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  • To Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe
Located along Clarence Street in the heart of Sydney, Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe is the place to visit if you are a connoisseur of beer or want to broaden your horizons beyond the standard on tap labels at your local pub. Combining food, beer and the passing on of knowledge and history, the beer appreciation classes are a popular offering at this establishment. Meanwhile, you have to try Redoak's own brew which includes the dark and full Oatmeal Stout and the Organic Pale Ale for those who are health conscious but still enjoy their alcohol.

Reviews of Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe

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  • Veleta   22 reviews
    If you heart beer, this place can be your paradise. Their beer menu is excellent and wide ranged. They locally brew their own beers handcrafted, and you will definitely taste a huge quality difference comparing to those commercial beers we generally encounter everyday.

    The dining experience there was flawless as well. They are not a fancy restaurant, but they act like one. The staffs were charmingly kind and friendly. The food was excellent as well. It was fresh, delicious and nicely portioned to leave a just enough space to enjoy their beers along. Prices were decent and reasonable too despite the quality and quantity they carry.
    Another plus is that if you dine, it will be full table service so you won't have to go up to the bar and order drinks individually.

    I'd like to give 4.5 stars instead of 5, having a wish that they were close to my suburb, so I could keep it as my regular hideout.

    1 month ago - 04/02/2015

  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star   933 reviews
    I am not usually a massive beer drinker but decided to try Redoak out with a friend for lunch. The beer menu alone will wow you and there are plenty of different varieties to experiment with. The food is delightful and your allocated waiter is more than happy to recommend food and beer for indecisive (me) people that just can't pick and I was pleasantly surprised that the recommendation of a Seafood Tasting Board and matching beers - delish!
  • GabrielF   2 reviews
    A friend of mine offered to show me a new place he discovered. When he told me it was a "beer cafe" I had this skeptical look on my face, but in the end I went along with his plan. You might not believe me when I say this, but that was one of my best decisions.
    I'm not such a keen beer drinker, but the beer there was so refreshing and what I didn't expect was the menu, which offered a wide variety of sea food dishes. I ordered a grilled salmon, which tasted delicious and when I say this I'm not exaggerating, because until then I tough my mother cooked the best grilled salmon in the world. A very polite staff and a nice decoration only made this experience more memorable. I recommend this to everyone, who has a taste for fine cuisine.
  • yobrett   2 reviews
    I recently held a work function there for about 10-12 people. We went for the beer but it was the food that was a surprise winner. They also happened to launch a new beer while we were there - it turned from a good day into a great night :)
  • yowillie Newbie   1 review
    I came here for the beer but was really impressed with the food and service as well.

    Their range of beers is second to none and they produce many interesting styles (at least 10 on tap and many more in bottles.) My wine drinking wife was happy to try a Honey Ale and then chose some wine from about 12 wines by the glass.

    You can just have drinks in the area in front of the bar or slightly more than half of the area is reserved for dining. I recommend booking a table with Thursday night flat out. I was surprised that there were plenty of ladies there as well as beer drinking men.

    The food is mod oz with each menu item matched to one of their beers. I had a vegetarian tasting plate for entree, 4 small items which came with 4 small glasses of beer. Our main courses were good as well and I really liked my Chicken wrapped in Proscuitto. My wife thought her Crispy skin salmon was cooked just right. A cheese tasting board made for a really interesting dessert.
  • daddymac   10 reviews
    delicious, you'll want to try pretty much every beer they have...
  • jemjessie Foodie   301 reviews
    Oh wow. This place is warm, inviting and have one of the most amazing selections of beer that I have encountered. Amazing place.

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