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After working as a Veterinarian in clinics in the eastern suburbs of Sydney for 12 years, Dr Romy Feldman - The Roaming Vet has been mobile since 2008 and provides veterinary consultations in the comfort of your own home! You or your children may recognise Dr Romy as the vet from the ABC children's show Creature Features. You may have also seen her car on the road. You may have heard Dr Romy on the radio recently encouraging healthy pet ownership as the  Veterinary health Ambassador on the Bayer Advantage A team.
The Roaming Vet is a Sydney based mobile vet service combining convenience and affordability with experience and compassion. Busy schedule? Young children at home? Travel issues? Multi-pet household? Stressful taking your animals to the clinic? Are you sick of seeing a different vet every time you go to the clinic? Offering house calls for all veterinary needs, Dr Romy provides continuity of care and really gets to know your furry friends. They also get to know her and  are, like us, more comfortable in their home environment.
The Roaming Vet is a professional, reliable and convenient Sydney-based mobile vet service for anyone and comparably priced. All medical concerns, euthanasia in the home, and everything to keep your pets healthy and happy - vaccinations, heartworm prevention, worming, flea products, dental care, nutrition - let Dr Romy come to you!

Check out the website to listen to a radio interview, or our facebook page  at Please give Dr Romy the honour of caring for your furry friend, you will both be very happy that you did. 

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  • MichP Newbie   1 review
    What can I say? Dr Romy is an amazing vet and lovely, compassionate person too (which you'd hope & expect from a vet but hasn't always been the case for us sadly). My cat Mogwai is now almost 16 so I wanted to lessen the stress of a car trip in a cage to a new vet when we moved to Sydney, especially as her last vet was less than compassionate shall we say. The moment Romy entered our home I knew I'd made the right decision. Romy has been critical in our cats wellbeing of late, with a multitude of worrying "symptoms" being thoroughly checked out and reported back on as soon as results were in, and thankfully now Mog has bounced back to her usual self, and with her regular suggested medicine I know she'll continue to be part of our family for a lot longer. Thank you Romy - we'll miss you when we move!

    21 hours ago - 24/04/2014

  • Chrism2014 Newbie   1 review
    Dr Romy is a wonderful kind and thorough veterinary doctor. She saved my cat the stress of a car ride and the indignity of being stuck in a cage. She gave my cat a complete examination and provided me with the medicine necessary to treat my cat Jeffrey. I would not hesitate in recommending her to other pet lovers.
  • zoidog   2 reviews
    My cat Squeaker was so sick I was contemplating putting her out of her misery when Romy the vet made a house call, promptly diagnosed what was wrong with her and produced medicines that did the trick so rapidly I could scarcely believe it. I was as impressed by Romys compassion and practicality as by her diagnostic ability. I cant recommend her highly enough.

  • dorje Newbie   1 review
    Wendy Lister

    I have a beautiful cat who found me 15 years ago When I bought my house he was living in the drain and he adopted me I call him Angel but his real name is Hercules
    About 2 years ago he started vomiting every night and lost a lot of weight in fact he was down to 2 kilos and very sick I knew he would not be very happy being put in a box to take him to the vet so I searched the Mobile Vets and thank goodness I found Dr Romy
    She has been amazing I really cannot thank her enough She diagnosed the problem and put him on a special diet and he gradually put on weight Then about 12 months ago he lost the use of his back legs I contacted Romy again and after many tests to find the problem ,he was give a course of medicaton He improved very slowly but this problem with the legs happened three times and Romy never gave up She was so positive and was always there for him I would email call and text Romy and she was always available I nearly lost my Angel three times and I know in my heart that only for Romys expertise and dedication I wouldnt have my darling Angel Romy now comes every two weeks to give him a Vitamin B injection and he is thriving Romy says he is a little overweight but I say it is muscle Thank you so much Romy for saving Angel

    I highly recommend Dr Romy She is a true professional and as far as I am concerned the best Vet in Australia I am so pleased to have found her.
  • Michelle Roberts Newbie   1 review
    Dr Romy from the Roaming Vet provides an excellent service for my 3 cats. Vaccinations, annual checkups, teeth cleaning, accident emergencies and more have all been cared for by Romy.
    I have a beautiful Ragdoll cat, Tiffany, who would get into such a state every time I took her to the vet for the annual check up and vax, I was worried for her health and safety. She would throw herself around inside the cage and claws and hair would fall out. I also don't have a car and getting friends to drive or taxis was a pain.
    And then I ended up with 2 more cats, Burmese, and decided there had to be an easier option at annual check up time than taking 3 cats to the vet!!!
    So I looked around for a mobile vet that would visit and was delighted to find Dr Romy! It's so much easier now to have the vet visit us.
    Romy is my one-stop-shop for vet care, she is able to supply medication and special food, and also able to help arrange hospital care where required.... which has happened twice now with my two crazy Burmese cats - once for a fall and another for megacolon bowel issue. The arrangement worked well in both cases, with Romy helping with post-hospital care and instructions and providing a good liaison with the hospital.
    The other advantage with home visits is the vet gets to see the cats' living environment and litter trays, which is so important particularly for cats, with the types of issues cats tend to have.
    My cats love Dr Romy and her visits, and are thriving.
  • Cee Zee Local Star   278 reviews
    My cat was recently ill and doesn't like getting into the car or leaving the house so I had to look at alternative to get him to the vet. I was so pleased when I found Dr Romy and really valued that she could do a house visit to him.

    When she arrived the cats were so comfortable even though they don't really like strangers, while she was not able to treat the sick cat on the spot, she was able to give him relief until we could get him to a vet hospital for surgery. Also we got her to look at the other cat and give him all his vaccinations because it was just so easy and we didnt have the hassle of getting them to the vet.

    Highly recommend this service if you have a difficult pet.

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