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Reviews of Riley's GYM & Fitness Centre

  • Equipment seems outdated apart from cardio upstairs, staff are friendly though..try the trial
  • This gym is a gym that would suit the bodybuilding types, it is not a comfortable, modern gym. There is a hard, raw atmosphere in the gym that makes you feel like lifting and training hard. The music played is whatever people request really, but generally is motivating for a workout. The people in the gym range from skinny beginners to seriously huge muscly guys, to women (although less of them). Both staff and customers in the gym are very easy-going, helpful, friendly to each other and in general make the place fun to train in. Even girls would find the gym a nice place to train in and shouldn't feel intimidated by all the big guys. The only downside is that the price is a bit steep considering the machines are a bit old and also a few dont function (although most are in perfect working order and you can still get a good workout). I would still give the gym a 7/10 and consider it a good place, but it really depends on personal preferences and goals.
  • love it but what about air con :)
  • Great Gym for people who want to be around bodybuilding types. The gym has everything you need in the main weights room. And upstairs is your cardio. No distracting classes going on around you. And a very bodybuilding type atmosphere, people assume you know what your doing. parking is limited. Still a great Gym
  • is the best gym
    the people in the gym are very friendly and helpful .... i only start trying there and i fund it the best gym if you want to change you life around......
  • I have been a member at Riley's for just over 8 months now.

    The classes that used to be on only ever got two or three girls in them, so maybe that's why they have been stopped? Most other gyms like Fitness First, Curves, Contour's and Anytime Fitness, don't have any classes either. Seems to be the approach of most gyms these days.

    There is a massive cardio section, with plenty of machines and also lighter weights for girls upstairs and a very large weight floor downstairs, which has all the heavier weights and machines. I am just an average girl and I go train downstairs, I never feel intimidated by the other members and since I have been a member there I have noticed alot more girls also not scared to train with the big boys. Also I find if you need help or advice everyone is always happy to help you.

    Let's face it a gym is a gym, you go to train and get out, it's as easy and simple as that.

    Parking can be difficult at the peak times, but I guess that has alot to do with the gym's location, I sometimes park outside the complex and just walk up, bit of extra cardio always helps, no biggie really.

    I find the staff to be good and helpful, if ever I have needed something I ask and have never had any problems. I recently switched over to the direct debit system and have had no problems. Everything was explained to me and most of the information is in the contract you personally sign.

    I have also been getting my meals through Mass Nutrition every week, muscle meals direct and easy and simple alternative to eating clean and helping reach my weight loss goals, staff in there are all also helpful.

    At the end of the day it's an old school gym, not many left like this. I am seeing results so I am very happy.

  • Beware. Before signing up to this gym, look for other alternatives. There are no aerobic type classes, just the cardio equipment and weights. If this is all youre after, then go for it.

    Parking is difficult to find when it is busy. Does not have a customer service type approach. Very walk in-walk out.

    NONE of the staff know how to cancel a membership? Placed responsibility onto me to personally call the company who debits my monthly membership cost. This was wrong. Difficulty contacting manager. Always away. I doubt there is a 7 day cooling off period. Music is way way too loud.

    My advice is look around, do your research and pay an extra $30 a month for a better gym. Appears as if its under new management. Looks like they're struggling because classes have been ceased.

    Posters and slogans displayed on gym building advertise Zumba which is false. Massive nightmare. Still trying to cancel membership. Been 4 days trying. Called numerous times, approached in person too but still no luck. Definitely not the right gym for a female. Lots of men in the weights area so this might appeal more to men looking to bulk up.

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