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Reviews of Renovation Boys

  • My wife and I went to the Camperdown showroom during their 10 day sale event and we got 3 adjustable shower screens that were heavily discounted. This store is very well maintained and organized and the customer service reps were really helpful. I am not an individual who knows a lot about household products, and luckily there was a sales person who knew all the answers to my questions. All in all great store, good products, and affordable prices.
  • I went to the Renovation Boys store with my parents last weekend. We went there to look for a toilet suite and some other bathroom accessories for the bathroom. I have been doing research online and watching YouTube videos to get some guidelines and tips in choosing our products.

    At the store, we were helped by a sales officer who knew a lot about DIY renovations because he does them too. He actually provided me a lot more helpful tips and information in addition to the knowledge that I already have. He helped us find an easy to install yet affordable toilet, taps, and some other small accessories. We made the purchase on the same day. My parents and I are very happy with our visit, and we will certainly go there again the next time when we need any bathroom or kitchen ware products.
  • Thanks to Renovation Boys impressive products, I now have the perfect laundry sink installed. I went to Camperdown store in September, and I was looking for a laundry sink. Since I have never visited their store before, I was surprised to see that other than kitchen products, they do carry bathroom ware as well.

    I was a little confused, and narrowed my choices down to two sinks that I really liked. I then asked one of the sales staff for assistance, and the guy who was serving me was just amazing. He has provided all theproduct details that a customer would need to know on the two items and further recommended another alternative according to my need and suitability. I think that he has been very professional and ended following his recommendation. The sink is now installed, and I am definitely glad that I have taken his advice and purchased this sink. It is definitely a great buy.
  • I am totally in love with the newly installed Dorf Shower Head from Renovation Boys. My husband went there after hearing an advertisement on the radio. Even though we do not need a new replacement for our shower head, my husband decided to get it as a gift for me.

    This showerhead is "European looking" and has a very modern feel to it. The actual head is square, and it is very easy to be adjusted. It has a built in diverter and a swivel arm which makes it easy to operate. And in addition, it reduces the water usage. In comparison to traditional head, the flow and motion of the water is very different. Every time when I take a shower, it feels like I am getting a massage. I am going back to Renovation Boys to get more Dorf Accessories to match the shower head.
  • Worst customer service and product issues ever experienced. Where to start...purchased vanities x 2 and tapware, Returned 3 times as handles incorrect, couldn't switch taps off when installed result of too short spindles (imported products) - driven all over Sydney, at their direction, unable to source longer ones. Flick mixer hits mirror behind on custom made stone top, turns out likely has been made back to front!..and drawers on other vanity don't close unless shoved. At cost of $850 for custom made expected better quality. Shower heads purchased turned out to be 40%+ cheaper at other stores. No refund policy! Read their small print - better still go elsewhere.
  • I visited Reno Boys during their massive up to 60% off sale on toilet suites sale. I needed a new one as the one in my guest room need a replacement.

    When I walked in the store, I was surprised with the amazing deals that they carry. I called my husband and told him to come by so that he could help me choose from the top three on my list. We ended up buying a Vizzini toilet suite and made a 40% off savings! I love the overall design of the suite. It is also very comfortable, and now that it has been installed, I actually prefer using this toilet than the one in my own bathroom!!
  • I am writing this review to commend the high quality of customer service that I have received at Renovation Boys. I went to Renovation Boys to get a new shaving cabinet for my bathroom.

    I have had a look at their website beforehand and I know the exact model and dimension that I needed. I wanted to pick up the item from the store and have it installed the next day, however to my disappointment; I later found out that they do not have them in stock. The sales girl who was looking after me then called up their other store, warehouse and suppliers to help me locate the item. She took down my contact details and promised to call me as soon as she receives more information on it. She called me the very same day and told me that she has located the item for me and she could help to secure the cabinet for me and have it delivered to me the next day. I was definitely impressed with the efficiency in process and the fantastic service that was given to me. Great experience with Reno Boys.
  • GeraldMUC Local Star 91 reviews
    If you know what you want than fine, they have cheap prices. If you after customer service than please do not go there at all. The staff in the warehouse is so confused and there system so complicated its not even funny. I had to wait 30 minutes till I have been advised the item is not in stock and I had to go back to there showroom. Not impressed guys.
  • I would like to talk about my experiences with Renovation Boys. The first time I visited renovation boys was about 6 months ago, where I bought a towel rail from them. I was quite happy with the product and hence I returned to the store earlier this month to get a underfloor heating for my place. The sales person was very nice and he explained the different functions and benefits in using a underfloor heating as compared to radiators. It gets warmer quicker and is more environment friendly. Based on his explanation and recommendation, I felt very comfortable, and bought a Vario 29mm underfloor heating system.

