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Kevin Murphy Session Salon hosting a team of talented hairdressers who love what they do. Royals is a creative playground for some of Sydney's best hair artists. Open 7 days a week for your convenience.

FINALIST 2015 AHIA NSW/ACT State Salon Of The Year
FINALIST 2015 AHFA NSW/ACT Hairdresser Of The Year
FINALIST 2014 AHFA NSW/ACT Hairdresser Of The Year
FINALIST 2014 American Crew All Star Challenge
FINALIST 2014 AHIA Australian Salon Director Of The Year
WINNER Local Business Awards 2011 (Hills Shire)
WINNER Local Business Awards 2010 (Hills Shire)
HIGHLY COMMENDED L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2010 
FINALIST Local Business Awards 2009 (Hills Shire)
WINNER Salon Only Stylist Of The Year 2008 (National)
WINNER TrueLocal Business Of The Year 2008 (Hills Shire)
WINNER Salon Only Stylist Of The Year 2007 (National)

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Reviews of Royals Hair & Beauty

  • Absolutely adore Sheridan at Royals Hornsby. Cut & colour perfect every time and a gorgeous smile to greet you. LOVING my latest ballayage and absolutely recommend her!
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  • Not only is Sheridan an intelligent, capable, delightful person she also makes me feel and look terrific after each visit. Ive had many compliments on my colour since Sheridan has been in charge!
    The champagne and turkish delights are definitely a treat but you wont find me anywhere else regardless!
    Great place. Great service. Sheridan is highly recommended.
  • I got my hair done at Royals Hornsby on the weekend. I had been going to another salon who I wasn't that impressed with so I thought I'd give Royals a go. From the moment I walked in I felt completely comfortable, the hair dresser listened to what I wanted and explained everything they were doing. I walked out with my hair looking the best it ever has. Would recommend this salon and have already booked my next appointment.#reviewtowin
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  • Many thanks to Emma for the ombre style this afternoon; she took the time to explain every step taken. The staff were nice and courteous making it a great experience.
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  • I made Royals hair and Beauty my new hair dresser today. Thank you so much to my hair dresser Sheridan at Hornsby that did an amazing job on my tape extensions they were perfect. Great service and result, I will definitely be back soon for my colour :)#reviewtowin
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  • Do not get your hair done here! I went in with beautiful shoulder length blonde hair. All I wanted was my roots dying to match the rest of my hair, I left with grey hair. After complaining I went back to the salon where they re-toned my hair. I left with mousy brown hair. For the next week my hair begun falling out. When I called to complain they offered me 10% off at my next visit. After another two emails and a few phone calls. They agreed to see me again, They said they didn't know why my hair was falling out. I visited another Salon where they told me my hair had been over processed. (The bleach had been left on too long). now I have brown, corse hair that is balding, I have short fried,stray bits all over my head. I cant put it up because if falls out, I cant wear it down because I cant blow dry or straighten it. I cant towel dry it as more falls out. I'm actually considering cutting it all off but Im not sure if that would just make it look worse with the bald patches. I sent them another email which they choose to ignore so I am now looking into taking legal action against them.
    • We're surprized the see this review here. We never used bleach on your hair and only did your regrowth. Your hair was never a "mousie brown" and our colourists tried their best to make you happy each time you came in. On your second visit (which we offered complimentary) you left the salon very happy with your hair. The things you claim simply aren't true. We never ignored your emails but your last one wasn't requesting anything and was received days before this review was posted. Every now and then we get a client that simply can't be satisfied. To that client we say: "We wish you all the best and hope you can find a hairdresser that can make you happy!".
    • I'm afraid the issue is not that they are nice people and tried their best. I Wasn't going to get angry with Emma as I felt she did the best she could considering the circumstance, what Im struggling with is the fact that my hair badly damaged that it cannot be fixed. And I feel like I paid to lose my hair and nobody has even apologied to me or tried to compensate me for my traumer. If I felt like it was a genuine mistake and had been looked after and refunded and god I'm losing my hair. I have been to many salons in the past and even done my hair myself and it has never been in such bad condition. I feel like nobody has take ownership of this and it's just been shrugged of like it doesn't matter. You know what it does matter, I matter, how I feel matters. Your stylists are very lovely and welcoming and have been everytime I've been in however that does not change the fact that my hair is screwed.
  • Had my hair coloured, cut, blow dried and had tape ins put it all by the amazing Sheridan. It was my first time and defiantly won't be my last had such a great experience here with her. All the staff is so amazing and welcoming, Sheridan especially made me feel so comfortable and helped me out deciding with colour choices and what to do with my hair. Thank you so much I am so happy with my hair! xx #reviewtowin
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  • Everyone at Royals is so friendly and so helpful. Sheridan did an amazing job on my hair and I'm so happy with my hair and the whole experience!
  • I had my hair done last week by a man named justin, he was lovely, such a pleasure having my hair done and speaking with such a wonderful, talented person, thank you, I loved the experience and most of all I love my hair! Thank you Justin!
    • Justin loved having you in the salon. People like you make our job very enjoyable so we look forward to seeing you again!
  • Wanted to try another Salon in Westfield as the one I had used for some time (Stylz) has lost all character and good Customer Service as they are way too busy. Was introduced to Justin who completely put me at ease and gave me the most wonderful shampoo and head massage. I am very happy with the way he cut my hair and
    I appreciated the excellent coffee and Turkish delight. Just one criticism...although I was in no hurry, the whole experience took 1 hour 45 mins which is a tad too long to cut, style and blow dry short hair. Otherwise great. Thank you.
    • Thank you for the kind words. Justin enjoyed looking after you (maybe a tad too much : )) so we'll make sure he's a quicker next time. We completely agree, 1 hr and 45 mins is too long. Having said that, it was a pleasure looking after you and we look forward to seeing you again!
  • Justin was really great! I recommend coming here for colour/trim/styling!
    • Thank you for the kind words! It's our pleasure looking after you and we look forward ot seeing you again. Your comment will be forwarded to Justin!
  • Sheridan Dixon does my hair at Royals Hornsby. Every time I come in she has a smile on her face and is always very welcoming. She has a seat with me and comfortably talks to me about what I would like to do with my hair. I always leave satisfied and the colour is always what I ask for!
    Sheri is always happy to have a chat while doing my hair which makes my visit even more enjoyable . Thankyou for doing a great job yet again (: I'll be back !!
    • Thank you Samantha. We really appreciate your kind words. We'll let Sheridan know. We give a lot of importance to consultation and service and Sheridan is a great hairdresser and a great communicator. We're glad you're happy and look forward to seeing you in the salon again soon : )
  • I recently got my hair coloured at Hornsby Royals and have been a regular customer for about 6 months - you can say I've had fairly decent service from them.

