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Roses Only have been delivering love since 1995 and today are one of Australia's leading florists, offering a wide range of exquisite gifts. From our signature boxed roses, to luxurious flowers and divine floral arrangements, our range is suitable for all occasions and budgets. Champagne, premium red or white wine, teddy bears, vases and chocolates are also available to complete your gift.

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Roses Only also have a range of corporate gifts ideas and flowers that can be customised to your specific budget and requirements.

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  • Ozzy1979 Newbie   1 review
    VERY POOR SERVICE NEVER AGAIN. ordered flowers Tuesday afternoon, promised delivery Wed. Wife comes home from work no flowers. Ring roses only 1st thing thursday morning and am told they have been signed for we will check with courier. My wife was at that address all day and directions where for her to sign on delivery. Ask to get more flowers sent or refund sorry we will have to get back you was the reply. So the surprise to wife was spoiled as i had ask about flowers and she didnt get them MY TIP go to a local florist and get them to organise.

    1 week ago - 10/04/2014

    • Roses Only Newbie 
      Hi Ozzy1979. We apologise sincerely for the non delivery of your wife's flowers, can I please have your order reference number so that I can locate your order and contact you to discuss this further? Kind Regards, Roses Only.

      5 days ago - 15/04/2014

  • AlexBWG   7 reviews
    Your roses don't even smell!! Another company that seems to be affected by cheap imports. Several of us in our office got roses only roses for valentines day and we all commented that we couldn't even smell them. They were also very brown and only just a week later we've all thrown them out. The girls that got other brands of flowers you could smell as the lift door opened! Why don't your roses smell??

    I don't know what Roses Only have been doing lately but their quality is shocking and the fact their roses don't even smell anymore is beyond a joke for the price paid!

    1 month ago - 20/02/2014

    • Roses Only Newbie 
      Hi Alex. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. Our roses do not have a smell because we only use premium, large headed roses that are imported from Kenya and Columbia. Imported roses are actually more expensive than local roses, almost double the price because they are double the size. Imported roses do not have a smell, in fact, rose growers are actually breeding the smell out of roses to create a longer lasting rose - this is the case with a few other flowers too. We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed and if you would like to discuss this further please don't hesitate to call us on (02) 8415 9207. Kind Regards, The Roses Only Team.

      1 month ago - 21/02/2014

  • Chenduoduo Newbie   1 review
    I rarely made comments on product or services as I am not that hard person to deal with, but this time rosesonly had gone way too much over the top.
    I ordered a stack of 12 roses pack for my wife including monkeys and chocolate, 8 days before the valentines day and called them 3 times on the day of delivery with reluctant operators telling me to keep waiting. The last one even told me they still were doing deliveries up until 9pm and asked me better not to go out. (Not to go out on valentines day with my wife just for your flowers? They probably thought they were sending me diamonds.) At the end of the day, no surprise and no roses delivered at all. They did not even call me once to say something or explain the situation. Full refund + $50 credit is the final outcome. I requested full refund + redelivery but they rejected it by saying couldn't maintain the redelivered rose quality. Look, I am living in a Southbank apartment with 24hr concierge available. There's no excuse for them failing the delivery at all, especially on such an important occasion.

    2 months ago - 15/02/2014

  • Grindrodnew   4 reviews
    Great quality, friendly service!

    5 months ago - 09/11/2013

  • katefarleigh   28 reviews
    Roses Only always deliver the freshest most beautiful flowers! I've been lucky enough to receive flowers from my hubby from them a few times and now they are the only florist I use for anyone! They also deliver Australia-wide and the quality is always excellent. Keep up the great work Roses Only!!

    5 months ago - 23/10/2013

  • cschr Newbie   2 reviews
    firstly I would like to mention this is not a complaint, just some feedback on a delivery I received on Tuesday. It was the 3rd time I was spoilt by my fiance with roses by roses only, the first 2 deliveries were stunning and the roses lasted more then a week. But the delivery from Tuesday was a little disappointing (knowing the quality of previous deliveries): more then half of the foliage was broken so I removed it before putting the roses in the vase, and 2 roses were brown at the bottom where they are connected to the stem. Yesterday, only 2 days after the delivery I had to throw out these 2 roses and I think a 3rd one will have to go today.
    Again, I don't want to complain about a gift I received but I think this time the roses were not worth its high price.

    6 months ago - 04/10/2013

    • Rosesonlygroup1 Newbie 
      Hello, thank you for your feedback. We would like to follow this up for you. Could you please email with your order number or phone 1300 767 376.