    This product is remarkable! Renovation Boys is a wonderful store with very good service staff and I would recommend it to everyone.
  • I purchased a basin from Renovation Boys for my girlfriends bathroom as she needs a new replacement. I picked one that was leaning more towards a contemporary and unique design. I have purchased quite a few times from Renovation Boys now and definitely think that in terms of product designs, quality and pricing, Reno boys does stands out a lot better than some other stores in the market. On top of that, location is conveniently situated; product displays were well organized and arranged which saves a lot of my time in going through the items. Highly recommendable!
  • Received a newsletter from Renovation Boys about their massive sale promotion and decided to check them out with my mum. We visited the store on a Thursday afternoon and the place was fully packed. The staff were friendly and attentive as they made sure that every customer that walks in was greeted and served. The lady who helped us out with our products was fabulous; she informed us of the sales promotion they are running and showed us their best buys for that week. She provides us a list of specification of the products we are interested in and gave us feedback as to which ones are more suitable for our layout. We ended up buying a shower screen along with a number of other items. Before we left the store, she also provided us tips on product maintenance and I am really happy with the overall service I was given!
  • My last visit to Renovation Boys was when my friend needed some bathroom accessories for his house. We arrived not long before they closed and when we get to the store, we were reassured by the staff to take our time and that the showroom will be open for as long as we want. When it comes to their service, they served us with patience and attentively listened to what we need and require. My friend ended up buying a bunch of products at a bundled price!

    It was a fabulous shopping experience for us. Keep it up Renovation Boys!
  • Unfortunately we have had a lot of trouble with our purchases from Renovation Boys and would not recommend them. Their prices are definitely reasonable (hence the 1.5 stars) but their customer service (especially with complaints or issues), delivery organisation, stock management systems and warehouse staff were below average.

    We have had scheduled deliveries missed, incorrect items delivered, promises of call backs which never eventuated, notification of new stock arriving only to find it had disappeared again by the time we came to pick up the next day and several return trips to exchange faulty stock. We did give them a few chances (purchased from them 3 times while doing kitchen and bathroom renovations) but next time we will pay a little more and hopefully have a better experience.
  • When the waste dispenser in our kitchen broke down, I was told by my plumber to get a new replacement. He mentioned Renovation Boys for their inexpensive product and a sales promotion they are running for the month. In order not to miss out, I went to check them out the next day. During the selection process, the sales rep presented a few that could be ideal for my place. He was really friendly and took the initiative to show me around. At the end of the day, I bought one that was on sale at very good price! It was definitely a good bargain; I would like to commend them for their excellent customer service and will definitely shop there again. One of the best! Im really pleased that my plumber suggested Reno Boys to me.
  • My boyfriend and I were planning to sell our apartment and have decided to do a renovation on areas that need to be improved before the sale. Through a friends recommendation, we called Renovation Boys to help us out. We went to one of their showrooms in Camperdown and gave them a rough idea of what we need and are looking for. The project manager who was helping us out gave us a detailed product guide and presented a 3D representation of how our place will end up looking based on our choices. He was very patient and spent a couple of hours going through the different layout to make sure that we are happy with the product and design selected.

