we took a small round container from the counter( my brother was going to ask weather it is for sale or not) the staff came out from the kitchen, snatch the box from my brother's hand and told us we are taking it from their shop...and was asking him to leave his shop by screaming...I couldn't have believe my own ears that some one is doing customer service like this way...then when I went to talk to another staff they also said 'leave the shop now'..
    Well, carry on.. Good luck!!
  • slow and rude service chips were soggy and greasy not surprised to see other bad reviews here
  • Very disappointed with the small serve of chips in the large box they sold us. We rang to talk to the manager - they said "too bad, go somewhere else", yep we will. Never again for this family!
  • Love this place! Never been disappointed by the food or management, I'll continue going there!
  • The management is possibly the rudest ever. I was screamed at because they had undercharged me by $1.50. One from the management believes that 'the customer is never right' and told me that they don't want my business and ripped up my order. That's fine as they won't be getting my business again and I have told everyone I know too. They clearly need to do a course on customer service.
    • Its funny how its always the rude customers that come into the shop thinking they are better than the staff they abuse at the front counter.
      Im sorry but i will not put up with customers abusing my staff.
      If you have a problem dont take it out on the staff ask to see the manager.
      If you had a daughter working and someone treated her like you did you would get upset as well
    • Couldn't agree with you more which is why I wasn't rude to the staff and spoke to the management. For the record I wasn't rude to the management either. It was the management who was very rude to me. Still think a customer service course is the way to go. Good luck!
  • well a recent visit wasn't the best I've had , actually nowhere near it. The seafood stick was battered and biting into it was like sucking oil , the fish was pre frozen jelly like and thin as a pancake , the crumb on it was thicker,very brown crumb also, tasteless. sea scallop was battered as well and was oily, everything came out of a pre packaged box nothing was fresh . the amount of time we waited was ridiculous when only a few ppl in front of us. certainly won't be wasting my time there again.not even worth a star, the food was tasteless , nothing about it was even remotely nice, maybe the pre packaged chips were passable but over al a bad experience. i didn't even finish mine, pass
    • Firstly the only fish that is frozen is the Cod as it comes from NZ.
      Nothing you ordered came out of a per packed packet. So in future maybe you should learn more about the product before you go off.
    • sorry but that doesn't say a lot for your cooking then if it was all fresh,the prawn cutlet looked and tasted exactly like the box ones I've had previously. maybe try new oil every so often and the food won't be soaked in it. I did have a friend with me and he agreed about the food, we both were disappointed. good luck with the venture.

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