    Once the colour processed It came out coppery-brown and the staff were happy to tone it again but It still came out a bit orange. What was worse was that the staff kept saying it was a really nice colour at the basin when we all know it wasn't light brown it was orange. After two toners put through I left the salon not very pleased after paying $280 for almost orange hair. The next day I woke up and my hair was citrus orange so thinking the salon would be helpful, I rang up and they were beyond rude. Whilst I tried to be polite, the staff on the phone told me they were too busy and that the salons 'fix up days' are mon-wed (concerned that they have set fix up days) and that they couldn't help me out till Monday. Aswell as this, the salon didn't offer to fix it or take it back to brown, the staff said "I can tone it but it would only be temporary so you'll have to pay for the colour if you were to go back to brown". Let me just refresh everyone's memories of some of the direct quotes said by royals from this site.

    "We also offer a guarantee on our work within 2 weeks of your visit so if you're not happy with your colour please call the salon and they'll be more than happy to make sure you leave happy. Not many salons can offer that. "

    "If for any reason they're not happy we bring them back in and do it again at no charge. "

    Maybe you should
    • @Nad17,

      We called you several times and left several voice messages and we still haven't heard from you. We offered a complimentary visit to ensure that you were more than 100% satisfied and in fact the stylist you spoke to was going to call you back to coordinate the appointment.

      That's why we find this review difficult to understand. It's either not factual or somehow there's been a misunderstanding as we're still prepared to offer you a complimentary visit. We're not sure how anyone was "beyond rude" and have attempted to call you several times to redeem ourselves in your eyes.

      We're a busy multi award winning salon with a reputable name in the local area that we've built by looking after all our clients and friends and genuinely treating everyone that comes into our salon as a friend. We don't let people leave our salon unhappy and yes we do call each and every client 7 days after their visit to make sure they're still enjoying their new cut or colour.
  • I came to royals with damaged, dull and dark hair after another salon abosolutely ruined my long, light brown ombr√?¬© hair. Initially I came in for extensions as I had already resigned myself to the fate of horrible regrowth, fearing if I were to lighten my hair after the trauma it had just been through that I would damage it even further. The extremely talented and knowledgable Emma completely transformed my hair by restoring my natural colour without causing any damage. In fact, my hair is vibrant and full of life as well as being very soft and subtle to the touch. The restored health of my hair is a testament to Emma's exceptional technical abilities, it is truly unrecognisable from when I walked into the Salon. My hair was then perfectly colour matched to my extensions which are undetectable and blended seamlessly. From the start Emma was friendly and attentive, listening to everything I requested, offered solutions for my damaged hair and produced an amazing result. Emma really listens, carefully explains everything, accurately depicts the intended result and understands the unique needs of your hair. It was clear just from chatting that Emma really loves hairdressing and really wants you to love your new hair! Do yourself a huge favour and book in with Emma, you'll be in exceptionally skilled and safe hands! I couldn't be happier with my hair, a big thank you to Royals and Emma, you're life savers!