    We were so impressed with their service and meticulous attention to detail that we decided to hire them for the job. The renovation has been completed now and it is exactly how we have imagined it to be! The guys at Renovation Boys were on time, honest, and very hard working. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a kitchen or bathroom or even entire home renovation.
  • Disgraceful Customer Service. Don't use them. They took my money and said I would have my shower screen in 7-10 days. I arranged to have it installed and sent someone to collect it and they said they didn't have it. Turns out they won't have anything for 2 MONTHS!!!! They still haven't given me my money back. Wish I could give minus stars
  • We purchased a basin and a toilet suite from Renovation Boys, and I am pleased to say that we have received one of the best services throughout all our 45 years of shopping experiences. The staff was informative, courteous, and the delivery men were also top notch. We went shopping in the month of September and we were lucky as they were having sale promotions on their bathroom range. The items were very well-priced and we ended up walking out of the store with an additional purchase of a shower screen and a mixer tap. It was a really pleasant experience and I think the guys have really done a fabulous job. Keep up with the good work!
  • they are seriously busy, its hard to get a hold of staff as their always occupied, but also they don't stock anything to take straight away, usually needs a 3 week order time
  • We were lucky to visit Reno Boys during their bargain bonanza sale because we got such good deals that it makes me cringe to think what would have happened had we not gone to their store when we did. My husband wanted to buy a new shower screen for our bathroom shower and we got an amazing 40% discount.

    Even though there was a sale going on, all the products were nicely displayed and easy to locate. We went in and with the help of a sales rep we found one that had a great deal on it. Thank You Reno Boys for your awesome sales and superb products. It was a pleasure visiting your store.
  • I decided to log on to this site because I often like to read reviews about stores and other things before I try them out. After my recent experience at Renovation Boys, I decided that this time its my turn to write and for others to read. I ended up going to their store to buy a laundry tub after hearing their ad on the radio. The old one at our house became badly stained, and I wanted to get a new one.

    Renovation Boys has a very large list of products for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. I purchased a tub, and two days later I changed my mind and wanted another one. I went back to the store, and explained my situation to them. They were so accommodating and polite. I was able to exchange the tub for the one that I wanted. They didnt give me any hassle or run around. It was exchanged no questions asked. I have never had such a seamless experience especially after the point of sale and especially for something like a tub.

    Pat on the back for the superior customer support!!
  • I went to Renovation boys to buy a robe hook. Since they had a sale going on there were some great deals in store. In addition to a robe hook, I ended up getting a bunch of accessories to match. I would say it was a profitable weekend.
  • When it comes to buying toilets, there is no place better than Renovation Boys. My husband and I went to the Camperdown store to buy a toilet for our sons bathroom. Their customer service is truly one of the best that I have experienced. The salesperson working that day was a true gentleman, and he helped me look for the best fit based on my requirements.
  • What I loved about going to Renovation Boys to buy our Toilet Suite is the level of professionalism displayed by their staff. Not only are they mindful of their customer's needs, but they are not pushy like some other salespeople tend to get. I will surely shop at their store again.
  • I ordered a mixer from the Reno Boys online store. This is the best way to order for me because I hate shopping in stores. No waiting around for people. No standing in line. My order was delivered on time, and everything was intact. Good Job Renovation Boys!!
  • I want to recommend Renovation Boys to anyone looking for bath tubs. I recently bought a free standing bath from their store. It's been a total hit with my family. My husband and kids all fight over using it. It is wide and spacious, and has a very modern look to it. I also got the head rests, and it makes sitting in the bath so comfortable no one wants to get out.
  • I recently visited the Renovation Boys store in Camperdown to buy a new vanity for my bathroom. Customer Service was excellent. The rep showed me all the vanities, and helped me decide on one. I was in and out in no time at all. Bottom line I had a pleasant experience, and I will be sure to go to them again.
  • I got a designer vanity from Renovation Boys. It is gorgeous and was delivered well packed, and in perfect condition. Ordering online was so easy, and I have received many compliments from guests who saw the vanity in my bathroom.
  • I didnt have time to go to the store, so I ordered a shower head from their online site. Making an online payment was easy and convenient, and I didnt have to wait around in a line or drive around from store to store.
  • I recently visited Reno Boys to buy a mixer for my kitchen. They had lots of products to choose from, and I picked out a Methven mixer. It looks very elegant, and helped spruce up the look of my kitchen!!!
  • We got our kitchen completely renovated recently, and we hired Renovation Boys to the job. We had been shopping around at other stores, but were never really convinced with the products or services. They did everything including putting in tiles, plumbing , installation of new appliances etc. Everything was completed on time, and we are very pleased with the end result.
  • I bought a counter basin for my daughters newly renovated bathroom. It looks very elegant, sleek, and most of all she is very happy with it. I am glad, because she is very difficult to please. The salesman helping me was very polite and kind. Thanks Camperdown Renovation Boys!
  • I visited Renovation Boys during their sale. I was looking for a replacement bath mixer for my bathroom because the one I had was old and started to leak. The salesperson was really good, and he knew everything in the store. He helped me pick out a beautiful mixer and I got a great deal without going through any hassles.
  • We purchased over $5000 worth of goods for our house bathroom renovation and it was nothing but a nightmare! Renovation Boys almost drove me to insanity - between wrong products being delivered, being told product was in stock paying for it and then finding out it wasnt, faulty products that then resulted in weeks of chasing and appalling customer service with consultants making assurances that were never kept, phone call up on phone call that was never returned, having to have to show up at the showroom in Camperdown to make a scene several times just to get what we paid for. 6 months after purchasing all of our products I am still chasing them relentlessly to rectify issues with our faulty products - the 15th time I have had to reach out with issues too long to specify in this review. Needless to say this caused huge issues with our bathroom renovations and we had to end up paying trades people (plumbers etc) unnecessarily because product did not show up on time or was faulty.