      6 months ago - 04/10/2013

  • Debbie N Newbie   1 review
    Outstanding service!
    I do not order flowers much so I was really lost for what i wanted. I just wanted something bright and happy. The lady on the phone made it easy for me as I got given ideas that I could choose from. My dear friend that received the flowers thought they were just beautiful.
    I was very pleased.

    6 months ago - 02/10/2013

  • kimmyaudrey   47 reviews
    Roses Only always deliver the freshest most beautiful flowers! I've been lucky enough to receive flowers from my hubby from them a few times and now they are the only florist I use for anyone!

    6 months ago - 23/09/2013

  • Vern mchammer Newbie   2 reviews
    Yeah their a bit pricey but the ladies their provide excellent customer service, plus the freshness makes up for it all, flowers last much longer

    6 months ago - 19/09/2013

  • Adelia.ChinChin   4 reviews
    Got some flowers for my love, cheap and fresh flowers


    7 months ago - 13/09/2013

  • wavina vienne   25 reviews
    so lucky finding a perfect store that offers the best gift box. the designs are cute and beautiful that whoever will received will be feel glad and happy. . i really appreciate how the do their job. their staffs are really nice and friendly. . will give you some good option. . great! highly recommended!

    7 months ago - 22/08/2013

  • Luvmemum69   6 reviews
    Thank you for the lovely flowers my husband surprised me with today, plus when I come into the store, the ladies are always friendly and smiling.

    8 months ago - 14/08/2013

  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star   634 reviews
    It is always a warm and wonderful feeling when a surprise delivery of flowers arrives. I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a gorgeous signature rose box and as a purchaser to mark the arrival of my little nephew. Easy to navigate website that makes purchasing and arranging delivery a breeze, on time delivery and a very hassle free way to make someones day. So many beautiful arrangements and gifts to choose that you will spend hours perusing the site trying to pick between them all

    9 months ago - 29/06/2013

  • HereNow   2 reviews
    My husband ordered me a dozen Roses Only roses online for Mother's Day this year(2013) and the order was filled by the Canberra florist who represents the worldwide company. I was shocked and appalled at the condition of the roses they delivered to me. The stems and leaves were moldy and wilting and the rosebuds were already starting to brown off. I cried when I saw them because I know he ordered them to show his love for me because he couldn't be with me on the day. The box they came in was crunched in on the side and the ribbon tied around the box looked like someone had cut up an old dress to tie around the box. Never would I have ever thought that a florist would send something to someone like that. It looked like they had pulled some flowers out of the throw away bin and boxed them, tied them off with a rag and sent them on the way. They already had his money so what did they care what the flowers looked like when they got to me. I made numerous phone calls to Roses Only and to the Canberra florist that filled the order(although they did offer to replace the order if I wanted to stay home all day Mother's Day to wait for it but I had luncheon plans) and got the 'how sad, too bad' we will look into it speech. Never again will I or anyone that I talk to ever order from this source again. It is a shame because in the past we have had good service from the Roses Only crowd. I would suggest anyone thinking of using this means to find out whether the local florist filling the order works to a high standard.

    11 months ago - 11/05/2013

  • bradlyloco Local Star   173 reviews
    I was a recipient of Roses Only gift basket recently. Very happy with the quality of wine and cheeses and other bits and bobs of tasty morsels included in my hamper.
  • beanboy Local Star   309 reviews
    This site makes buying flowers a breeze, so much easier than purchasing from a florist. The quality is A grade, and the people I've bought them for always are over the moon when the delivery arrives. The packaging is a funky cardboard box, they are on time and deliver all over Australia.
  • RebeccaJac   4 reviews
    picked up some flowers, we found the price to be good and the range of flowers they had of great quality too..
  • JimiD   2 reviews
    Fantastic webstore for buying flowers.
  • WTF? Newbie   1 review
    Goodmorning.............what a way to start the day with roses only staff ringing me to tell me my darling husband who had arranged a v day delivery for me before leaving for overseas cant be delivered to my address!!!! S u r p r i s e.........not!!!!! Staff made no effort to conceal it either just straight out cant deliver your husbands order too you!!Computer error...yet i just tried your site and it was willing to take an order to my suburb! People ring your local florist....give roses only a miss...unless you like your surprises loudly announced before the due date!!!!!!!!
    • YRO Newbie 
      Roses Only would like the opportunity to defend this review.
      The contact number your husband provided was yours, we were not aware of this before contacting you. Your delivery address fell outside of our network for Valentine's Day delivery, which slipped through our system on this occasion (this was Roses Only's error). We had arranged a special courier for your delivery at an extra cost to Roses Only so you would still receive your flowers on Valentine's Day. You no longer wished to receive the flowers, so have since organised a full refund and our CEO has sent you a beautiful hamper with our compliments for the mess around.
      Unfortunately, even the best businesses can make a mistake. It's their efforts to fix them which proves their dedication to their service and customers.
      We can empathise with your review, but hope you are happier with our efforts to lessen your disappointment.
      Kind regards
      Roses Only


    • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star 
      I found WTF?'s review extremely petty. Get some perspective.

