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Rozelle Medical Centre

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Rozelle, NSW
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Better than an apple a day!

Rozelle Medical Centre has been servicing the local community for over 30 years.

Rozelle Medical Centre is a family medical practice that offers general practitioner services, psychology services, dietician services, and exercise physiology services.

Rozelle Medical Centre is bulk billing Monday - Friday. Private Billing applies on weekends.

For more information please visit our website. www.rozellemedicalcentre.com.au

Medical Centres


Emergency Service After Hours Service By Appointment Only Walk-in Appointments

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Reviews of Rozelle Medical Centre

  • I have attended this medical centre with my family for over 10 years and have always found the doctors to be very professional and helpful.I particularly like the fact that they are the same male and female doctors who have worked in the practice for all the time we have been going to them and they are like the ideal family doctors who show a real ongoing interest in each of us not just our disease..
  • I asked for the results of my biopsy and my doctor handed me a printout of the results. I asked what the diagnosis meant and he said "look it up" as he walked away. Sadly it's not the worst experience with medical centres I've had in Sydney, but I would have liked an explanation from a doctor rather than having to look it up myself on wikipedia. Will not be coming here again.
  • This place has a nice relaxed feel and the Dr I have seen (Dr Raj) was brilliant.
  • I was very impressed with the professional and friendly care I recieved at the Rozelle Medical Centre.I saw a very good lady doctor who understood my problems and organised some pathology tests on the spot.All the services were bulk billed so it didnt coist me anything.I will make rozelle medical centre my regular GP.
  • In my opinion, my first impression wasn't the best. There were a couple of patients there that have been going there for a long time and they were pensioners so it's free for them. As a paid patient, I don't think I will go back. The reception staff was abrupt and short to people, the doctor was late seeing me even though I had the first slot for the day and the doctor made me feel uncomfortable. On top of that, I got a bill for pathology tests (about $200 worth) which with my previous medical centre, I didn't have to pay for. They didnt even advise me of the bill in the first place and that parts of it can't be claimed back by Medicare! I am new to the area and went there because I thought it makes sense to see my local doctor but I have found that its worth paying for the petrol to go back to my old medical centre where the staff are friendly, they pay attention to your needs and give you no surprises!
  • This medical practice has been in the Rozelle area for 29 years and I and my family have been going to see the same doctors there since it started.I know they have some new young GPs and female GPs but I always like to see the same GPs .My family has grown up now and moved away but they still come back to see the GPs they know and trust at Rozelle Medical Centre when they have a more complicated medical problem.I hope this old style personal GP practice will continue and not be taken over by some medical supermarket where you never get to see the same doctor twice.
  • Unlike complainant mcgrath I don't expect serious medical problems to cured on my first visit. I have been attending Rozelle Medical Centre for 12 years and have always found my health problems to be listened to, tests done, some specialist referrals and treatment, and in each case ending up all clear. So I trust and recommend Rozelle Medical Centre's service and Doctors. And being seen in 3 minutes is impressive.
  • Thursday August 27 2009, around 15:30.

    Cough worse, hearing worse, chilled to the bone, spine feels like a rod of ice.

    Doctor office: "Rozelle Medical Centre."

    Enter. Register, hand over Medicare card, etc. Wait, maybe three minutes.

    Hot sweat. Hair sodden. Cough harsh.

    Handed file folder, directed to Room 5.

    Doctor seated at desk. I give them the folder. They glance at it.

    "And what can we do for you today?"

    "Well, my immediate problems are my hearing and I've lost 30 kilos in a few weeks, a third of my body weight. But I seem to also have a number of other problems."

    "Then we can't help you."

    "I beg your pardon?"

    Very loudly and emphatically: "I said, we cannot help you."

    "Are you saying you won't help me?"

    They shrug, doesn't answer, walks to the door, opens it and gestures for me to leave.

    "Well thank you for nothing."

    True life in Rozelle. Sworn affidavit available on request.

    • Most Doctor are always in a hurry, waited for 30 minutes, Doctors check for 2 minutes. Better to drive somewhere else or go to Balmain Hospital
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