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We support your Right2Drive Accident Replacement Vehicles.

Need a car while yours is being repaired?  

No Fault, No Cost, No Worries!

At Right2Drive we understand just how inconvenient life can be for a driver left without a car as a result of a motor accident. 

Regardless of who was at fault in your motor accident, Right2Drive will get you back on the road without fuss.

The legal precedent under which Right2Drive operates provides: 

In the event of a multiple car collision, it is an obligation by law for the at-fault party, or the at-fault party's insurer, to bear the cost of a like for like replacement vehicle for the no-fault party. 

If you need an accident replacement vehicle for day to day transport, to get to and from work, for business or other needs, call Right2Drive now.

Right2drive services the greater Sydney Region, north to Newcastle and south to Illawarra and Nowra and in May 2015 we commenced operations in Brisbane, Queensland. 
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Reviews of Right2Drive

  • To whom it may concern,

    My name is Jade McNamara,
    I found myself in an unfamiliar situation involving my vehicle. A concrete wall had been pushed over by a semi-trailer and my car happened to be a victim on the other side of the wall in this instance.
    This accident was not in any way my fault as I was not in the vehicle at the time this took place.
    I had someone recommend to call Right2Drive as they are a company that deals with situations where you are not at fault.
    So I called them straight away. It was was so simple, no fuss. Gave them a few details and within 24hours I had a replacement vehicle delivered to my place of work.
    The gentleman that delivered the car, Named Scott Hill was unbelievably helpful and understanding of my situation.
    He took the necessary time needed to show me over my new replacement vehicle and advised me of any information I needed to know and any documentation or contact numbers I would need.
    It was that simple. I had this car for almost a month and just advised the company that I was finished with the use of this vehicle and they let me know someone would pick it up with whatever time was suitable for me.
    I would recommend this company over any other. It was so nice to have a such smooth easy experience after what was a very traumatic time for me.
    Phone and face to face this company was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

  • A week ago from today I had a car accident where someone smashed into me. His insurance company YOUI would not cooperate and do what they had to to help me. I went to an amazing company called Masada Prestige Paint & Panel who then contacted Right2Drive and Right2Drive did there absolute best to accommodate me with nothing more and nothing less then the best car they could give me. I have never been happier with service from a company and yet Right2Drive have absolutely shocked me with how great there service is. Right2Drive genuinely care from there customers unlike a lot of other people who would just consider us as another number. Thank you Right2Drive I would recommend you to anyone not at fault involved in an accident. You people are absolutely amazing. Thanks heaps
  • Right2Drive - What an effortless experience. Had a car accident on the Sunday, lodged an online application Sunday night, had a nice clean car delivered to my work by lunchtime Monday. Fantastic staff Fantastic business, have recommended them to family and friends.
  • I cant praise Paul enough for his compassion and kindness when I was hit by an uninsured driver. At the time of the incident the lack of insurance was unknown and being a single mum with three children, one with special needs, when this information was produced Rite 2 Drive and Paul thought nothing of the money but of the inconvenience and heartache it caused me. I was kept in the hire car with constant contact to reassure me that I was not to worry. Rite 2 Drive are an excellent company and I can do nothing but sing Pauls praise. The Marrickville branch are superb. Many thanks, Deborah

  • I recently have had an experience with right2drive, after being involved in a car accident and left without transport i heard about right2drive which offers an as new immaculate 5 star safety rating car for no out of pocket expense where they take all the worries about being left stranded without transport. they then carry out all the correspondence with the at fault drivers insurance eg cost, paper work, everything, it was the best service i have encounted with a company for as long as i can remember.as once we were treated like humans now society tends to treat each other like numbers. But not with right2drive they are polite professional and treat you almost like you were family they take all the worries that we are normally faced with insurance companies and do all the work for you turning a bad experience into a totally positive one. they deliver a car to you at your request and retrieve it when yours is repaired.
    All i can say is WOW impressive 10/10 service right2drive
    • Thanks John,
      It was a pleasure to serve you and we thank you for your review. WE hope you never need our services again, but hope you tell all your friends about the service Right2Drive provides.

      Happy motoring.