      First of all, you found out that your husband was getting you flowers. There's your surprise. Be grateful that he did.

      Secondly, it's not like getting a delivery of flowers on Valentine's Day would be a surprise anyway.

      Thirdly, one of the largest national florists took the time to call the day before Valentine's Day to arrange a special delivery for you, and then takes the time on the busiest day of the year for them to reply to your review.

      I think that qualifies as pretty amazing customer service. I have never been a Roses Only customer but if I ever succumb to the Valentine's Day madness, they will be top on my list.


    • WTF? Newbie 
      Jo perhaps you should actually comment when you have experienced a service or in this case lack of....they wanted me to arrange a delivery not them......a florist wanting the customer to arrange delivery...also you may like to note that this is the third issue with the company and with me three strikes and you are out


    • Kalymnos Newbie 
      She was upset at the end of the day with no flowers and no phone when clearly there was a genuine reason as to why the flowers could not be delivered...instead of being grateful for being called first thing to sort this out..Roses Only has been around for 17's not a two bit new online business with no history on the's trusted by millions of people...recipients and customers...


  • Mike Seder Newbie   1 review
    Can't go wrong with Roses Only. Sent flowers the other day and all went to plan. i am looking forward to using them this Valentine's Day as they give me alot of confidence. Looking forward to sending some fruit baskets this year, they look awesome.
  • Jules75 Newbie   1 review
    Roses Only always deliver the freshest most beautiful flowers! I've been lucky enough to receive flowers from my hubby from them a few times and now they are the only florist I use for anyone! They also deliver Australia-wide and the quality is always excellent. Keep up the great work Roses Only!!
  • Frankant Newbie   1 review
    Horrible experience. Had to pay and extra $30 for a re delivery. There delivery charge normally is 12.95.

    Avoid at all cost.
  • shane-o-   2 reviews
    For reasons I won't go into I was unable to be with my wife on her birthday Just recently, And whilst talking on the phone is one thing, making a gesture like a bunch of flowers whilst it may seem small to some people meant the world to Julie, and let her know that whilst I couldn't be there I was thinking of her. Great service to be used for may occasions.
  • Phillip Cunningham   117 reviews
    We obtained beautiful roses from here as a prize in a competitions and although we didn't pay for the flowers the flowers arrived on the day that they were supposed to in a nice box and the roses were absolutely beautiful and came with instructions on how to care for them. The roses lasted for a full week which we thought was really great. I'd have no hesitations in recommending Roses Only for your flower needs.
  • Jody McCartin   4 reviews
    I received wilted flowers upon arrival, and then my roses were dead in 2 days. I sent a complaint letter, they apologised and offered me a $25 voucher to be used at another time. Are you kidding Roses Only - my aunt paid good money for those roses and they were very bad. I do not recommend Roses Only - spend your money at another florist and avoid disappointment.
    • Review4U2 Newbie 
      I wish I had read this before ordering wilted roses today. I am sure my friend who is grieving will enjoy the flowers she received today for a whole day maybe two she is as lucky as you. What a disgrace.

      3 months ago - 08/01/2014

  • DsplydName   54 reviews
    great service offered especially if you're busy and can't run down the road to sort the flowers out. the website is great as it gives you an idea of what you are purchasing. deliveries are also made on time.
  • Trackers   279 reviews
    Roses Only make the art of gift giving so easy - you know the recipient is going to receive top quality flowers, packaged beautifully and on-time delivery. I highly recommend Roses Only - they have a great range of flower arrangements and you can pick items such as wine, champagne, chocolates, soft toys etc to compliment the arrangmenet.
  • Charmaine   41 reviews
    i have received several flowers from my boy from roses and only and each time they are gorgeous. the flowers are fresh and actually stay like new for a while!!
  • flora   114 reviews
    It was so wonderful to receive lindt flowers at the hospital after the birth of my baby,they had a divine hypnotic smell that made all the stress & hard work I had just experienced disapear receiving these flowers is what makes it seem worth while,since the flowers make you feel relaxed & appreciated at the same time & the lindt chocolates in the box with the flowers also tantelised my taste buds whilst the flowers tantelised my sense of smell
  • Quayles80   31 reviews
    these are the types of flowers you want to receive. the beautiful presentation of the flowers makes all your work friends just envy you. prices are competitive and delivery always seems to be on time!

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