    • Your kind words are very appreciated! Emma is a very passionate hairdresser and has made a name for herself in Hornsby and Sydney as one of the North Shore's best up and coming hairdressers. She's very happy to hear your words so again thank you. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
  • Tammy did a great job with my hair today. She was helpful friendly and lovely.
    They fitted me in immediately which was great!! Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!
    • Thank you for the kind words Kaveri. It was our pleasure having you in the salon.
  • Today was my first visit to Royals in Hornsby and it definitely won't be my last. Was warmly welcomed by everyone and absolutely loved my colour and cut by Blake. An absolute work of art! Loved the variety of hair care products available, the customer service offered and the atmosphere. Thank you Blake!
    • Thank you Bonnie! We at Royals love looking after you and it's sincerely our pleasure especially when we have clients as nice as you!
  • Ive been visiting this Salon for the last year and half and i wouldn't go anywhere else for life.
    Mary is an absolute goddess when it comes to hair,and every single team member is an absolute treat. They definitely know what they are doing. I am a brown skinned girl and have always wanted to be a bit impulsive and adventurous about hair and nobody else makes me look better than these guys....from pixie to purple hair...they can turn absolute bizarre ideas to glamorous reality.They take their time to understand what you want and then gives you the right options to chose from. This is a no-fail zone.I can't stop raving about these guys.... And the best bit is no matter how busy they are they always have the best behaviour on,and for the level and quality of service they offer,they dont rip you off and never try to push you to buy their products.
    If you want to walk out feeling and looking a diva straight out of Hollywood, this is your place.
  • When people ask me where I get my hair done, I'm sure to reccomend them to royals hair and beauty !!! Love love love the service, staff are always friendly, and very open to suggestions for me to change my style, which I love, my experience with hairdressers in the past is normally they want to do the same thing over and over again and never, recommend anything different, I love that they care about my hair and the condition, and helping/ educating me on how to recreate my style at home, I must say I love the hair care that I am using at the moment, simply amazing I'd give them a 20 out of 10 :)
  • I highly recommend Royals! I have been seeing Jeremy for 18 months and have never been happier with my hair. They really take the time to understand what you want and make sure that you are 100% happy. My colour and cut is always better than I expected. Thanks Royals :-)
  • I had a bad experience here. We arrived on time for our appointment and were told we would have to wait as they were running behind. We were waiting for about 45min. The staff were friendly and apologetic so I didn't mind the wait.

    The staff who did my hair was friendly, but very rough. After the treatment my hair came out very dry and brittle. I have had my hair bleached by a number of different hairdressers previously but it has never been so unhealthy afterward.

    My biggest issue was with the price. I ended up paying almost $400 for my appointment and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner... The reason I had been looking for a new hairdresser was because I was sick of paying over $360 each appointment. I do not think Royals was worth the money and I would not go back there after my experience.
    • Hi Tipsy To3's, we're sorry you didn't see value in what you received from us. We use quality colours and have highly trained senior colour technicians. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing our work ans providing a high calibre finish. We call each and every client exactly 7 days after their visit to make sure they're still loving their new look. If for any reason they're not happy we bring them back in and do it again at no charge. This is just one of our many points of difference that have lead to our success. We were only made aware of your complaint when you posted it here and to be honest we still don't know who you are from your username.

