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Reviews of Royal Oak Hotel

  • Lucrece Barfly 725 reviews
    The Royal Oak Hotel offers some of the best pub meals in Ballarat. The serving sizes are extremely generous and the prices are very suitable. This is a great place for a couple to go to dinner, or for a large group who want a fun night out.
    • I agree that this place offers good value for money, however based on personal experience I wouldn't plan a dinner here especially for a large group. My experience involved me making a dinner table reservation for a group of 14 friends at 6pm a few days before. On arrival we were told that our table was not yet available as a group (that had been there since lunch) had not left yet and that they couldn't really ask them to leave. This was incrediably embarrassing as the organiser of the event. We tried to reason with the group who seemed to have consumed a significant amount of alcohol and were just sitting around a table drinking (not eating). We ended up negotiating to obtain one of the tables (that could only seat four people). As one of our friends had a baby we were hoping to make it an early dinner, however by the time we put together a table ourselves (with no assistance from management), it was already 7:45pm. I wont return.

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