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Reviews of Roadhouse

  • Absolutely disgusting treatment of paying customers.

    I purchased a $250 Lonsdale jacket from this store over the weekend. When I got home I discovered it had been worn a obviously returned. There was a strong smell of deodorant/BO on the inside and had rips along the edges. Whilst it was apparent that it had a rugged design, there was an obvious tearing on the collar which wasn't on the smaller sized jackets of the same style.

    I went back to return the jacket (after 2 days of purchase unworn and tags still attached and they had a 14 day policy) but was told to look around to see if there was another style I liked as it was the last of the medium size. The other apparel in the store was significanltly cheaper and I already had similar clothing. I asked the manager if I could wait for new stock of the jacket but was flat out refused. Hence I was not able to get my exchange.

    Instead I asked for a refund due to the tear. He refused on the ground it was 'part of the design'. When we laid the jacket side by side with his stock, it was obvious the rip was 'unique to my purchase'. He then blamed me for not inspecting the clothing thoroughly enough as it was my responsibility due to 'company policy'.

    I started to raise my voice and become agitated with him and insisted on him showing me the policy or give me a refund. He couldn't produce anything so he told me he'd call his boss (who would agree with what he said apparently), however conveniently he wasn't picking up. He then claimed the fact I didn't inspect the clothes properly enough that the 'Government Act' issued on the receipt wasn't applicable. I was also told the machine doesn't do refunds as it was once again, against 'company policy'

    After about 15 minutes of yelling with him, another staff whispered something and he said he'd rather avoid disturbing other customers. *cough* more like I wasn't going to get pushed aside as easily as he thought *cough* I eventually got my refund and will never visit the store again.

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