    My heart felt advice would be don't purchase from Renovation Boys there are bathroom stores along Parramatta Road that have the same product, at the same price and are much more reliable to deal with - I know because I had to resort to them the numerous times Renovation Boys left me in the lurch. In the end I would have paid double for a product if it meant avoiding the headaches I had to deal with.

    A bathroom renovation is already stressful enough, if this review avoids even one person going through what I did with this company, it was well worth the vent!
    • Renovation Boys is the worst company. Ordered a shower screen online ($550) after a phone discussion with Renovation Boys. Paid $60 for delivery and found out later I was charged $93. Upon delivery it did not look like the product I purchased online (picture now removed) with somebody else's name on the box. I was again reassured it was the correct product.The installation instructions are for another product. They reassured me that the instruction were generic.The tradie doing the installation stated the product was not appropriate for the job.I again paid more money and use their tradesperson ($220) and guess what their installer stated it was the wrong product for the job. All up I have spent $863 and the screen sits in its box. Renovation boys will not refund the monies as the box was opened but if I pay more money they will provide a customer made screen and reduce the cost of the installation by $220.This issue is now in the hands of fair trading
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    I was under strict instructions with firm descriptors and measurements to purchase a kitchen sink, and as I nervously entered the Camperdown store, I felt at ease with the friendly staff straight away. Within fifteen minutes I had been shown a variety of different products, been given suggestions on brands and even recommended tradespeople. I will definitely be going back to Renovation Boys. The staff were all professional, friendly and knowledgable, without making me feel like a complete twit when it comes to this stuff! Thanks guys :)
  • I recently went to Reno Boys to buy a laundry tub for my house. Our old tub had rusted away, so I was looking for a replacement. I found a tub that is just the right size for my laundry. The sales person helping me was great, and she helped me find something that fits my budget. I will visit their store again.
  • My wife and I visited the North Paramatta Renovation Boys store. We had a very good customer experience. We went to buy a vanity, but the staff were so nice we actually ended up buying a few other things too. Just want to thank the sales rep that was helping us out because he was absolutely fantastic. He gave us very good advice on which one to select, and he made sure all our questions were answered.
  • My Wife and I visited the Renovation Boys Camperdown showroom. Not only do they have a huge store that has everything you could possibly imagine for the bathroom, and everything is cheap compared to other stores. I got a bunch of bathroom accessories. They are sleek yet simple, and easy to install.
  • I went to the Reno Boys Camperdown store because I was looking for a new toilet. At first I decided to browse the showroom myself, but then I was approached by one of their sales staff. This guy was awesome!! Not only did he know everything about toilets, but he was also very nice and polite. I didnt have to wait a long time because the sale process was fast and easy. Keep up the good work guys!!
  • I bought a bathtub from the Renovation Boys online store. I ordered one of the Vizzini free standing stone baths. The shipment was delivered on time, and there was no damage or cracks. Once I called to inquire about the status of my order, and they gave me all the info to track it. The bath tub looks exactly like it did in the picture on the internet.
  • Worst experience ever!!!!! Poor service, no communication skills between staff management and service people, horrible delivery person who didn't bring the correct equipment ( trolley ) and dragged my new bathtub from the van through the backyard (concrete) they refused to bring the bath inside then complained?!?!? The box was completely damaged!! I sent a formal complaint but no response in over 3 weeks, faulty product they wouldn't swap then when they finally did they brought the wrong product out, service people blamed store ( parramatta ) the store blamed service people, they were all absolutely clueless, I would highly recommend re-thinking before you shop there, just one problem after another and no accountability..
  • I had been wanting to replace the 10 year old taps in my kitchen for a very long time, but I never really found anything I liked. I heard about Renovation Boys from my neighbor and decided to give it a try. I am pleased to say that I finally found the taps of my choice. They had such a large selection, and at great prices too!!
  • During the recent remodel of an apartment that we rent out, we visited the Renovation Boys store in Camperdown. Owing to a lack of space in the bathroom, we chose a pedestal basin. It does the job, looks beautiful in our bathroom, and makes it look more spacious. It fits perfectly with the traditional dcor and best of all, we got it at a really good price.
  • I visited the Reno Boys Camperdown store to buy a kitchen sink. They have a large collection of sinks to choose from and I was very happy with the quality. They had all the brand names, and I picked out a nice Franke sink. Best of all was their low prices they had on all their products. Great value for money.
  • I visited the Renovation Boys website when I was looking for a vanity unit. I was really pleased with the very large selection of vanities they had. I then visited their showroom where they had a clearance sale going on. They have awesome sales reps who were able to help me find the vanity unit that I saw online. The process was smooth, and I was out of there in no time. Thank you for all your help.
  • My wife and I recently visited the Reno Boys store to buy a shower screen for our bathroom. We had already gone to a few stores, and came here to check out their price. We found the perfect shower screen to fit our bathroom. It looks fantastic!
  • Their staff are rude and honestly dont care about the customer....i think this is the first time i have ever dealt with people like this...each time i called to get a warranty problem fixed, they refused to help....they are rude people that unbelievably do not want to help....i will never recommend these guys at all...dont waste you time....i am sure when they get taken to Fair Trading they might wake up....never set in that store again...

