Ringwood Speedometer Service

Mitcham, VIC
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Reviews of Ringwood Speedometer Service

  • I would highly recommend anyone thinking of using this company NOT TO . Completely unprofessional company when i visited this company i was spoken to rudely my customer service form was slammed on the desk and was told to fill it out . I waited a week for a call back on how long the repair would take and was told i shouldn't expect a call back for at least a week then to make things worse they couldn't repair the speedo . What a joke customer service and professionalism is absolutely Zero . Do yourself a favour and do not even consider this company of you want to be treated this way .

    I'm fair and reasonable but when you get treated like this its not on .
    • I agree. very poor service. rude. took 7 weeks to fix a clock after they said would take one week. then put it in car and stopped continualy. took it back and another 3 weeks to so called 'adjust it'. Go else where if you can.
    • This a terrible and most unprofessional company to deal with. I called to check the status of a job they were doing for me and because I complained, rather nicely I might add, that they had kept me waiting on the phone for ages and could not find my job, the person I was dealing with told me to "f**k off". I am still no wiser as to where my instruments are and what has been done after they have had them for six weeks. I strongly advise anyone wanting to use this company NOT to.
    • As a follow-up, I eventually found a nice person within this small business who was pleasant to deal with and they did a reasonable job of restoring my instruements for me. The cost of the work was also very competitive.