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Car Parts Australia's online auto body parts & accessories store.

Australia's online auto body parts & accessories store.
Call-Richard 0425 11 77 34 Freecall1800 62 17 34  
Save you TIME and MONEY. rtmspares We have hundreds of new and used spare parts and car wreckers with tens of thousands of parts under their control. Just one email to rtmspares.com. will return you several prices from dealers and car wreckers who are eager to supply you with OEM and aftermarket spare parts.
Just site back and wait then choose the best
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Reviews of RTM Spares

  • Stay away - no delivery after 2 weeks, called, no-one answers the phone, eventually got mobile obviously at home watching TV with kids. Got story about being shipped to wrong address, 1 of 3 items arrived, called again, same excuse - shipped to wrong address. I unfortunately paid in advance - still waiting.....

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