  • I was at the Renovation Boys store last month to buy a bath spout, and the guys that work here are awesome. They have a really big store with lots of things. I was easily able to select the right one to fit in my bathroom. It matches with the rest of the chrome accessories, and looks great.
  • Worst company ever! We spent thoudands of dollars there and got treated terribly! First of all, we bought 2 showers and paid for them to get installed. Then after about a week of trying to book in a date for installation we discovered, they dont cover our area! Why sell it to us in the first place! We ended up getting a refund for this and getting someone else to do it. We also bought a mirror from them with a certain style. When it got delivered it was the wrong one. We sent it back for the right one to come back. The wrong one came again! We sent it back another time and then we find out they dont make that size in the style we wanted!!! Then we get a vanity with a sink delivered damaged. We sent it back to get a new one. We were told it would take a few days before we could get it. Six weeks later we got it!!
    Every time someone promised something no-one delivered. We spoke to 6 or 7 people before anything actually happened. Every time we spoke to someone new we had to re-tell the story again and again!!!
    Dont ever use them!!
  • We purchased a new house, and we wanted to renovate the bathrooms. Reno Boys helped us along every step of the way. They provided us with a free quote and patiently helped us look for the specific items that we wanted to have put in. Everything was installed in a hassle free manner, and our finished bathrooms look great.
  • Not the cheapest and delivery times are terrible. They obviously stock very little of the bigger items. Be prepared to continually have to chase up your order... I would never buy anything off them again.
  • Don't believe the hype. I went there thinking I'd get a bargain. Got a quote and told it would be 3 weeks to get anything in. Went to other comapny cheaper and quicker for exactly the same taps and I didn't even tell them i already had prices from somewhere else. Range on display is good though.
  • I recently purchased a frameless shower screen from Renovation Boys. It is great and has given a modern look to my bathroom and made it look more spacious. I bought it on sale and had their contractors install it. I would surely buy again from them whenever the need arises.
  • I ordered a few bathroom items from Renovation Boys and my experience of dealing with them was good. Before buying, I did research and checked numerous other stores. They quoted the best prices for the products I needed. My order was delivered within the time frame I was promised. I am happy with the service and the products.
  • They will deliver 75% of what you order and the other 25% will cost you weeks of frustration. In particular they don't act on your behalf if you want to make a claim for the product. I ordered a complete bathroom. The vanity they sent me had cupboards that didn't fit and the basin was off-white so it looked totally out of place next to the shiny white bath and toilet. I told them I couldn't accept the vanity but they kept me waiting for weeks talking about warranty claims on the supplier and every time I called Renovation Boys it was a different person. After 3 weeks the stress got to me and I just dumped the vanity in their warehouse, told them to keep it . I also paid to have the shower screen installed by them. Their installer took one look at my bathroom and said they couldn't do it. Eventually I found someone to do it and it was all good. So why did they say they couldn't install it. I will never deal with them again.
    • I'm with you! Been waiting 3 months for a bath and still don't have it after countless painful calls to workers who don't seem to communicate at all! Service is the worst I have ever experienced. How hard is it to log the order history! Our plumber said they had never had a job with renovation boys that doesn't have problems. Not worth the price savings for the continuous headache!
  • I have been a regular customer of Renovation Boys for the last couple of years. Dealing with them has always been a good experience. They always have a wide range of products to choose from and no matter what kind of bathroom or kitchen item I'm looking for, I'm always able to find it. The quality of products is always good and the discounts they give always help. The products are always delivered quickly.
  • I had my master bathroom renovated from Renovation Boys. Their staff are good to talk to, they answered all my questions nicely and provided me enough information while clearing my doubts. Quality of work is also decent. Pleased with their services and their way of dealing with customers. So far so good. Would not hesitate to recommend Renovation Boys.
  • Renovation Boys is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I would very strongly recommend that you do not purchase from them. 3.5 months after our original order we have still not received our products, products we did receive were wrong and the company does not return calls.