      Having said all that, We're more than happy to provide you with a complimentary visit to the salon to redeem ourselves in your eyes. If you're interested please email us at and the team would warmly welcome you back and show you why we've won so many industry and business awards since opening.
  • Love Royals and love Mary and the team! Always such a great experience going to get my hair done...I also was lucky enough to have Mary to do hair for my wedding.. She did such an amazing job. Highly recommend Royals! :)
  • Royals Hair and Beauty Hornsby has never disappointed me. They are incredibly professional, have wonderful customer service and produce high quality and amazing hair.
    I usually book with either Jess, Blake or Mary and they are all equally as talented.
    I am a regular and before each session they always give an amazing consultation - I absolutely love this because you know that they are listening to you 100% and will provide advice to ensure your vision can be executed. On the incredibly rare occasion that you're unhappy, they will fix whatever issues you have until you are happy.
    Royals Hair and Beauty is not by any means cheap, but yet again, they are not one of the most expensive salons. Once you see the level of execution they give you in regards to service, you will realise that the amount they charge is totally worth it.
    I love it there and have no intention on going anywhere else.
  • I would highly recommend the services of Alyssa for hair extensions at Royals Hair & Beauty. I don't live in the area but it was definitely worth the drive out to Castle Hill for the excellent service and attention to detail given for my first hair extensions appointment. Very happy with the results and will definitely be returning to the salon for my colours and other hair treatments from now on. The hair was excellent quality and I was very happy with the price. I look forward to my next visit to the salon. Tina
  • I have now been to see Blake at Royals twice. I wanted to find someone who seemed to understand that I didn't want a 'soccer-mum' edgy look but actually wanted to have a style that reflected my personality and style. Blake seemed to fit the bill and twice now I have not been disappointed. I was particularly impressed with the fact that I could not find the 'line' around the back of my head where he had cut in to create my asymmetrical style (which is normally something quite evident from previous cuts) and liked that he was happy to take some risk with my fine and fairly uninteresting natural hair.
    I did find the cost a little exy however I was aware at the beginning and so accepted the cost and was not disappointed by paying it. I didn't feel pushed by Blake who continued to ensure that I was happy with what we were doing.
    Having gone back since then, I asked him to change my do and it's even better than the first time! I feel fresh, sassy and the cut is refined and classic. I am actually surprised such a simple classic cut suits me as much as I feel it does. I asked for wash and wear and in all honesty, that is exactly what I got. No fuss. 5 minutes to style in the morning (no joke) and have no need to use product unless I feel to.
    Well done Blake :)
  • i got my hair done here yesterday after i went to another hairdresser who completely ruined my hair and made me cry . The guys at royals sat me down and I explained to them what I wanted to achieve . They told me that they will be able to help me and explained everything in such detail so I could understand . I have never been happier. the service was immaculate as were the results of my hair . I have already had people commenting on my hair and I feel so good . I will definitely be coming back to royals. Thankyou so much for the brilliant work keep it up I will be telling all my friends and family. highly recommend royals Hornsby.
  • I had my hair done yesterday at royals, the service was fantastic. I got just what I asked for and they have the best tape in extensions I've come across. Royals is by far the best salon I've ever gone to. The staff are polite and very helpful. Even down to their fantastic coffee they offer the clients. If your looking for a great hairdresser, royals Hornsby is the place to go.
  • Claimed an offer from the Hornsby Store last year for balayage colour, treatment, blow dry & styling for $159 for my birthday. I had a nice staff member do my hair, but they didn't tell me about all the "extras" that I would have to pay for after my hair was finished. Ended up paying $300 for everything + toner and colour (top half of head which I thought was included in the offer colour) and the light brown I asked for was more of an amber/orange colour. I thought that Royals would be great because of all the positive feedback on their Facebook page, so I thought to save the salon and others from what happened to me that I will post my issues on the original Facebook offer. My comment was deleted within 2 minutes and I was personal messaged to say that what I had posted was incorrect and after hearing me out said they would send me a gift voucher (which I never received) Saw 10 minutes later another girl had commented similar to what I had and her comment was deleted too. Don't go to this salon just because their Facebook is positive because looks are deceiving!
    • Hi kb23, we're disappointed to hear that you're not happy but the hairdresser who looked after you clearly quoted you before commencing the service.

      The offer included the balayage on the ends but not changing your base colour. It seems that your issue is with the price which included balayage colour, full tint, toner, shampoo wash, Kevin Murphy treatment at the basin, style cut and blow dry and you paid under $300 for all of this. Also we should mention, that at the end you indicated that you were happy with your colour. Most people would consider that our pricing is reasonable. We use quality products, quality haircare and have in our salons among Sydney's highest trained cutters and colourists.

      We also offer a guarantee on our work within 2 weeks of your visit so if you're not happy with your colour please call the salon and they'll be more than happy to make sure you leave happy. Not many salons can offer that.
  • Not happy at all. The idea was to have a bit of a makeover but it seemed like i just had a hair wash and walked out with a slightly shorter length. Thats all. Definitely not coming back. The hairdresser said that they have added a lot of layers to my hair but i didnt see any. I went by the reviews online but didnt meet my expectations.
    • Hi Karuna, you left the salon quite pleased so we're surprised to see your comment. We offer a 14 day guarantee on our services and try our best to make sure everyone leaves the salon happy. We're confident that we are one of the premier hair salons in the Hills Shire and Upper North Shore but you can't please everyone.
  • Had a haircut today. Love it! Jeremy is so skilled and caring. I finally found my hairdresser.
  • Absolutely loved my experience at Royals Hornsby, went there for the first time 2 months ago as i was given a gift voucher for a shampoo and blow dry and was very impressed with the knowledge and experience of the hairdressers, left feeling very happy and delighted with the style. Went back today for a color and again very happy with the result and service. Many thanks to Jeremy and Kayla at the salon at Hornsby both very knowledgeable and professional.

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