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Reviews of Revo Studio

  • I had my worst hair wash there with one of the team members using men's shampoo products that hurt my scalp. Don't bother wasting your hard earned money in this salon. Moreover, after washing was done, when covering me with the clothes protector in preparation for the haircut, the very same individual used a dirty protector that was still filled with leftover hair from the previous customer's hair cut! Basically, they ruined my experience.
  • Called Revo today for an appointment with Maeve to be told she's not working there anymore.
  • I came to get my hair trimmed, unfortunately my usual stylist was booked so they had put me with one of their new stylist. I was a little nervous as I'm trying to grow my hair but my stylist was very attentive. She sat down next to me and introduced herself and took me through a series of questions about how much I wanted off and how the previous cut was and if there was anything I would like to change. She was very honest and listened to what I needed she knew I was nervous so she even showed me again how much she would take off before she started cutting at the end she even showed a few simple ways for me to style it myself at home. It was a wonderful experience and now I'm completely confident that all the staff are capable and professional , will definitely tell my friends
  • I've been to Revo a few times now and leave generally happy with my hair. I would recommend Revo to a friend but I would also tell them to only see head stylist for their cut or colour. I recently went to get a colour done which involved lightening and even though I requested the head stylist do my hair, the other stylist was the stylist who did the job. I hate to come across as mean, but I believe that I am just being honest. I generally felt that the attitude I received from one of the the other stylist was rude.They didn't make me feel comfortable. The communication was not impressive at all.
    Anywho, after the colour was washed out of my hair and dried, I noticed there was barely any difference to my hair at all and it looked nothing like the picture I showed them. Yet again, I've had previous colour done in the past and this is why it apparently didn't lighten the way it should have. This is irrelevant as I've never had this kind of minimal result with my hair even with previous colouring. But no, I was made to feel as though it was my fault again. After they dried my hair off, it was quite obvious I was unimpressed so the head colourist had a look at my hair and decided to fix it up for me.
    The head stylist was great. They always are. They were friendly and willing to help fix up my hair and are very relaxing to be around. They know exactly what to do with hair and how to make it look great. They have excellent customer service skills.
    I hate to write a reveiw with negativity but I just felt so unimpressed by the service of the other stylist...
    All in all, I would and will be reccommending Revo Studio to my friends. I can't speak for the other stylists but I highly reccommend the head stylist as they are excellent at what they do.
  • I originally went to them for Great Length Extensions- The staff that put them in was not overly informative ( though very nice) and did not style them once they were in, but worse, was the fact the machine used was malfunctioning and so my hair was breaking off no less than three weeks after they went in. However, when I phoned, I spoke to the management, who got me in, evaluated the situation, and was extremely apologetic and helpful. A couple of weeks later, I had them removed, a cut color and style. My hair extension money was refunded- although I had to pay for the cut and colour. Craig, is a LOVELY man and has very good customer care.The salon is very attractive and the reception staff really nice. The drink service makes you feel valued.
  • Love the service the hair spa technology and the professionals. Good average pricing for great service and results. value for money! Thanks for the great experience.
  • Really friendly great people, great service and really impressive technology hair spa that cannot be found anywhere. Quite medium price. Value for money. Good stuff! Xx
  • I just had an amazing highlight /blond service from your director Maeve! I chose you because I read from your site you have a LOreal color trophy. I used to go to other studio, but they didn't give me the right colour I wanted. Now you have put a smile on my face! Thanks a million, Maeve!

    Can I also take this opportunity to congratulate you for such a wonderful team you have at Revo Hair! very good and personalised service. I look forward to seeing you soon in 6 weeks!

  • Fantastic customer services. I have to say your wonderful mix of international staff gives both western and eastern clients great consistent quality services.

    I am a flight attendant for Qantas, and all my colleagues have been asking me where I got my straightening done... Thanks to you Mayu!!! xoxox
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