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Reviews of Renovation Boys

  • We contacted Renovation Boys as we had heard about them from one of our friends. They provided us good ideas, offered a wide range of products to choose from and the changes they made blended well with the existing design. What we liked about them was that they paid attention to every detail while working on our renovation project.
  • My wife and I went to the Camperdown showroom during their 10 day sale event and we got 3 adjustable shower screens that were heavily discounted. This store is very well maintained and organized and the customer service reps were really helpful. I am not an individual who knows a lot about household products, and luckily there was a sales person who knew all the answers to my questions. All in all great store, good products, and affordable prices.
  • I went to the Renovation Boys store with my parents last weekend. We went there to look for a toilet suite and some other bathroom accessories for the bathroom. I have been doing research online and watching YouTube videos to get some guidelines and tips in choosing our products.

    At the store, we were helped by a sales officer who knew a lot about DIY renovations because he does them too. He actually provided me a lot more helpful tips and information in addition to the knowledge that I already have. He helped us find an easy to install yet affordable toilet, taps, and some other small accessories. We made the purchase on the same day. My parents and I are very happy with our visit, and we will certainly go there again the next time when we need any bathroom or kitchen ware products.
  • Thanks to Renovation Boys impressive products, I now have the perfect laundry sink installed. I went to Camperdown store in September, and I was looking for a laundry sink. Since I have never visited their store before, I was surprised to see that other than kitchen products, they do carry bathroom ware as well.

    I was a little confused, and narrowed my choices down to two sinks that I really liked. I then asked one of the sales staff for assistance, and the guy who was serving me was just amazing. He has provided all theproduct details that a customer would need to know on the two items and further recommended another alternative according to my need and suitability. I think that he has been very professional and ended following his recommendation. The sink is now installed, and I am definitely glad that I have taken his advice and purchased this sink. It is definitely a great buy.
  • I am totally in love with the newly installed Dorf Shower Head from Renovation Boys. My husband went there after hearing an advertisement on the radio. Even though we do not need a new replacement for our shower head, my husband decided to get it as a gift for me.

    This showerhead is "European looking" and has a very modern feel to it. The actual head is square, and it is very easy to be adjusted. It has a built in diverter and a swivel arm which makes it easy to operate. And in addition, it reduces the water usage. In comparison to traditional head, the flow and motion of the water is very different. Every time when I take a shower, it feels like I am getting a massage. I am going back to Renovation Boys to get more Dorf Accessories to match the shower head.
  • Worst customer service and product issues ever experienced. Where to start...purchased vanities x 2 and tapware, Returned 3 times as handles incorrect, couldn't switch taps off when installed result of too short spindles (imported products) - driven all over Sydney, at their direction, unable to source longer ones. Flick mixer hits mirror behind on custom made stone top, turns out likely has been made back to front!..and drawers on other vanity don't close unless shoved. At cost of $850 for custom made expected better quality. Shower heads purchased turned out to be 40%+ cheaper at other stores. No refund policy! Read their small print - better still go elsewhere.
  • I visited Reno Boys during their massive up to 60% off sale on toilet suites sale. I needed a new one as the one in my guest room need a replacement.

    When I walked in the store, I was surprised with the amazing deals that they carry. I called my husband and told him to come by so that he could help me choose from the top three on my list. We ended up buying a Vizzini toilet suite and made a 40% off savings! I love the overall design of the suite. It is also very comfortable, and now that it has been installed, I actually prefer using this toilet than the one in my own bathroom!!
  • I am writing this review to commend the high quality of customer service that I have received at Renovation Boys. I went to Renovation Boys to get a new shaving cabinet for my bathroom.

    I have had a look at their website beforehand and I know the exact model and dimension that I needed. I wanted to pick up the item from the store and have it installed the next day, however to my disappointment; I later found out that they do not have them in stock. The sales girl who was looking after me then called up their other store, warehouse and suppliers to help me locate the item. She took down my contact details and promised to call me as soon as she receives more information on it. She called me the very same day and told me that she has located the item for me and she could help to secure the cabinet for me and have it delivered to me the next day. I was definitely impressed with the efficiency in process and the fantastic service that was given to me. Great experience with Reno Boys.
  • GeraldMUC Local Star 91 reviews
    If you know what you want than fine, they have cheap prices. If you after customer service than please do not go there at all. The staff in the warehouse is so confused and there system so complicated its not even funny. I had to wait 30 minutes till I have been advised the item is not in stock and I had to go back to there showroom. Not impressed guys.
  • I would like to talk about my experiences with Renovation Boys. The first time I visited renovation boys was about 6 months ago, where I bought a towel rail from them. I was quite happy with the product and hence I returned to the store earlier this month to get a underfloor heating for my place. The sales person was very nice and he explained the different functions and benefits in using a underfloor heating as compared to radiators. It gets warmer quicker and is more environment friendly. Based on his explanation and recommendation, I felt very comfortable, and bought a Vario 29mm underfloor heating system.

    This product is remarkable! Renovation Boys is a wonderful store with very good service staff and I would recommend it to everyone.
  • I purchased a basin from Renovation Boys for my girlfriends bathroom as she needs a new replacement. I picked one that was leaning more towards a contemporary and unique design. I have purchased quite a few times from Renovation Boys now and definitely think that in terms of product designs, quality and pricing, Reno boys does stands out a lot better than some other stores in the market. On top of that, location is conveniently situated; product displays were well organized and arranged which saves a lot of my time in going through the items. Highly recommendable!

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