Rose Bay Aquatic Hire

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Rose Bay, NSW
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Reviews of Rose Bay Aquatic Hire

  • my friends and i were lucky enough to participate in a stand up paddle
    board lesson with vance and an hours paddling around rose bay on sat 5/12 - we all agreed it was a fantastic experience. Can thoroughly recommend this as a present for someone or just something fun to do!
  • I just got back from a glorious paddle on the Harbour, and the guys at Rose Bay Aquatic were amazing. I rent kayaks somewhat regularly from places around Sydney (Narrabeen, Pittwater, etc.) and I can't believe how friendly and helpful the guys were. Vance let me try out 3 different kayaks to see which one I liked best, had great advice and didn't make me stress over time limits. I will definitely be going back regularly. Thumbs up Vance and Tommy!

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