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Electronic repair services, specialising in game consoles, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, XBOX and PS3, Modchip and repair services 7 days a week.

Professional repair services, games consoles upgrade and repair, modifications for compatible NTSC mode, electronic SMD repairs, sales, services and repair. 

Professional modchip installations, highly trained technicians and professional service.

Save hundreds of dollars, our technicians are highly trained and qualified, there's no need to go to the manufactures for repair services. Manufactures tend to charge hundreds of dollars for services, costing you a fortune, we can provide warranted services for all major consoles. 

Microsoft XBOX 360 red light repairs 
Nintendo Ds Lite crack screen repairs 
Playstation 3 Bluray laser repairs 
Nintendo Wii region free upgrade 

All services warranted, booking and quoting systems now active.
Nintendo PSP Sony Playstation PS2 Playstation 3 Nintendo Wii Iphone Ipod
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Reviews of Repair Central

  • Awesome!!! DS picked from my front door and delivered back within a week completely repaired. Highly recommended.
  • I located Repair Central from the Internet while searching for a Sony PSP repair centre.
    I handed 3x PSPs to Repair Central for servicing. From the point I droped off my PSPs to when I picked them up, the service which Repair Central provided was remarkable. I live 80kms away from the repair centre, They provided excellent communication in person and by contacting me by phone with frequent updates.

    I strongly recommend Repair Central to future customers. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with Repair Centrals professional attitude and service.

    Joe. (Wollongong)
  • I have used Repair Central to get my Xbox repaired and my sons DS repaired on numerous occasions mostly after I have tried DIY repairs at home. I cant speak highly enough about the service and and the professionalism of the staff. I have used their services at least 10 times over the last few years and on each occasion the DS / Xbox was repaired and dispatched on the same day they received the goods. They are prompt with their quotes, competitive with their pricing and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I'm happy with the end result.

    I have always found them to be honest, reliable and provide that after sales service long after the $$ have changed hands which is rare these days. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else. Fantastic service guys.
  • I recently sent my daughter's DS Lite in for repair of the cracked bottom screen. My wife posted it on the Wednesday and it was returned to us on the Friday all repaired. Unbelievable 2 day turn around with posting time included. This is the second time we have used Repair Central and I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them again. Keep up the most excellent service guys - well done.
  • found These Guys on Google , Got my Ps3 Service with them , they explain the ylod in details , and made sure i understood the reason for the fault , the terms and conditions and it was a service not a repair .. So i dont understand why you guys are complaining .. I'm a Mechanic , if a car goes in for a oil change , you cant warranty the entire car ..If the car is manufactured defected is it the mechanics fault or the car maker .. Keep up the good work guys , dont let these troublemaker ruin your day
  • Took PS3 here for power supply problems, only lasted about 15 hours before same problem arose. On taking it there the second time they claim it is now fixed. Only time will tell. Poor customer service, felt like they wanted me out of the shop within seconds of receiving the item, tried engaging a conversation all I got was "its now fixed".
    I also left a game inside the PS3, my stupidity. When I got the PS3 home i turned it on straight away to eject the disk, was not at all surprised that nothing came out. I rang them, all I got was "its not here".

    Do not recommend this place at all. If my PS3 breaks again I will find somewhere else.
  • Yeah don't take your PS3 here only lasted a few days so I turned to youtube to see how to fix the problem and while I was trying to fix it I opened the casing and the heat sinks were missing... (fail) not sure if you guys forgot to put them in or what but that was pretty bad... But if you guys want to get YLOD fixed you are better off going to youtube to try and fix YLOD yourself. Also you guys could have advised me to get a cooling system since overheating was the real culprit in the older systems. Overall I was pretty dissatisfied as a customer and will never come back again.
  • They make you sign a form that says they may fix it but dont guarantee it So they charge you $100 because it works when it leaves the shop. They fix the playstation 3 enough for it to work when they display it to you, once you get home it switches off and doesnt work again. They dont provide receipts either. Big ShonK Beware.
  • Thank you for all your help in fixing my wii. Great service, great price.
  • Thanks for fixing my son's DS Lite, and returning it so quickly. I toyed with the idea of trying to fix it myself. I figured that to do it myself would take quite a while,, as I have not fixed one before and there was always the possibility that something would go wrong, and it would not work, or a cable would break, as my brother experienced. In the end I decided to leave it to the experts, and I was not disappointed. Once again many thanks and thanks from my son too.
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