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Revolver cafe, on Annandale St, Annandale has been a long time coming to which many locals can attest.
You'll find a mishmash of decoration, simple menu and relaxed atmosphere. Just as a good cafe should be.

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  • fishyjack   5 reviews
    Best Coffee in Annandale! I must do for any inner westie :)

    8 months ago - 21/07/2014

  • atan7 Local Star   1,005 reviews
    Amazing place for breakfast and it seems many others agree... Vintage and rustic tea cup adorned the shelves, and ole stools and chair create a homely feel to this corner-cafe. The line is a little long so be prepared to wait around 20 minutes for a table. Belle who greeted us took our names down and ensured we were comfortable. We ordered the big breakfast and it certainly didn't disappoint. A cast iron pan filled with warm-belly ingredients such a pork and fennel sausage, beans, mushrooms, baked eggs... Served with a slice of delicious sourdough and some heavenly oil-parsley lemony side. Delicious! The service is friendly and even though they are very busy they are still attentive. Will definitely recommend this place!
  • GabrielGarrett   3 reviews
    Had breakfast here and were left quite satisfied and full on coffee, eggs and muffins. Lovely staff and delicious, fresh food. I highly approve the shop and would recommend it to everyone.
  • JB-Union Local Star   103 reviews
    Heard about this place long before i found where it was. Tucked out of the way but is very busy. Even for a Monday morning when many Cafe close.
    Had the big breckfast without mushrooms. It was great. It comes in a metal baking pot. I know it is trendy and keeps the heat but it take away form the way i like to eat. I normally like eating with a knife & fork then cutting and having a whole bunch of stuff on my fork. I know i em not the only one who like to eat there big breakfasts that way. That a side the meal was really nice, hearty and well & truly hit the spot. Service was helpful and friendly. Great Decor they have in this cafe, very Funky. Coffee was fair to good.
    Looking forward to going back.
  • ambroseC   4 reviews
    Decided to have breakfast here a couple of weeks ago and craving to go again. Great atmosphere and food was excellent
  • DJM2040   2 reviews
    We absolutely love Revolver! The food and coffee are excellent. We've tried everything on the breakfast menu and every time it is a pleasure. They are not trying to be fancy or really different - the food is just well thought out and yummy! We recommend the big breakfasts (including vegetarian) served in small cast iron skillet so everything stays hot until you've savored every last mouthful, served with delicious bread and condiments. My only hesitation in posting this review is that too many people will come - it is already packed on the weekends. :)
  • whelan   3 reviews
    Great spot. The owner, Rodney, is almost always there and very active with the customers both chatting and serving. Great vibe to the place on account of it - nice to have the owner there because you know it means something to him. Coffee is excellent although I only say that after having mochas and hot chocolates. Only had lunch there once, which was a bit of an overthought pumpkin and spinach ravioli with beef ragout and corn kernels. Too many flvours but not bad flavours, so credit to the cooks anyway. Regular visitor.
  • sabatini   57 reviews
    These guys are definitely ticking lots of boxes! Great ecclectic decor, good tunes, friendly staff....but best of all are the little touches. Vintage crockery and silver salt & pepper shakers. Newspapers for sale. Cute kids sandwiches. Organic, quality produce. Great coffee. My only gripe had been limited outdoor seating... however a most recent drive-by revealed that this has been rectified! No more waiting for tables (I hope)- It is particularly busy on weekends.
    I will be back for their french toast with poached fruit compote & thick organic yoghurt;-) YUM!
  • bonkersin   33 reviews
    I dont want to say how good it is but these guys deserve props. One of the best cafes i've been to in a LONG while. Its just everything - location, service, decor, friendliness, food and an interesting mix of people. It's just.....good.
  • MatthewJ   11 reviews
    Friendly service, very nice food. Sometimes have to wait for a table. Great coffee and hidden off the main road. Will be back.



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