    We purchased all of our bathroom products from them in September - bath, toilet, basin, shower screen, taps, toilet brushes etc. We made the order in September and paid upfront.

    By December we had not heard anything from them so had to follow up. We then had half our order delivered. But a number of incorrect products were delivered, the wrong toilet and the wrong bath, and other products were still missing. We had to go swap the toilet ourselves by heading out to Parramatta, so that the Plumber could install it within our schedule. Unfortunately, we didn't realise they had delivered the wrong bath until the plumber had already installed it. It would have cost us about $1500-$2000 to change it (which we cannot afford) so we are stuck with the wrong bath!

    To this date we still have not received our entire order - 3.5 months after our original order was made. We have not yet received a refund of the difference between the original and more expensive bath we ordered and the cheaper one that was actually delivered. We have chased them up on numerous occasions, and they never return calls as promised.
  • I am a frequent customer of Renovation Boys and I shop for numerous products from them as and when required. I have never trusted online shopping much so I always prefer visiting a showroom. Last time, I was too busy to visit a Renovation Boys store and I urgently need to replace the existing bathroom cabinet that got water damaged. So, I decided to shop from their online store, was a bit hesitant though. I placed the order and it reached my house on time and was in a perfect condition. It was the same size that I ordered, and it looked exactly similar to the one they had shown on their website. A good and hassle-free shopping experience overall. Shopping online is a convenient option.
  • I would definitely not recommend this company. They do not communicate with you, they do not deliver on time, they keep you waiting and waiting without giving you answers. My experience with this company has been stressful and extremely frustrating.
  • A few weeks ago, we visited Renovation Boys as we heard about the sale they were having from one of our friends. We planned to take a look and just check out the sale products they were offering. Most of the renovation supplies were on sale and they were offering huge discounts. We had not planned to buy anything but while we were browsing the showroom we spotted a bath tub which seemed to be a good deal. Our order arrived a few days back and it blends perfectly well with the interiors and availability of space in our bathroom.

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