Rena Kan Cosmetics Pty Ltd

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Double Bay, NSW
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Reviews of Rena Kan Cosmetics Pty Ltd

  • I have been a client for almost 40 years, so she must be doing something great.
    I cannot recommend enough!
  • I was lucky enough to be introduced to Renate by a friend who has been a very happy client for over 20 years. I am so grateful for the introduction as I have never had such good treatments and the quality of the products are outstanding!! Thanks Renate!!!
  • I am a client of Rena kan cosmetics for more than twenty years. The service and products that Rena kan cosmetics provide are like no other . Rena kan has helped me through my teenage problem skin and now my mature skin couldn't look any better . Definatly worth visiting Rena Kan cosmetics.
  • I have been a customer of renate for over 25 years.
    I wouldnt go anywhere else!

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