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Reviews of RTA Roads & Traffic Authority

  • I was there this morning and served by a particular staff, however, I was quite upset with their service. From the beginning to end, they had gave me attitude and stared at me like I was stupid. At the beginning, I submitted the wrong form to them, they said' it's not event correct form' so they gave me correct form and says fill this form up and come back to me. So I did. And I waited them to finished served one customer. When they were was typing in my details, they asked me am I still temporary resident, I said no, I'm PR, so they wanted me to show them my passport so I turned around and took it out from my bag hanging on the pram where is literally 2 steps away front the counter, when I came back, they said you are taking too long, I'll serve next person'. So I asked them, can I have my paper back and I am happy to get another number and line up again. The staff turned around and says 'its okay, I'll serve you.' So I waited for them to finish. My turn was up, before they started process my application, they walked away for about 10 steps away without notifying me and proudly gave me a look when they came back in their seat. the staff started to type in my details again, and says' I can't add u into the system, I've try everything, let's try again with your date of birth and they double checked all my details. Then they realized they had put down wrong original country and says I thought you are from China, I was thinking in my mind, isnt it clearly said on my passport which is in front of you. And then they finally had added me into system and I took the picture. And they put my old drives licence on the counter, I asked them isn't it you need to make a hole on it? They stared at me and said I?ll do it later and now go to set at the back'. I sat down and wait to be called, another staff gave me my new drivers license.

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