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Reviews of Rosie's Nail

  • I have been to this nail salon a few times. Each time, I was hoping that their service would improve as I found the service at the other nail salon (USA Nails) on Military Rd to be very mediocre and wanted to find a better nail salon in Neutral Bay. Unfortunately, Rosie's nails was also mediocre. The main issue I have is that the smudges are not removed correctly as Rosie preferred to use her fingernail to remove smudges rather than acetone. As a result, the lines around the nail edges are not sharp and the job does not look as if it was done professionally. I have not given up on this place.
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  • I decided to try Rosie's last weekend and unfortunately was less than pleased with the service. Didn't find them friendly and discovered several cuts on my fingers after they did my cuticles. I wouldn't recommend them.
  • I have not been to this salon however I do own a skin care salon in the area and I have heard good things about Rosie's Nails from many of my clients. I am always happy to support other businesses in the area and give them 5 starts based on the feedback of many of my clients. All the best Rosie. Natasha
  • Worst pedicure service ever. The staff who did my toes was somewhat rude and did the service half. I even needed to ask staff to put some more effort to clean the cuticles and get rid of the dead skin on my heels. Initially I came there for the advertised $40 manicure-pedicure but after the lousy pedicure service I decided to cancel the manicure. I was pretty surprised to learn that I was charged $35 for the pedicure service alone, especially with that kind of lame service. And guess what, the polish on one of my toe already chipped, and this was only in three hours after the pedicure finished.
    Totally disappointed with the service and definitely won't come again.
  • Very happy with service and surrounds at Rosie's Nails, I have been going there for over 6 years with no problems or infections as that negative reviewer below stated, very incorrectly and quite scurrilously I might add. Rosie, Annie and the girls are happy to try to fit you in and I do know a number of TV personalities are long-time loyal clients, so what better proof do you need!!!!
  • This place hasn't seen a disinfectant,antibacterial cleaner or even Spray & Wipe in years.Cluttered,messy and covered in filth on every surface-how can you trust them NOT to give you an infection? Disgusting,keep well away!
    • I go to Rosie's Nails every Saturday, I have a regular manicure and also include my pedicure's, waxing and tinting. It is a one stop for everything a girl needs. I also take my elderly Mother, and she is treated with respect and gentleness, which is just wonderful. All the staff
      are delightful, and the premises are always clean and tidy, and the equipment is kept clean and sterilised. A fantastic salon to spoil yourself.
    • This is not true. Rosie's Nails is the best salon in the area. And great prices too.
  • Rosie and the girls provide lovely manicures and pedicures at very reasonable prices. The atmosphere is relaxing and they are always happy to squeeze you in if they can without an appointment.

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