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Reviews of Red Rooster

  • n8 11 reviews
    I find red rooster to taste mazing except the chips are horrid and the stores are cold and antisocial
  • A very good take-away store! It's a shame this store won't give cashout on Eftpos, but their food is delicious and they have a very good menu of options in my opinion.
  • Only on rare occasions do they get an order right and it's been this way for many years. I'm not sure if it's the training the staff get or the staff just can't be bothered and I'm not even one to criticise services because my own job is partly customer services so I know what it's like but something needs to be said about this place.
    There's been a time where my partner and I have waited at the drive-thru for at least 5 minutes before we were spoken to. We would of driven away if we hadn't already been parked in by a car in front waiting and a car behind us.
    The amount of times we've specifically asked for a wing/breast and gotten a leg instead. Last time they made this mistake I had very little meat on the leg/thigh hence why I prefer the wing.
    Just little things like that which seem to happen a lot is part of the reason why this place doesn't get any higher than two stars. We have even emailed Red Rooster about this store before but there was no reply, and it's not just my partner and I unhappy with their services, I know many people and family members that feel the same.
    The staff obviously need better training in work ethics.

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