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Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia

Cosmetic Surgeons
Sydney, NSW
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Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia (formerly known as The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic) are Sydney’s Centre’s of excellence for non-invasive medical cosmetic treatments.

Our flagship Sydney CBD clinic is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, offering over 400 treatments using the latest, most sophisticated & widest range of medical cosmetic equipment available worldwide. Our team has worked hard to achieve the reputation as leaders in non-invasive aesthetic medicine. We provide outstanding levels of experience in injectables, skin repair & rejuvenation, skin tightening & strengthening, body contouring and beauty treatments.

We understand that cosmetic medicine is complex and that people?s requirements and desired outcomes vary. That is why we offer our visitors an obligation-free complimentary, informative and private consultation.

Our doctor & nurses team have more than 50 years combined experience in injectables. With an exceptional understanding of facial muscles & anatomy, our professionals can help you pause the ageing process.

Skin Tightening & Strengthening
For smoother & younger looking skin, we use state-of-the-art non-surgical solutions to stimulate the skin?s collagen production and combat the appearance of sagging caused by ageing, childbirth or weight loss or gain.

Skin Rejuvenation & Repair
Our qualified practitioners are perfectionists in skin repair. They are dedicated to helping you achieve a complexion that shines with vitality. The results are achieved through personalised treatment plans and are focused on reducing skin imperfections, and achieving an overall younger appearance. 

Body Contouring 
Body contouring is an extremely rewarding procedure for long-term fat loss. At our clinics, body contouring is performed only by highly qualified clinicians who are extremely knowledgeable on how to safely remove fat cells from the abdomen, legs, buttocks, neck, arms, back and thighs. 


Cosmetic Surgeons


Body Contouring Lip Reduction Gynaecomastia, Gynecomastia, Male Breast Reduction Botox Breast Liposuction Liposuction Cosmetic Injections Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Nose Reshaping

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  • ABN 36 003 309 117
SkinFit Aspect Dr Cosmedix Jane Iredale Societe Skinmedica Ultraceuticals Synergie Coolsculpting Arion Laser Hair Removal
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Reviews of Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia

  • I travel down from the Central Coast to go here. I needed help with cystic acne and the staff have been great. The results are excellent.
  • Had a consultation and she was really helpful. Service was great and will update if the products & treatments work but sounds professional & positive.
  • Great products and service, long waiting times.
  • really good service. professional. very happy with results#reviewtowin
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  • Very professional clinic in the heart of the city! I got my first treatment and I loved it. Great service!
  • I have attended here twice and would recommend to others as the customer service was great
  • I really want to strongly recommend the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic as one of the best clinic. The doctor and clinician there are very professional and friendly.
  • I have been going to the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic now for over a year and my experience has been a pleasant one. Appointmenrs generally run on time and the doctor is very professional, Highly recommend!
  • All of the staff are very friendly & helpful. And most I all the products are fantastic!
  • extremely friendly & experienced staff!! I am so happy with my results - Karolina
  • I was more than satisfied with my botox results! Will definately be going back to this clinic.
    The staff are very friendly and very professional.
    They explained every thing in detail for me and I was very impressed.
    Thank you Facial Rejuvenation Clinic!!
  • Lisa was great! She answered all the questions I had & made me feel comfortable with the decision I made.
  • I highly recommend The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic! The staff are excellent and their products are amazing its great to get recommendations about what products I should use! I have been visiting this clinic for my melasma - I really enjoy each consultation and I am getting results!
  • Hi - I had concerns when I first went that being such a large place there may be a hard sell to have more done- nothing could be further from the truth . Robyn is a lovely lady is so easy to talk to ,does a caring job and never does a sales pitch so all my fears were totally unfounded :)
  • AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE! I booked my second appointment for injectables and was told I needed to pay a $50 deposit to secure the booking. I did but this wasn't taken off my treatment cost after the appointment. I called the Operation Management, who was rude and abusive, so I asked to speak to the CEO. I was told "they doesn't speak to people like you, and hung up on me. So I wrote an email to the CEO to complain. THEY WERE EVEN WORSE IF THAT'S POSSIBLE! Told me that "They would never say that", so basically called me liar, told me "to be quiet" several times when I was speaking, and then said "I will refund your $50 but you will not get a penny more". I MEAN WHO SPEAKS TO THEIR CUSTOMERS THAT WAY??!! I HAVE EMAILED A CURRENT AFFAIR ABOUT THIS COMPANIES TREATMENT.
    • This client attended our clinic on two occasions. She said she was happy with the first treatment, so returned for a second. Her concern was that her $50 deposit was left as a credit on her account and she was expecting it to be refunded. As soon as she informed us that she wanted it to be refunded, we took action to ensure her request was processed immediately. Customer service is highly important to us a company, so we have checked our call logs to investigate this situation and at no time were any of our staff rude to this client. Furthermore, she requested that ALL money paid by her to the clinic should be refunded â?? but as she was happy with the treatments, we believe it is fair to only refund the $50 deposit.
  • Good clinic for healthy skin! The service is good!
  • always feel looked after when I'm here, although must make a special mention of Lisa Rush who is a registered nurse at the clinic and is one of those people who just does her job really really well. Great eye for detail and always intuits your concerns but never assumes.
  • I've been going to FRC for a couple of years now and I've had lots of comments on my clear, fresh skin. Even my younger sister asked me what I've been doing. A treat for me!
  • filler in my lips, they look great, very natural, lip massage at the end hurt like a b***h
  • Excellent customer service. Thank you Neda for making me feel comfortable, love your work. Highly recommended
  • I came in months ago with tired discoloured skin. Now my skin looks and feels as good as it did when I was 8 years old! Thanks!
  • I'm always happy to return to The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic. They have wonderful staff who are always prompt, friendly, professional and make you feel comfortable. The spray tan looks very natural and even, and can last for more than a week with regular moisturising. Highly recommend!
  • I have been going to the facial rejuvenation clinic for about three years. The triple acne combo facial is the BEST facial I have ever had. Please go have a consult with Abbey. She is excellent and great with advising on products. The last time I went to buy products I had limited funds and she helped me get two must have products in my price range/within budget without pushing more on me. She was completely sympathetic and just lovely. Also I would recommend the jane iredale powder from there - I wont use anything else now!
  • I have always had some issues with snoring; after recently taking the plunge to move my girlfriend in, it was clear that my snoring was becoming a bigger issue. I heard about "Sleeptight" advertised on the radio at this clinic; although skeptical of "fad" treatments I went along and had a consultation with Dr Cussell who was extremely helpful. We talked through the issues that I had and he was able to tailor the treatment to suit my specific snore pattern (who knew there was more than one)? The laser treatment itself took place over three staged treatments after my initial consultation. Each time the treatment time was about 45 minutes or so. I was kept informed along the way and the treatment itself was almost pain free with maybe a slight tickle sensation as the laser tightened the tissue at the back of my throat. It's now been about two months since my final treatment and my snoring has completely stopped which is fantastic. I used to wake myself up at times, so to be able to sleep all the way through is bliss, I've even now treated myself to a new mattress and black-out curtains to maximize my sleep. In short, I'm sleeping very well, my focus at work is excellent and my girlfriend isn't planning to move out so I'd say it was a great success! I've just introduced a colleague at work and I think he's also about to have the same procedure....5 stars to the clinic, excellent service, I'm really happy.
  • I recently went to the clinic for some botox and i'm extremely happy with the natural results. I was a bit worried i would look plastic and frozen, but the doctor assured me me i would still have movement and expression. I've recommended all my friends and even my mum to try it out. Thanks to the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic for making me look and feel younger :)
  • I'd like to thank the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic for helping me with my skin condition. I have been suffering from pretty bad acne for the past 5 years now and after trying almost everything on the market, I decided to visit this place my aunt had said to go to. I had a triple acne combo which the lady told me while she was doing it involved a laser to open my pores up, a peel to exfoliate and clean my skin and then this machine called phototherapy which helped with the healing. Its been 3 months now and after this and using the products she recommended using everyday my skin is a lot better. I wanted to post this because I know how hard it is to find something that works. I'm going to uni next year and feel heaps more confident thanks to this place, so cheers!
  • I went here for a skin cancer check last week and want people to know about this place. I was given the all clear from the Dr and after telling him how I don't like the moles on my back, he said he could actually Laser them off. I didn't know this was even possible! We went straight in and he lasered them off within five minutes! He then went to explain what else they can do with lasers and it didn't even hurt! To be honest I thought this place was a beauty spa but it's more of a medical practice focused on cosmetic procedures where they have all these high tech lasers to make you look young again and remove anything you don't like. I spoke to the clinicians on the retail floor and wow you should see the range of medical grade skincare. Apparently this is better than the department store products. This must be where all the celebs go. It's like a one stop shop for all your beauty needs but with a medical backing so you can be rest assured you're in good hands. Definitely going to recommend this place to my family and friends!
  • So overrated and very expensive. Their treatments don't address your concerns. I spent so much money at this clinic on treatments and on products. Some staff members are rude. Will definitely not be going back there again and I will not recommend it to anyone hoping to find solutions to your skin problems.
  • I have been to this clinic a few times. They sell professional skin care products here which are not available at retail stores. The prices of the products here are average, online will be cheaper. But if there is something I urgently need then I will purchase it from here. I like Jane Iredale make up, which is very hard range to find in Sydney. Their powders are good ! they have a very wide range of services from chemical peels to laser hair removal. They are professional and the staff are friendly and helpful. Recently they have a free underarm laser hair removal promotion going on, and you can obtain the voucher from their website! I got that done today and was pleasant with the service. I will come here again when they have special deals only, as normally their treatments are quite expensive. It is in a good location very close to Wynyard station, on George st, easy to find. The clinic is huge with several levels :)
  • There are plenty of great clinics in Sydney - this is not one of them! Uncaring of anything except the up-sell. I went here a couple of times up to 2010 and went elsewhere because I was unhappy with the service. I returned recently in response to a special offer and the service was even worse. Go elsewhere, I would not recommend it, you can do much better! Dr, you need to realise that empathy is a great quality in driving loyalty and advocates of your 'brand'. You have gained yourself an advocate of not doing business with your clinic!
    • I agree with you. This clinic is all about money and not customer satisfaction. Their treatments don't work- as a matter of fact by skin has become worse thanks to this clinic. Don't go there.
    • I agree. y skin has gone worse and I received zero empathy from them.
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