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Reviews of RTA Roads & Traffic Authority

  • January Girl Local Star 114 reviews
    Government bodies are usually never popular it is true and for good reason. I went here recently as we had to sell a second hand car, and went into change registration plates. It was probably around 11am. Walking in, we were greeted by a friendly lady steward who inquired as to the reason for our visit, and then directed us to get a ticket and wait in the lounge area. The people there were certainly plenty, which suggests that if you don't want to wait and are near a more suburban office, you can try there. Someone walked around with cups of water, which I thought was pretty OK. Hey, where else do they offer you water in a government organisation? Fortunately, we were not in a rush so just chatted and before we knew it, our ticket was called, business was settled, and all in all, it was a successful visit. I can understand the feelings of long wait times, but I don't remember it being too onerous and commend Service NSW for trying. Can't say the same about the Government in all areas unfortunately.
  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star 1,090 reviews
    The extremely long wait times for any service at this RTA is a joke. Despite the number of customers that enter each and everyday, management has not caught on to the concept to have more counter staff available, particularly during lunch time when such time is the only time available for office workers to get things done. A little more enthusiasm in the job wouldn't go astray. Overhaul needed!!!
  • Flaco 13 reviews
    Customer services is non existent. Rampant price gouging and ridiculous regualtions
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