Repatriation General Hospital

Daw Park, SA
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Reviews of Repatriation General Hospital

  • seanaussie Local Star 923 reviews
    Here's a hospital that doesn't look like a hospital! It looks like a sprawling group of buildings - some new, some old - on a big block of land. Parking is scattered throughout, so if you're visiting someone make sure you ask where they're closest too. I spent 15 minutes following from sign to sign to sign to sign so as to find where I was looking for!
    Having said that, the facilities inside the wards are great, and the staff are valuable. I especially love the way the wards are laid out on the inside with views out onto the grounds and/or open air areas actually on the inside of the ward so patients can have time in the open air rather than being locked into an airless ward. The cafe on-site has a fairly good range of foods for visitors and their prices are reasonable too.
    If I have to go to hospital, here's somewhere I wouldn't mind being.
  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star 818 reviews
    Clinic B has wonderful staff!!! always friendly, and approachable. i often forget my appointment card, but they dont mind and just write you a new one. (sorry girls!!!) waste on the cards i know, but i thank you muchly for the times i have forgotten and you have made up a new one for me. :)
    the infusion clinic has just had a fabulous upgrade and it is beautiful inside, now having two separate rooms that can fit a heap more people in than it used to. it makes for a long day to now being a fun day because of all the company.