  • Awsome comapany helped very kind and due to right2drive nrma resolved my case in a few days

    best thing I did !!!
  • My car was off the road for 9 weeks,without a car I would have been lost.Right 2 drive are just so friendly and easy to deal with .whilst I had the rental car I had another crash and again they were so easy to deal with the 2nd crash happened on my way home from work and they stayed back for me to swap cars over and arranged a tow truck and I had another rental car within an hour of the 2nd accident. Right 2 drive is such a friendly and professional company I would recommend them to everyone. And to top it all off it didn't cost me any money out of my own pocket. All right 2 drives asked of me was to return the car clean and with the same amount of fuel in it as when I got it. I think that was more than fair. I definitely would use them again.
  • Thank you for your professionalism and the clean and reliable replacement car that helped me get to appointments and ease the transition back to work following an accident (not at fault) in which a negligent driver turned my world upside down and wrote-off my car, left me with whiplash and the inability to function normally at work and at home. Your customer service really helped to alleviate the stress that I faced having to deal with various insurance staff that showed little concern for the individual whose life was adversely affected by their (at fault) clients negligent driving. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a replacement car
  • I was in an accident (not at fault) and to run my business a vehicle is essential. Right2Drive were not only excellent in having a vehicle availible, Anthony went above and beyond in fitting me with a suitable vehicle to meet my business needs and within an hour of the accident, Anthony was at my workplace. Short term he was able to fit me out with a Collorado Ute and as soon as one was available he contacted me and personally delivered a Commodore wagon. Both vehicles were in superior condition with low KLMs and on both occaisions Anthony delivered the vehicles to my actual location (Clovelly and then at Woollahra) - full tank of fuel and fully detailed. THIS SERVICE IS SECOND TO NONE!
    Without the promt and swift actions of Righ2Drive, I would not only have been without a vehicle but my business would have suffered tremendous losses in profit and return business. Right2Drive are my knights in shining armour and have kept me operational. My car has been at the panel beaters for 68 days now and Anthony is in regular contact to ensure I am satisfied with my loan vehicle and an exchange of vehicle is available for long term loan vehicles should one be required.
    As a business owner, I regard this service as of the highest quality and I will only use or personally recommend Right2Drive in these unforseen circumstances.
    As for the below comments (88SVG), it sounds to me like you may have returned a dirty and unclean car as well as no fuel in the tank. These charges are typical for this type of industry and are highlighted in the written agreement (assuming you can read).
    Right2Drive.........I am proud to be a customer of this exceptional service.
    Eden Findley
    Director of Training and Developement
    EFI Training Pty Ltd
  • I recently used Right2Drive as i was in quite a nasty accident and as a result would not have any form of transport for several weeks. Initially they were very friendly! I was called an hour before my car being repaired was ready to pick up from the repairers, i immediately called Right2Drive to advise them i was basically given bad remarks reg the time frame of notice which i had given them! they eventually came to pick up the car later that day and confirmed the car was fine after checking over it! i then receive a call saying i need to pay $40 for cleaning - not sure where they took the car but it was a yaris, i have never Paid this much to have a small car washed and $20 as the petrol was lower then what they had given it to me for. i argued both points, and was given attitude, spoken rudely. i would not recommend these company to anyone nor would i ever use them again. Please be warned.
    • At Right2Drive we take pride in our customer service and we aim to treat all customers respectfully and professionally. Nearly all of our customers are absolutely delighted that we provide them with a free car for the duration of their collision repairs (our average hire period is over 15 days). Before using a Right2Drive replacement vehicle our customers must agree to our terms and conditions which clearly state the driver's liability for associated costs, i.e. fuel, tolls, fines, cleaning and non-fair wear and tear. Most customers are more than happy to comply with these terms and nearly all of them return our vehicles washed, vacuumed and refuelled ready for the next customer. In this case, the customer returned our car dirty and low on fuel and he acknowledged this but was unhappy to pay $60 for cleaning and fuel. Our staff are highly trained and well mannered and I believe they have acted in fairness and with courtesy in negotiating the settlement of additional hire costs.
    • They paperwork clearly states you may be charged for cleaning and not returning the car with the same amount of fuel in it. I replaced the petrol and a lightly cleaned it before returning the car and they charged me nothing.
  • our car was wrecked,took 8weeks to fix and get back on the road.the awsome,friendly guys at right2drive really helped us stay on track.without transport our lives wouldve been heaps worse.i highly recommend these guys to anyone who has been inconvenienced by someone elses bad driving.thank you so much right2drive.

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