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Expert haircutters and colour specialist. With over twenty five years experience, Robertson-Kirkwood work to the highest standard for their clients. With a world reputation for providing seminars, education, editorial and photographic work.
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Reviews of Robertson-kirkwood

  • I had Heidi cut my hair yesterday and what an amazing job she did, not only do I love it but so does my husband and he is the biggest critic when it comes to my hair. Thank you so much Heidi
  • This salon deserves more stars that are on this page!! The dude that owns the joint cut my hair and wow, what an expert cut!! It's clear that they know what they are doing! The colour was stunning !! Highly recommended !! Yes expensive, but worth every penny!
  • I used to find going to the hairdresser more frightening than going to the dentist because I could never be sure of the outcome. However since I started going to RK a few years ago I am not only finally free of my hairdresser phobia but actually look forward to going! Fraser is fantastic and always listens to exactly what I want and delivers everytime. The team is all great and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. I would never dream of going anywhere else !
  • I have had my hair cut at this salon and have known Kal and Terri for about 4 years. I previously tried two other balmain salons which were too expensive and unfriendly. All the staff are lovely and Terri and Kal work so hard with their team to give a professional service. Terri , Kal or Frazer directly... Shame on you for being so cowardly towards such good people .
  • way to expensive for my liking, lovely poeple, but i did not like the way the two staff spoke to another staff its disrespectful and rude, i dont think i will be returning ever!!!!!!...........
    • hi im a 3rd year apprentice working with terri and kal and i have never heard anything rude or disrespectful come out of my employer or seniors mouth, i really enjoy working at robertson-kirkwood they are GREAT people..
    • Hi im Brooke, ive been working for this salon for over 3 years now, im sorry to hear that you had that experience in this salon, Im speaking on behalf of my self and the other members of staff that we feel we arent treated unfairly or spoken to in an unfair manner. Im sorry to hear that this has stopped you from coming back to our salon and i apologise for your bad experience.
    • Load of baloney, I am a regular and find them nothing but professional, think you must have been in a different hairdresser and not Robertson-Kirkwood
    • I have to disagree with you alexiamonseur, all the staff are down to earth friendly talented hairdressers who show respect to clients and co-workers. I have known Terri and Kal for years, they run their salons with nothing but LOVE and PROFESSIONALISM!
    • Hi there My Name is Natalie I am a client of RobertsonKirkwood I have been for the past year can i just applaud the beautiful team at warringah mall for there outstanding service! I was treated like a queen from day one and still recieve the same service on going :)
      Thank you guys from saving me from my Canary Yellow state for color! to a beautiful bruenette with high lights you guys rock!!
      love you all
    • Well the way the younger male hairdresser spoke to the young lady was disrespectful, I did not like it at all
    • Hi Alexia,

      As the "younger male" hairdresser in the salon i would like to personally apologise if you had a bad experience in the salon. I would also like to say that i treat all staff in the salon with the upmost respect. We all work as a very close team within the salon and i believe in nurturing our new generation of hairdressers not putting them down. If you felt that wasn't the case you are more than entitled to your opinion.

      As for being way too expensive, that would be more your personal choice. I feel for the service and professionalism we provide our prices are very resonable. We do offer a range of prices depending on experience which we offer to all of our clients.

      Again sorry if we were not satisfactory for you
  • I have been going to Robertson and Kirkwood for almost 2 years now. I am looked after by Frazer, who is knowledgeable and professional. Great hairdresser! Prices are good for the area.
  • Extremely expensive. I got a cut and colour. The hairdresser suggested a colour, not mentioning the price would double. Colour looked GREY! (and I am not an old woman).. My roots turned out really brassy in contrast to the rest of my hair. Consultation was rushed, and I was appalled at the outcome.
  • The best hairdressers I've EVER had! Creative and passionate, with a world of knowledge and experience and exceptional personalized service. I feel very lucky to have found hairdressers I can completely trust with my hair.
  • I've been going to Robertson-Kirkwood since it opened over 3 years ago and every time I visit I walk out very happy with my hair, whether it's just a cut or colour as well. Kal, Terri, Fraser and Brook are all experts and their friendliness gives the salon a laid-back feel with none of the pretentiousness of some salons! In my experience, they always make recommendations that really suit you and your individual style, and more importantly, that you can recreate at home. Enjoy!
  • Absolutely brilliant hair salon. Kal and Terri are experts in their feild. They really take the time to give you a great consultation as well. I have been to numerous salons and none of them compare. You must not go anywhere else!
    • Do NOT buy a "Hair Keratin" treatment from this salon. It 100% does not work and the service was absolutely a disappointment. They use the smallest amount of product in your hair which does nothing, so basically what you are paying for in very expensive wash and blow dry. The girl next to me obviously was paying for a full price Keratin treatment and had her hair smothered in product plus she also got a hand massage, where as my staff went out. The had zero personality and I was completely bored sitting there. The idea for people to participate in the living social community is to build business and what a great shame that this salon will have NO repeat clientele. I threw the $100 discount voucher in the bin that is "supposed" to go towards my next keratin treatment. What a waste of $99. Completely disappointing and unprofessional.
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