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Reviews of Rudloc Road Medical and Dental Centre Morley

  • Yes it is a bulk bill no appointment doctors surgery but don't assume appointments are given on a first come, first serve basis. More like a whoever the doctor wants to see basis. I was sitting in a place where I could see the pile of patient files and in the 2 hours I was waiting witnessed doctor after doctor picking and choosing files from the pile. Sometimes even taking up to 10 files at a time and then not returning to the pile until they were done. And it wasn't on a need to see the doctor basis; I was having trouble breathing and almost got put in hospital when I finally saw a doctor and I was in clear view of the doctors every time they came out of their rooms but I saw countless people who had arrived after me who looked healthy get to see a doctor before me. When I enquired where I was in the queue and was told top 5, I still had to wait another 30 minutes. Disgusting, unfair behavior. I would rather pay for my appointment then return to this doctors surgery.
  • The receptionists are rude, unfriendly and unhelpful! Hardly ever any doctors on with many people waiting and even though its supposed to be wait turn, its not! Most doctors here don't listen, are blase, uncaring and robotic. They may bulk bill, but so do many others. Unless you have hours to waste to sit around to see a doctor, i advise go elsewhere!
  • Pretty bad. Never even doctors on. Say they open at 7am so got here early to beat the crowds (otherwise you'll always wait longer than an hour minimum) and get here at 645 and a doctor doesn't walk in til 715. Still only one doctor and about 20 patients so I'll still probably be waiting a good hour. It's a shame there's no good bulk billing centres around - I was hoping to not be late for work but these guys have no care for the patient - we are just a number or more like an inconvenience.
  • I have never written a review for a service like this, but i felt i must.
    I want to start off by saying i wouldn't describe myself as an overly sensitive or dramatic person . I didnt walk into this medical centre with attitude or a tone.

    In fact i even said im sorry to bother you when i walked up to the reception staff.

    But the reception staff is the reason I'm writing this review.

    I wanted to say i was so taken back by staff's general attitude toward people staff was incredibly rude.

    I work in reception and no one should be speaking to others like this

    I thought i may have caught staff at an off moment but kept speaking to others with the same attitude and you could see they also felt miffed by staff's behaviour

    Im 20 and not some older lady who jumps at the chance to reprimand peoples behaviour in her day to day

    Just taken back with the whole experience

    But then again if a rude receptionist is all i have to worry about in my day to day i have it pretty good

    Side note *
    The rest of the medical service was great
  • no need to have appointment, and can choose doctor which v want to c.some doctors r very good in treating and takes very good care.
  • i like this medical centre as my second preference its open til 10pm not many medical centres do that and the wait i usually don't get more then an hour but i always call up and ask if there really busy before i come in otherwise i use altone medical but as a late night running 7 days a week no matter what even through Christmas I think we should be greatful
  • There is no appointment necessary, so you can either just turn up and see how many people are waiting, or you can ring them before going down and they'll let you know how many people are waiting. I've been there twice now. First visit, I waited about 45 minutes and the second visit waited 15 minutes, so it varies, similar to a normal appointment, where you can wait this long/longer as well. I found the service to be very good and the rooms are very modern and well setup. You can also get blood tests within the centre, which is handy.
  • No appointment necessary but sit and wait for up to 3hours. And you could get an irrate junkie come in and jump the que. It would be quicker to go to emergency ward. So much for affordable, accessible healthcare. What a joke!
    Whay is there such a demand? Isn't that what we vote for? Health care that is accessable?
    • Your are not paying for the service so don't complain about it go somewhere else
    • I understand its a bulk Billing production line but 3 hits I'd a bit excessive in anyones opinion . These places are in place to take pressure off emergency wards that are inundated with non-emergency complaints out of hours. However I've never waited that long at RPH. If i was rich, i would not complain and pay top dollar to go somewhere else. Is this the type of health serviced we want in Australia? Reviews can be both negative and positive, that's the point of this website.... Opinions. Sorry sorry, I'll always complain about bad service.
    • On one occasion they were so busy they would not add our name to the list for that session HOWEVER they did tell us which session was more likely to be quiet and we returned then, later that same day. I still believe this is more appropriate that turning up to an Emergency Department with a GP level problem.
    • I've been there 3 times when my regular GP has been away or unavailable. Never had to wait longer than 30 minutes. I'm not denying that long waits do happen there, but not that often.
    • I have been to this medical centre several times (with no appointment) and I find it very hard to believe you would have to wait 3 hours??? Why did you not go up to the Reception area and find out approx waiting time - and then go and do something else.
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