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Reviews of Royal Brisbane And Women's Public Hospital

  • The healers Local Star 463 reviews
    Over the years, I have been here a lot of times. I have found the ER department generally, ok, however as with most public hospitals, wait times are mostly way too long. But in saying that, it's all about your attitude. Treat people nicely and you will be treated nicely.
    Staying on the ward has always been a good experience with all staff being very professional.
    Out patients department, for what ever department, I have found to be reasonably fast and thorough.
    It's a pity that parking needs to be so expensive, with little option for street parking.
  • I highly recommend Royal Brisbane and Womens Public Hospital. They have the nicest nurses and are always there to help you.
  • i can honestly say this is an amazing hospital, yous save my sisters life in 09 then my grandad arrived to the RBWH and was put in in intensive care unit, there we had some pretty good nurses but id like to point out Sarah and Ty they were amazing nurses and id like to caatch up with yous to give yous a little gift. thankyou to the hospital and sarah and ty for al your amazing work.. <3 in plan to become a registered nurse and work in your intesive care unit <3 <3
  • Saved my life twice thanks so much
  • I honestly think this is the worst hospital out. I have been by my boyfriends side all day and I fell asleep and got kicked out.. All the other nurses were fine with me staying there but this one nurse told me I had to leave or she'll be contacting security. I have never heard of this... One lady stayed there lastnight and never got kicked out..
  • I had both my babies there and I highly recommend the RBWH maternity ward + birth suite staff and facilities. Every staff member I met was supportive, helpful and kind. During my babies' births, my midwives coached and guided me through relatively quick and easy deliveries. They took great care of me after as well. I did not have my mum with me, and some of the older midwives were wonderful with showing me how to change my bub - practicing on a doll beforehand doesn't prepare you for how tiny and fragile they are! - how to wrap, bath and breastfeed bub. With my first bub, my room mate had had a ceasar, and was in a lot of pain. The midwives were so kind and patient - checking on her every hour, offering blankets + meds, etc - they even bathed her and helped her brush and plait her hair. With my second bub, she didn't stop crying for the first 24 hours and the lovely staff took her for a few hours in the nursery so I could have some sleep. There were also some problems with her feeding, and I was distraught but the midwives helped me through it with patience and kindness. And after I went home, I received a visit from a midwife about 2 weeks later to check that I was coping OK. I was also able to access the Tummy Toning + exercise classes run by the hospital's physio dept - I could bring bub along and get some exercise, and meet other mums as well. Two of my girlfriends have had their babies there and have had similar positive experiences.
  • These amazing people saved me and my daughter. We had an extreme prem and had she been born anywhere else, she would not have lived. Their service is second to none. Of course I am forever bias and thankful for their care they provided to my now happy bouncy baby. We were there for 3 months and I can not recall any staff member that I could not recommend. And the facility is second to none. What these people can do is absolutely humbling. From the Directors through to the orderlies and cleaners - they all always had a smile for me and the other mums. This is a world class facility with medical breakthrough technology and practices saving lives and countless hopeless cases (like my 24weeker). I am forever grateful and am determined to have my next child there.

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