Rowes Bay Caravan Park

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Townsville, QLD
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Reviews of Rowes Bay Caravan Park

  • Terrible - In 14 weeks of travel these are the rudest people we have met on the trip. Questions begrudgingly answered if answered at all, told us how should I know when asked about dryers, again how should I know when asked. Simple question about where would be best to camp for a quiet spot. Rude staff yelled out are these you're towels ? It's not a clothes line ! When we has two towels on a rope to dry after a swim. Unhelpful at shop when purchasing Some bait , basically the rudest people in North Queensland.
  • Hi all, overall good facilities at this site. Unfortunately someone stole my towel off the communal washing line during the afternoon so after this I hung my washing next to my tent.
  • Great place for all loved it

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