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Reviews of Roxy Kebabs

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  • pepperpots Local Star 442 reviews
    I was so craving for Roxy Kebabs during the summer holiday and was so upset they were closed during that period. Their voice mail said they would be back in mid January. Didn't want to eat any other kebabs elsewhere so i waited until mid January to satisfy my cravings. And Roxy sure did, never disappoints. I didn't dine in this time but pre-ordered over the phone for pick-up. Take away at home to in my lazy clothes eating kebabs is just the best. My husband ordered the mix plate with two choices of sauce and i ordered a lamb kebab. Their bread is what makes it so different from other kebabs and the flavours of all the ingredients just makes it so good, juicy and i always have a bit of chilli sauce to leave a slight tingle in the tongue to keep the flavours kicking in. You just have to try Roxy kebabs for yourself to know the difference from a truck kebab versus a gourmet one.
  • pepperpots Local Star 442 reviews
    Best kebab ever. I use to eat kebabs from the small vans but was told to try Roxys. The kebabs is massive. The flavours of the meat is juicy and the bread tastes so much nicer and thicker than your normal pita breads which makes it more filling in your tummy. When i'm after something quick, yummy, cheap and filling. Roxy is definitely the place to go.
  • Excellent service, lovely family run business with realistic prices
  • alj 3 reviews
    Excellent kebabs great service.
  • The food was alright, one of the staff members were quite rude, so it turned me off immediately.
  • Very nice Turkish kabab Restaurent. Very friendly staff.
  • highly recommend! Yummy Turk food! in fact having some lahmacun and pide tonight!
  • best kebabs in the world addictive and yummy highly recommended

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